Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Inclusion of Delhi Circle

Posted by Secretary General on 6/29/2010 12:26:00 PM with 7 comments


P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

Congrats! It is god move by Delhi Association. Same way I request alll the Associations to join the only recognised body of Central Excise Inspectors at National level. I request the office bearers to declare which are units are with AICEIA. What is the position of our Hyderabad unit. Though they use the letterhead of AICEIA no activity is being undertaken.


Good Wishes to team Delhi for their decision.

Chandigarh Circle.

Shiwalik said...

Every staff association is behaving like an Osritch because now it is their time to fight for the justice which was never done by them.Closing of eyes by the Pigeon is not the way to get rid of paws of the Cat.The Jinn of Cadre review is came out and IRS would certainly eat Cake of GST which accelerated the process of cadre review.In the name of cadre review for the launching of GST, some ice candies are thrown in front of Insp&Supdt staff by giving lollypop of promotion of Insp in 15 years and promotion of Supdt after 25-30 years where IRS takes four promotions in 25 years from AC to Commissioner. One must keep some points in his mind before to leaps & bounds of merry-go-round on the outcome of court case(s) which sometimes takes more than one generation.
(i) GOI gave GP4600 to a pay scale,i.e., 6500-10500 but not to any rank or designation.That is why only 400 added to pay without getting fixation under Rule7(earlier FR22).For fixation/upgradation, everybody is silent.
(ii) Vth Pay Report recommended ACP for Gr D in 12-24 years, Gr C in 10-20 years and Gr B in 8-16 years but GOI launched ACP for Gr B,C & D in 12-24 years.That makes clear that there is no difference in the eyes of GOI between Gr B,C & D.But we are separating ourselves in the name Gr BCD, Non-gazetted and Gazetted which is now an extinct species. One old saying is that Baarah saal baad to ghoora bhi khaad ban jata hai(waste turns into manure after twelve years).

Shiwalik said...

(iii) What happened to Supreme Court’s 93 order, nobody knows. A special cell was created in CBEC to monitor the implications of resultant effect of that order under the pressure of contempt of court. But a relevant party, i.e. , IRS was made custodian of this special cell. As usual, they managed it according to their wishes based on the American culture which does not give permission to share anything with Red Indians. What happened to surplus IRSs and what relief got the staff due to this special cell, nobody is interested to discuss these facts before going to take decision on furure of its cadre.
(iv) HPC report is out and placed in the website of DG HRD CBEC. HPC report is nothing but ‘Andhaa bante rewari apne-apne ko diye jaye’(blind man gives only to himself). None has courage to discuss this in their agenda or in any forum of any association. Because it is based on a perpetual action that takes place on its own without any effort/force which, in plain words, means that ‘jo milna hai mil kar rahega’( whatever you get, you will get by your luck).
(v) HPC report is the best example of making development policy of villages by sitting in air conditioned room. HPC never surveyed the field of CBEC and also never got interaction with the field (lower) staff of CBEC before submitting the so-called analytical report which gives very pink picture of future of this department in their blue print. The field staff is struggling with shortage of Office space, collapse of pyramid of working culture, weak infrastructure and terrors of RTI & CVC including real terrorist etc. which were totally ignored by these HPCs.

Shiwalik said...

(vi) Very old saying is that whenever a dog sees guest , he becomes happy by feeling smell of food of special menu for the guest but a cat sees a guest, she becomes unhappy by thinking of sharing of food with the guest. At present, Pressure Cooker of Cadre review is whistling very loud and nobody can stop the volcano of GST. Situation is like if you can not resist the rape, please enjoy it at least momentarorily. So that all associations have an eye on the boiling temperature of cadre review and are expecting its share in it which will be only left out ones but later portrayed by association as bringing out Amrit from Samudra Manthan. At least, IRSs never/ever want to share the fruit of cadre review which became possible due to imposition of GST. If it is Coconut, they don’t want to give any waste fibres(outer waste) by thinking that we can use them as clothing. If it is Pine Apple, they don’t want to give waste peals(chikkal) by thinking that we can use them in house making. If it is Mango, they don’t want to give any nut(guthli) by thinking that we can make a new plant from it. You can easily guess who’s who as per the old saying.
(vii) CBEC website was already hacked by IRS and now DG HRD website is also serving the interest of IRS only. There is no word in DG HRD website for GR B, C & D staff whether it is official work or welfare measure. It appears that DG HRD has no agenda for lower staff and only interested to deal with elite class.
Before going to this Harakiri, the suicidal note must contain these issues.
(a) An independent agency/committee was to be appointed for the exercise of cadre review in the name & style of launching of GST.
(b) Terms & conditions should be prepared with the consultation of all staff and should be made public before a debate on it.
(c) If you accepted the fact that ‘beggars are not choosers’ then please beg before a person who is having heart but not before a tyrant.
(d) Neither court cases nor associations brought any path breaking results but it is an appropriate time for turning the peanuts into pearls as the launching of GST is going to be supervised by IAS only. Stakes are very high and time is right for approach of Karo yaa Maro(do or die).
P.S. : - Aage kuan peeche khaai (remember IAS in front and IRS in back)

romance said...

AICEIA- koushik roy and ICESTEA koneruprabhakar are two good brother assosciations doing things in two directions. IRS officers enjoying both assosciations struggle. in shillong 23 years inspectors r pulling lifes. start fighting unitedly, constructively , instead of having different opinions.after all we r brother inspectors and we r not opposite party politicians. if two good heroes fight each other villains/troubles enjoy. if two good heroes fight unitedly villains/ troubles will be demolished.

reji mathew said...

Today, i once again realised all the efforts we had to put in to get the recognistion in december '07, our commissioner, vadodara-I once again rolled out the 'not yet recogonised' ball to the chief commissioner, vadodara. I am grateful to each office bearer, each member, who is a part of the association, helping strengthing it. Thanx arun and koushik, once again.
It is a matter of great pride.......... and of course relief that we are a recogonised association.
It is definitely not out of place to remember all the ex-office bearers, who helped this be what it is. The more than 5 years [2002-2007] toiled to get this to pass.
Thanx one and all once again.
Thanx kaushik ......... for this blog also!!