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CIRCULAR-5/07 Date: 17.09.07

Dear Comrades,


As has been intimated by the earlier circular, notice for a one-day national strike is to be served on all the Heads of Departments and Heads of Offices on 19.09.07 positively by all the Associations in the Confederation as well as by the Branches/Circles in such Associations.

The format for the notice is found in the web site of the Confederation. It is being enclosed for easy reference.

All Branches/Circles are to ensure that the said notice is served on their local heads of Offices after conducting a lunch hour demonstration on 19.09.07. After the notice is served, a copy may be sent to me positively. A report regarding the demonstration and serving of notice may please be sent by e-mail so that the Confederation headquarters could be intimated.

On no account may there be a failure in serving of the notice on the stipulated date. It may please be kept in mind that there is ample time for mobilization and if any problem is perceived in mobilizing members of any branch/circle for participation in the strike on the 12 point charter, the same may be intimated immediately so that the AICEIA Office bearers will reach the areas to mobilize the cadre.


Again as intimated in the earlier circular, a convention is to be held at Chennai on 6.10.07 to create awareness about the dangers of the LTU. The Convention under the banner of the C-o-C of Revenue Federations/ Associations is to be held from 2 pm on 6.10.07 at Income Tax Auditorium, 121, Nungambakkam High Road (Uthamar Gandhi Salai), Chennai – 34. A meeting of the Office Bearers of the AICEIA is to be held at 11 am at the venue to be fixed by the Chennai Branch of the AICEIA. All Office Bearers of the AICEIA are requested to make themselves available on 6th morning itself at Chennai. All Branch/Circle Office bearers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka are requested to participate in the Convention positively. Similarly, Office bearers of Branches/Circles where next LTUs are slated are also requested to attend the Convention so that it will enable them to mobilize at their regional levels.

Com. Venkatakrishnan, General Secretary, Chennai Branch (09840746290) may be contacted regarding stay and arrangements. The respective Branches/Circles may bear their respective expenses. Confirmation regarding attendance may be intimated to me by e-mail./telephone.

The Office Bearers OF AICEIA (J.S and V.P) representing each zone may ensure that the message in this circular is received and adhered to by each and every branch/circle in their respective zones.

Encl: Draft Notice of strike
Fraternally yours,

Secretary General

……………..(Head of the Deptt)/Head of office,……………….(Address)
The Confederation of Central Govt. employees and workers, to whichthe ALL INDIA CENTRAL EXCISE INSPECTORS’ ASSOCIATION is affiliated have decided to organize a day's strike on30th October, 2007 in pursuance of the following demands andaccordingly have served the notice for the strike on the Government.
I in my capacity as ……………(post held by the signatory to this letter)Iam to inform you that the employees of ………………..department who are members of ………………….(Name of the Union/Association/Federation) will be on strike on 30th October, 2007.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Encl : Charter of Demands
……………….(Name)Name of the post held by the signatory
Charter of Demands

1. Scrap the PFRDA Bill and Cancel appointment of the Pensionfund Managers; Introduce statutory pension scheme for the newrecruits;
2. Grant full Trade Union rights including the right to striketo all Government employees through appropriate legislation;
3. (a) Stop downsizing the Government departments, privatization and contractorisation/ casualisation of Governmental and teaching functions. Stop contractual appointments of teachers and workers, regularize all daily rated, casual and contingent employees(b) Lift the Ban on recruitment and fill up the existing vacancies of all Government departments, educational institutions and State undertakings; Provide job to jobless
4. Grant Interim relief of minimum of Rs.1000/-/ to all CentralGovernment employees. Implement the 6 th CPC recommendation with effect from 1.1.2006.
5. Bring down the abnormally rising prices of essentialcommodities and strengthen subsidized public distribution system.
6. Merge of 50% DA with basic pay with all consequential benefitsand release of all DA instatements to the State Govt. employees.
7. Withdraw the 5% cap and other restrictions on compassionateappointment. Restore the compassionate appointment scheme wherever it stands abolished.
8. Stop the proposal to replace the CGHS by Medicare insurance scheme.
9. Implement all pending awards of the Board of Arbitration.
10. Remove the quantum ceiling on Bonus and grant bonus to all.
11. Set up a Judicial Committee for wage revision of Grameen Dak Sewaks in replacement of Nataraja Murthy Committee.
12. Increase GPF& Small Savings' interest rates and restore to its early level.


Kishores said...

Today (27th Dec 2007) has been a landmark day in the history of the organisation - First an entry into the virtual world in the form of blogspot (though we had geocities earlier) which provides a platform to share thoughts on all items posted. Secondly, the news of the long-cherished dream of recognition is in sight. All the very best and revolutionary greetings to all my dear comrades. Let 2008 bring peace and justice to all - With very best wishes for a great New Year,
Gokul Kishore

Kishores said...

In my first comments I forgot to compliment Com Manimohan for this "virtual venture". All the best to the veteran comrade SG Manimohan. No doubt Com Mani's selfless work for more than a decade is remembered and acknowledged by all.