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A meeting of the President, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary General, and Liaison Secretary was held on 02.07.2010 at Chennai. The Working President couldn’t attend due to domestic pressures. Vice President (SZ), Joint Secretary (SZ) and President, Chennai attended the meeting.

The meeting reviewed the status of various issues and deliberated on the action to be taken.

The meeting discussed the difficulty caused to the members at large due to the stay on promotions to the cadre of Superintendent of Central Excise and to that of Assistant Commissioner in terms of the order of the Honourable High Court of Calcutta. The stay order was issued in the month of March and every one expected that the stay would be vacated well in time to issue the promotion orders after the calendar DPC. But the delay occurred in collecting and collating data for finalizing the counter affidavit of the department delayed the matter. Subsequent to the filing of the Counter Affidavit, the petitioners were granted time to file their rejoinder. There is yet another reason that is delaying the matter further – the non constitution of division bench in the Honourable Court. It is expected that all processes would be completed and the case would be listed shortly.

Yet, there could be two contingencies which may require action on our part. One is that the case is not being listed even after the constitution of the Division Bench and the other is the non vacation of the stay order after hearing. We are of the view that in such a scenario, the Association or some affected individual, next in line for promotion, would have to implead in the case for a limited purpose of modifying the order so as to permit the Department to issue promotion orders on an ad hoc basis, subject to the final out come of the petition. In this regard we make it crystal clear that the association is in no way contesting or defending the relief prayed for by the petitioners before the Court, rather we are of the firm belief that whatever is provided by the Constitution of India and other laws for the up-liftment of our unfortunate brethren should be extended to them in letter and spirit. At the same time the association also has to strike a balance vis-à-vis the interests of the members at large, some of them who has not been benefited by ACP/MACP may retire in this month or next, loosing their promotion between the cup and the lip, there by loosing on their pension for the rest of their life. In these circumstances, it was decided that we would implead in the case in the event the petition is not getting listed even after a week from the constitution of the Division Bench or if the stay order is not modified even after hearing.

The meeting considered the apprehension expressed by various corners regarding the ongoing restructuring exercise and the opinions that the restructuring should be rejected in toto. It was decided that the Association should not be party to any move to derail the process. Our role now would be to ensure that the commitments given by the authorities in our discussion with them are not diluted in any stage before the implementation. Simultaneously, we should avail all opportunities to bargain for more and to get the ratio between excise & customs revised.

The meeting placed on record their appreciation to Com. Sanjay Srinivasan, Secretary, AICEIA Pune Circle for having obtained valuable information on grant of notional fixation of pay to other ministries which is relevant to our case. The issue would be addressed afresh utilizing these inputs.

Before signing off, I wish to express my strong reservations on some of the comments placed in the blog. The facility to place comments was given as a measure to receive constructive criticism, opinions, feed back from members and also as an indicator of the highest democratic values cherished by this organization. Most of the other service organizations do not offer this facility. We know very well that many of the comments are from non members – not only of the association, but also of the cadre. But we have always felt that the person penning the comment have some interest in this cadre. Of late, some of the comments are on the borderline of vulgarity, which place the entire cadre in bad light. This site is viewed by large number of non-members. Don’t be under the impression that the leadership of the association would be annoyed and demoralized with such comments. We have sufficient resilience to see through these comments. If you want the satisfaction of using foul language, please do that by emails to our mail IDs and spare the exhibition of filth in public. I request everyone to maintain decorum and dignity while commenting on the blog; lest, we would be constrained to disband the facility.




Vikas_A said...

Thanks for the update Mr. Zachariah. We are anxiously waiting for the restructuring to come and bring some respite for us. We at Lucknow are about to complete 18 years as Inspectors and restructuring seems to be the only hope for us. Any time frame for its implementation?

romance said...

as per news 7000 posts of group B,C,D, will be surrendered and board has signed for that cadre restructuring..... for 100 lower posts surrender commissioner post will come........IRS officers lobby........only High power committee report will save us and GST MOVEMENT .....may bring new as per cadre restructuring ,...........there is no it is time both the unions combinedly fight strategically.

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Thanks for an update. What ever the cause we must stay united. It is very sad that the Shillong brothers are waiting with 23 years service. I think Income Tax the same batch people must be either Deputy Commissioners or Joint Commissioners. They have unity they achieve everything unitedly, why not we?
I request the unit representatives to take initiative for completion of DPC pending vacation of stay, so that there is no further delay in issuing promotions.

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Here is a proof of use of AICEIA platform to address letters to authorities by the GS of Split group for survival. How can he represent AICEIA one side and be a leader of other Association. Why can,t he resign from AICEIA. What a joke.

