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Dear Friends,
We were on a short trip to Delhi from 20th to 24th instant to pursue the restructuring work , that is likely to be finalised byHRM within a couple of weeks; in addition to that we got an appointment, of the Secretary General of Suerintendents Association on 21st of this month.
As everybody anxious about the Kolkata High Court Case, we applogise for not updating the blog for quite some time, on 17th of June Department submitted its affidavit to court and the appellant was initially given one week time for their rejoinder to file, the appellant again asked for an extension of time; right after the submission of the rejoinder department will get another oppurtunity to submit addtional arguement if any.
Some members/non-members/circle Secretaries suspected about the activity of the Association; in fact for submission of Affidavit govt took three months while court has given three weeks time initially. It is true the situation is unbearable for the All India Association and certainly when association actively trying to expedite the case, it can not be said that the case has no merit and it is also true that for this reason entire cadre should not suffer. Only to pursue submission of affidavit association spent at least twenty days in different formation of CBEC .
We know that most of our members learned gentlemen, though we have only 6000(app.) mebership of which we are getting subscription of only 4500 members. Some of the units failed to understand the necessity of sending of subscription regularly. In fact it is not possible to give every detail in the blog, as of now AICEIA is the most dynamic Associationunder CBEC.
In delhi on 21st instant we requested Secretary General of Superintendent Association and Secretary General of Ministerial Association in seperate meetings to form a Departmental JCA as it exists in CBDT. Though Ministerial Association was positive we have not yet got any positive response from the Superintendent Association. For revised pay scale from 01.01.1996/1986 and the discrimination of superintendents in the restructuring we requested superintendent Association to plan for agitational programme, it is transpired by one of the leaders of superintendent Association from pune that for both the issues can be tkaen up in Supreme Court, Our Association's view was that we have got hundreads of favourable judgement in our favour over the years but failed to implement most of them beacause of our weekness of organising organisational action programme. However it appeared to us that our senior brother's leadership are not keen to take any action programme, and moreover they want programme if any that should be on Saturdays and Sundays.
However, we would like to request our members/nonmembers keep sending your advice and take part in active discussion with the superintendent Association for achieving our goal.
Thanking you


surya said...

something fishy is going on. Now the association office bearers admit that the promotion will not be effected on the due date. Till now they did not make any move to vacate the stay but actually advised the individual members not to move the court for vacating the stay themselves. Did not the office bearers understand that it would be the greatest injustice to the general candidates if the promotion is delayed, especially in zones where rota-quota system is being followed. What is the hidden agenda of the office bearers in delaying the promotion. Comrades rise up to the occasion and expose the unholy intentions

surya said...

Inspite of bungling the promotions of inspectors the office bearers are shamelessly asking for subscription. What for?. The association is there for protecting the interest of its members. if the same cannot be done what moral right have they got to ask for subscription. May be it is the first time in the history of our Association that such impassive and dumb attitude haa been taken by the office bearers. If the office bearers have an iota of ethics in them, move the Supreme Court immediately and get the stay vacated.

Robinhood said...

Meaningless discussion.


AICEIA is a mute spectator to Kolkata case. GOI is finalising quota OMs in a consolidating manner to end confusions.
Kolkata HC must be seized of the matter and must vacate stay.
If delay is on count of our Board it must be penalised but not the poor suffering Inspectors at the receiving end.
So AICEIA. Stop politics and do actual work. Otherwise quit and enjoy your postings by brushing aside your self respect.


Robinhood said...

Dear Surya.

Well said.

romance said...

meena :

draft instructions on Reservation for the Scheduled Castes,
Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes in services under
the Government of India, was issued by board on 25 th june 2010.

romance said...

draft instructions on Reservation for the Scheduled Castes,
Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes in services under
the Government of India, was issued by board on 25 th june 2010.

romance said...

let us take a positive steps.

one side 16 th june 2010 cbec issued letter for option of zones to new 1213 inspectors who wrote exam in 2008. so again strength is adding by next month for inspectors.

2nd side board issued draft instruction reservation cadres on 25 th june 2010.

3 rd side GST preparations by board are going on.

game is moving in our favour of inspectors by force.

trigger positively to reach ur goals brothers.....

see foot ball matches once and hit for good goals. this time we should get mass promotions.

surya said...