Shri R S Sidhu, IRS AICEIA/MZ-II/1/2010

Hon’ble Chief Commissioner 19th May 2010
Mumbai Central Excise Zone -II
Piramal Chambers, Parel, Mumbai. 400 012
Sub: Framing Transfer, Posting and Rotation policy in MZ-II.
The Association submits the following for your kind consideration:-
1. Kindly frame a policy for Posting, Transfer and Rotation of the Inspectors in consultation with staff Assn. Implement the same with letter and spirit. Present method of transfer is full of irregularities and outdated
2. Post the officers near to their place of residence based on the number of years they have put in the cadre, consider total service rendered in the local jurisdiction. Weightage may be given to extreme compassionate grounds and administrative reasons to be recorded on the file.
3. Send to M & P by age and seniority criterion, by increasing the age to 50 years. First those who are nearing 50 years and then the seniority of such officers be followed.
4. History of postings of officers likely to be considered for posting, transfer and rotation may be placed on the notice board well in advance by the concerned transferring authority.
5. For posting in the most sensitive posts, consideration should be to officers, those who have not done any other such postings earlier.
6. Officers should get rotation within all sections of the Commissionerate, and one should not be allowed to continue in any section posting for more than 2-3 years in the service.
7. Define the sensitive and non-sensitive posts on basis of the experience gained by the senior officers and also as directed by CVC and according to the policy of the Govt. All posts may be categorized as such.
8. All officers posted in service Tax, Mumbai I or II may be repatriated by providing suitable replacement from the Commissionerates / CC Zone. The tenure in the S Tax formation is decided as TWO years. All officers due may be transferred out of Service Tax in this AGT orders.
9. All tenures in hardship postings may be defined as 1 year.
10. No officer is shifted unless there is a reason to believe that there is a possibility of corruption or creating dis-repute to organization in general.
11. Option may be given within the given situation to all the officers only to facilitate them commute to office comfortably in the general interest of the health of the officer.
12. The administration should draw a policy for a specific period of 5 years from now, for which a draft may be prepared, discussed and issued.
Yours faithfully


Rajesh said...

Someone had commented in this blog that the government has not applied for vacation of stay in Samiran Roy case. In such a scenario, can we expect the stay to be vacated?

murali said...

Dear Arun,
THank you for the update. DPC in the chennai zone was scheduled on 24.03.2010 and the Kolkatta High Court's order was on the 23rd. It would be apt if the vacation of the stay is applied for by Chennai Zone members. I think you would have discussed the same with them. I see the light at the end of the tunnel.

balu said...

Dear President,
I can now see the stamp of authority being imposed on the Blog.. Though i am not a member of the Inspector cadre, i was pained by the comments of some of the members on the blog and hence had strongly criticised such comments..

I strongly support your view that the complaints and grievances of members are better mailed to the concerned persons and only decent language is used when it is intended to be posted on the blog..

As rightly said in the previous comment, one can see light at the end of the tunnel..

Wish you and your team Good Luck!

With regards,
Balu, Bangalore

pvd said...

thnx for the update. which is the next date of hearing in the court ? whether the rejoinder is filed by the applecant or not ? whether the division bench constituted or not? Whether any possibilities of hope of rays at the end of current month ? these are the questions are presently going on in the mind of thousand of officers waiting for their only promotion of their career in the department. So it is requested to give day to day update in this rgds may please be given. Also requested to take up the matter unitedly to resolve the present at the earliest in benefit our cadre. If we do not save our own interest then no other one wil be cared.

AICEIA said...

in this restructing surrender of a single post is yet to be reported, in fact the statistics given above is fictitious, to know about the actual position kindly consult with our circle/branch secretaries as we have no authority to publish
conjured facts and figures in this blog.

surya said...

Dear Bharat,
Please post a copy of the wpct no 261/2008 on the web along with copy of the counter affidavit, if available with you. The leaders are not responding to the request made by shri. murali to post the same on the web. It is also surprising that the search on the kolkota high court web site do not show such an order or wpct

vengat said...

i thank the president for restrained but firm words in respect of certain vested interest to slur the blog spot. but our cadre are smart enough to see through the game. similarly i appreciate the responsible position taken by assn with regard to case;.
we should give whole hearted support to the office bearers in achieving our targeted aim goal in all aspects.

R.V.Reddy said...

Present office bearers are doing the best possible job. All sensible members are with assosciation. Please dont care about the non members.


rnair said...

The absence of information leads to more frustration. Hence it is requested that the blog may be updated on a regular basis. As stated in the article has the assn impleaded in the case?

partha pratim said...

keeping our fingers crossed and wishing the promotional avenues are opened once again .... requesting all the people commenting on blogspot to restrain from using trash language as it depicts the whole association in a poor light.. we are all worried and frustrated but that does not authorize us to use unparliamentary language in a public website... may the better senses prevail..amen.

Kolkatazone said...

It is fact that Revised effect for Supdt. given in 2002-03 about 442 (Sl.No.570 to 1011) out of which only 20 SC( Sl. No. 570,958 to 968, 1004 to 1011) persons are on SC Reserve Quota . Supdt.’s Seniority list as on 30.11.2006 circulated under C.No.II(34) 2-ET/A-3/Con/Kol-I/2006/24584-24633-B dtd. 14.2.2007 may please be seen.

Same scenario as per Supdt.’s Seniority List for 2002-03 vide Sl. No. 469 to 879 of the seniority list as on 01.01.2010 circulated under C.No.II(34) 4-ET/ Con /A-3/Kol-I/2008/1876-1900-B dtd. 28.01.10 may please be seen. About 442 Supdt. ,only 20 SC persons (Sl .No. 2nd man of 469 , 827 to 837, 872to 879 of the said seniority list .

Is it false?

As such it is very much expected , as they claiming as neutral , that they should have taken initiative to sit together and/ or ; to ascertain how to short out the problems . Kolkata zone , now about 1184 Supdt. . So recasting of Roster for only about 1300 persons is not very tough job. Instead of that it was appealed otherwise to Supdt.’s Association in this year.

However, Regretted and forsaken the unwanted / unfavorable/ undesirable comments earlier posted, if any body felt so .

Life said...

I am afraid any one had read the high court order, correctly, if there is any stay for promotions?