Dear romance,
Till now the Association office bearers were also fooling the cadre by making statements like that every thing is going on smoothly and promotions will be effected as per schedule. Now at the last minutes they have revealed that it is not going to be so. The individual members themselves could have approached the Court and got the stay vacated. Now stop pAying such lip services. The proof of the pudding is in the eating. if at all anything good is going to happen to the cadre in the restructuring, the credit will not go to the present office bearers, but infact to our earlier leaders who have for years fought for our causes. The present office bearers justified themselves of the inaction on their part in the Kolkota issue by making statements like protecting the interests of asection of the association. BUT I WOULD LIKE TO ASK THE OFFICE BEARERS WHOSE INTERESTS WERE BEING PROTECTED WHEN THEY WENT TO THE BOARD DEMANDING SCRAPPING OF THE CBEC ORDER GRANTING SENIORITY TO ICT TRANSFERREES ON SPOUSE GROUNDS. WHETHER THEY WERE GIVEN THE MANDATE BY OUR COMRADES FOR DOING SO. STOP FOOLING AROUND. FAITH IN THE AICEIA UNDER THE PRESENT LEADERSHIP IS LOST COMPLETELY.

JD said...

Well sometimeback in an earlier post I had commented on the approach of the Superintendents Association. It seems that the AICEIA is not reading the comments. Else why whould they still approach the Supdt Assoc for a joint action plan? The Supdt Assoc has their own hidden agenda, and in this the welfare of the Inspectors finds no place. They are totally against agitations etc. They want to get their agenda through by any means possible. So they are into PR management, approaching MP's and trying to open channels in the CBEC to push through their files, maybe even open to adopting the system of MANAGING things. So the Inspr assoc will be fools to think of support from the Supdt Assoc. That is why no hue and cry was raised by the Supdt Assoc even when the board has in principle agreed only to about 1700 new post of AC to be filled by promotions, when the demand was 3000+. So now Inspectors hoping for addl post in the cadre of Supdts, and thereby a promotion, will also get less.
The present leaders of the Supdt Assoc are spineless.
Let the AICEIA now think whether it wants to be associated with such spineless leadership, or should we chalk out our own plans?
It appears that even the AICEIA is now in a denial mode and seems to be wavering off course.
A stable and strong leadership, with firm, positive and concrete plans will be able to get something for the cadre.
I hope AICEIA is listening. And so is ICESTAT.
AICEIA and ICESTAT should infact work jointly, instead of knocking the doors of strangers for support.

V said...

Stay need not be continued through out the period of arguments and counter arguments by the appellants and respondents. Poor Inspectors who are in stagnation for quite long time should not be denied their promotion in the normal course. Association has every right to safeguard the rights of Inspectors and it may intervene the matter and plead the Hon'ble court to vacate the injunction without further delay.

balu said...

Dear Surya, Robinhood and JD,

I respect all your comments. But I fail to understand as to why you are constantly throwing mud at one another and also the Office Bearers in each and every comment..

One can understand the frustration of all those whose promotions are delayed because of the Kolkata HC order. But What can you expect from the Association.. As the association cannot implead themselves in the case they have to do only persuasive action which they are trying their level best. Remember no Officer will just do what XYZ or an association demands. He has to take the approval of the competent authority.. Even after such action, it is left to the courts to decide.

It is the court which is playing spoilsport.. When it gave three weeks time, it should have seen to it that the reply is filed within the time limit or at least an adverse order (even if it is against anyone) should have been passed, instead of keeping the interim order intact without any positive outcome.

As i mentioned in one of my earlier comments, it would have been better had the Government pleaded for a modification of the stay order, with an undertaking that all promotions that will be made will be reviewed if necessary after passing of the final order by the HC. Or it should have sought relaxation to give ad-hoc promotions at least..

Anyway, it appears the end is nearing so don't be desparate.. Everyone hopes that Justice will be done..

Last but not the least, do not speak and comment about the past alone.. do give your thoughts for the future.. Just because the Supdt. Association did not respond in the past, it does not meant that one more effort should not be made.. Unless we are united, we may not be able to achieve the Goal.. So try to unite and not divide..

With regards,
Balu, Bangalore

surya said...

Dear Balu

'As i mentioned in one of my earlier comments, it would have been better had the Government pleaded for a modification of the stay order, with an undertaking that all promotions that will be made will be reviewed if necessary after passing of the final order by the HC. Or it should have sought relaxation to give ad-hoc promotions at least..'

Read your comments. This is what the Association should have pressurised the Board to do. The Office bearers have failed in their duties. initially it was heard that the Board was very particular that the stay should be vacated within a matter of days. Then what delayed the matter. Who is behind the delaying tactics. The copy of the concerned files and file notings should be obtained from Board under RTI to identify the culprit

Robinhood said...

Our grudge against the Association is not to present the case in a transparent and truthful manner. Now it is a bloody war like situation. To deny promotions at this juncture will be demoralising, destructive and unfair.

We have waited patiently for 19 years to get first promotion. The AICEIA is now hiding in helplessness. CBEC and the courts are least bothered about AICEIA.

P.Vigneshwar Raju said...

It is shame on our part to blame the AICEIA without extending any support on anonymous names. It is the handiwork of some people who want to destabilize the unity of AICEIA. Without extending any financial support how can any organization work? I request those who criticise the assn. to at least see that their dues are paid to AICEIA. Those leaders who want to come to power can extend their support to the existing Body and come on limelight in next elections instead of destabilizing the unity. It is also seen that some of the unit representatives are getting their jobs done at CC & Commissioner level on the name of AICEIA but are reluctant to support the Body. If some one want to correct the office bearers they should be bold enough to declare their names.

murali said...

bad news is better than no news

Anonymous said...


Robinhood said...


Please put the audited results of the expenses on website.

All members have already undertaken to pay dues. AICEIA must take up matter the admn. through constituent units.

We support AICEIA but at the same time expect information in a transparent manner.

So do not be out of clothes on hearing truth. Face the truth and the simmering discontent in the entire cadre.

JD said...

@BALU: Your view that we are throwing mud at each other is not correct. I have in the past written about the attitude of the Supdt Assoc. That attitude has not changed and will not change. How long are we going to show our cheeks and tell the person in front to keep on slapping us? That is the status of AICEIA today. The mindset of the Association has to change for the better. And working independently will help because the strength of the Assoc pan India is huge.

@P.V Raju: Let not everything come to subscription. I am sure that most of those commenting here are paying their monthly subscriptions to the local units. I am definitely doing so. We are not leaders but members waiting for a first promotion after completing over 19 years in service. So after taking my pound of flesh (read subscription) do not expect me to be a mute spectator. And if the setup is democratic, the criticism should also be taken.

And I totally agree with Surya. The Assoc should have taken steps of taking to the Board and seeing that the stay/injunction is lifted, instead of waiting on the sidelines and watching the proceedings as they unfold and then express helplessness. If necessary we should have a backup plan of going to the Supreme Court.

As Robinhood has right said: The AICEIA should put up the audited copy of the finances to dispel all doubts and queries on the financial management of AICEIA.

murali said...

well said. I have a feeling that the association is not concerned about the case pending in Kolkatta High Court. I have all along requesting them to implead themselves in this case, not for denying the benefit to the deserving people, but to vacate the stay and see that regular promotions are conducted. Once a view is taken that impleading in the case will be against certain sections, it is normal that vague and uncertain replies are given to the memebers. There is no doubt that everybody must remit their subscription but is that a precondition to differ?

Bharat said...

Murali said very correctly. The association should implead in Kolkata HC Case. The matter is concerned to all the categories and for betterment of the Inspector Community injunction/stay should be required to be vacated as early as possible very urgently and association should function for the sake of Inspector cadre. A good association cannot be merely a mute spectator. Office bearers must act promptly, proactively. any laziness may be lethargic to them and to whole cadre itself.

RAM said...

Impleading what to Bharat? Have you gone through the draft circular on Reservation matters? just try to understand their case.

The office beraers should be neutral.

Fight with the Board in getting implemented the orders of CAT in the pay matters.

The office bearers are saying that we are fighting to 2000 scale from 1986, 6500 from 1.1.1996 and 4800 or 5400 from 2006 and also got lot of judgements in our favour.

Whether association took any step to implement that?

Without knowing the fact of the case, no comments.

Of course i do agree with your opnion reg the stagnation and promotion. We should fight unitedly and UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL.

MY opinion may also be removed by the administrator like that of yesterday's kolkattazone's post

But the fact remains.

Bharat said...

Dear RAM don't be excited. I have gone through the appeal papers I am in possession of a copy of the appeal papers and have carefully studied them thereafter making any suggestion. It will be better if u had gone through the same before making any comment. Copy of the appeal papers, rejoinders etc. should be placed on the blog for information of the association by our staff bearers themselves if they are awakened and up to date on the issue. Thank u dear. I always welcome my critics that will help me to be further stronger. Thank u brother.

murali said...

dear bharat,
will you be kind enough to post the appeal papers on the web.

Kolkatazone said...

Somebody telling such ,as if ,all problem is made by the Kolkata High Court matter or the problem would solved if everybody only would subscribed to AICEIA .To be truth that this problem is created by the association people . As because not a single steps is being or/and has been taken in Kolkata Zone with out the Motivated interfere of the Inspector Association People .Whether it is promotion matter , Posting ,DPC, Vigilance posting , ET Section , GL Section etc. whatever may be . Superintendent , Inspector or Ministerial Staff-- all are decorated as a chess board .

Every body is shocked now, When one zone, say for General Caste is getting promotion in 12 Years while other Zone in 20 years, what prompt action /initiative has been taken for last few years . Where gone implementation of the Bharadwaj and /or Agarwal Committee Report for which office set up were going on in around 2004 for all India basis .

Some SSI Unit getting Exemption benefit, some of getting various exemption benefit. Being a Central Excise people are you collecting Duty on exempted Items or from Exempted Unit ? Certainly reply is not . But Why you are not taking as it is law/norms framed by the Constitution. Out of 16 Zone ,only 11 Zones are maintaining norms while 5 Zones are not. Why ? They are beyond norms .Certainly their integrity is doubtful.
Like exemption benefit, SC/ST peoples also getting reservation as per norms/law framed by Constitution.
GC /Brahmin people used to take bath hatedly while shadow of SC/ST peoples would touch their body. It is one of the tyrannical behavior of the ancestor. There were so many . This reservation is a small measure of that rescue from sine or vice only.

Some body telling efficiency. Then why we are wanting /waiting for promotion. Superintendent as well as others all post, each and every steps should come through competitive examination . So many examples are there. At the time of Application , it is wanted from Indian Citizen ,why not from the world . Actually there are and/ or were each and everywhere reservation. Problem at the time of SC/ST Peoples.

Some body telling that the AICEIA is making fool others . Certainly I think so .Here AICEA means Mr. Kousik Roy.

i) Motivatedly, depriving the SC/ST , gave promotion to those people who were in the same reign or was rival to him .
ii) Out of them , somebody enjoining the post and price posting with the help of them .
iii) They are trying to delay for disposal of Order in which required vacancy (a huge no. of post required to adjust the deprived No.) occurred, in the meantime in which nobody would be declared as ad hoc/ excess.
iv) If it is delayed, he will able to stay long time as Inspectors Leader as he and his co. are senior now. In 1981-82, we saw some Student would fail in School /College leaving Examination to stay as SFI leader.
v) Kolkata High Courts solution may be solved in a day . If the said Kousik (who is now replying in his Blogs that it could not be said that there is no merit ) come forward to maintain the Roster and made promotion List as well as Seniority list as per existing law/norms framed by our Constitution . You may pressurize him as he is Secretary General of AICEIA. How many time required to rightly place the 1300 peoples (Maximum) in a Roster where simply correction is required .
vi) It was told that the Department revised the order as per norms of OM dated 31.1.2005 . But on the same Court and simultaneously they submitted a List where about 441 Inspector got promotion as Superintendent in 2002-03, But only 20 SC got promotion as SC reserve quota in the same year 2002-03.You may asked /verify the matter from Mr. Kousik or by any other way.

surya said...

For the past 4 months the members were going on requesting the leadership to vacate the stay They have preferred to remain dumb. Even now they donot show any remorse for bungling the promotions nor are they taking any action to vacate the stay and see that the promotions are effected immediately. The members should unite and work out a strategy to outwit the fellows are bent upon delaying the promotions for vested and unholy reasons.

murali said...

dear koushik
Please post the papers relating to the Kolkatta High Court case in the web site. I think many of allegations step forth due to lack of transparency. It is also sad to see memebers using uncouth allegations against office bearers. Let us understand that the office bearers have undertaken a responsibity, though in certain cases, they do not seem to take effective steps.

romance said...

AICEIA and ICESTEA are two assosciations doing things in opposite direction. IRS officers enjoying both assosciations fight. in shillong 23 years inspectors r pulling lifes. start fighting unitedly , instead of fighting each other.