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CIRCULAR-3/07 Date: 29.5.07

Dear Comrades,
The Central Executive Committee met at Bangalore on 24th and 25th of May 2007. The host Branch had made grand arrangements and the delegates found it very convenient to attend the meeting and take part in the deliberations. The participants in the meeting placed on record their sincere thanks to the host unit and its office bearers and members for having made such excellent arrangements in spite of the fact that they had been elected only three months ago.

Shri. P.R.V.Ramanan, Member (Rtd), CBEC inaugurated the meeting. During the inaugural address he stressed the need to look into methods of changing the image of the department in the light of the reforms that have been set in motion. He cited the example of the Customs in Canada who have taken up the service of locating lost children using their resources and net-work and thus endearing themselves to the common public. He suggested that similar methods could be thought of in the CBEC also. He also emphasized the need to take changes in our stride. He also suggested that if the differences between the Central Excise and Customs Staff Associations could be ironed out by mutual dialogue, the merger of cadres could bring solace to the stagnating cadres.


On Allocation of posts for Service Tax, Audit and Customs functions:

It was unanimously decided to impress upon the CBEC that stagnation should be the criterion in allocation of posts and towards that objective to project the work-load in respect of Service Tax, Audit and Customs activities in the stagnating zones. The meeting also stressed that lobbying by separate zones would cause grave injustice to the stagnating zones.

After detailed deliberations it was decided to launch agitations in a phased manner (by wearing of black badges for a week, holding lunch hour demonstrations, post card campaign, sending questions under the RTI, and going on mass casual leave, tentatively in the months of July, August and October 2007) on the following charter of demands even if other Service Associations in CBEC or CBDT do not join for the agitation:
(1) Scrap LTU.
(2) Grant revised scales from 1.1.96.
(3) Remove stagnation by ensuring at least three promotions in a career by formulating a Time Bound Functional Promotion scheme/insitu promotions.
(4) Grant Compassionate ground appointments immediately to save the bereaved families of the Government Servants.
(5) Grant ACP without discrimination between Promotees and Direct Recruits.
(6) Revise the present ratio of 6:2:1 from 1990 for promotion to the grade of Asst.Commr from the grade of Group B (Gazetted) Executives cadres in Central Excise and Customs as per the strength of the cadres as per changes due to restructuring/upgradation etc.
(7) Grant recognition to AICEIA immediately.
(8) Consult Staff Associations before effecting any cadre related changes like down sizing or right sizing in the departments.

A letter has already been addressed to the Joint-Conveners of the C-O-C to urgently take up for discussions the above issue and explore whether all organizations under the C-o-C could launch a combined agitation on the above issues. However all Office Bearers are requested to prepare the members for the above agitations.

On the Inter-Commissionerate Transfer issue in Andhra Pradesh:

The house was appraised about the indiscriminate transfer orders issued at Hyderabad. It was brought to the notice of the meeting that in the Inter Zonal Transfer order No 16/2007 dated 2nd April 2007 issued by Chief Commissioner, Central Excise Zone, Hyderabad, senior Inspectors were transferred from Hyderabad zone to Vizag zone to bring juniors (with 3 years or less) ignoring the seniors in Vizag zone, without any agreed transfer policy. It was also reported that the Member (P&V) had not gone through the report submitted by Board’s representative till 23rd May 2007 (as informed by Member (P&V) to the AICEIA President, at New Delhi). Accordingly the following resolution was unanimously passed and immediately faxed to the Ministry/CBEC.

“This meeting of the Central Executive Committee of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association (AICEIA) resolves to condemn the unjustified order passed by the Chief Commissioner, Hyderabad by ordering Inspectors between Hyderabad zone & Vizag zone without any agreed transfer policy. Further, resolved to express concern about the Chief Commissioner not withdrawing the same even after all the three Branches of AICEIA represented by Hyderabad, Vizag and Guntur came up with a common transfer policy.
This CEC expresses concern that the CC did not wait for directions from Board, even when the Board had sent an emissary to resolve the issue, by unilaterally going ahead with the order with small amendments and without addressing anomalies pointed out.
This meeting resolves to urge the Board to take note of the unrelenting CCs who are trying to create confusion in the field and disparities by resorting to favouring a few by disregarding the general interests of the majority.
This meeting of the AICEIA registers its strongest resentment against the undue exercise of powers by such authorities and urges to issue suitable instructions to maintain transparency in personal management and contain the unrest created by arbitrary exercise of powers.
This meeting of the CEC of AICEIA resolves to demand that the Board intervene and withdraw the controversial order.”

Recognition of new Branch:

The meeting decided to recognize Vaapi Branch as a part of the AICEIA considering the request sent by their representative to the Secretary General and the report of the Joint Secretary (W).

Amendments to the Constitution of the AICEIA.

The following amendments were made to the Constitution of the AICEIA:

(i) Amend Article 2 (9) as ‘Central Executive Committee’ means the Executive Committee of the All India Association;
(ii) Replace the words “Executive Committee’ or ‘All India Executive Committee’ wherever it appears in the Constitution as ‘Central Executive Committee’.
(iii) Replace Article 21 with “ All the Office Bearers of the Association shall be elected by the Convention for a period of two years. In an exceptional case the tenure can be extended for a period of not more than three months by a motion to this effect in the Central Executive Committee supported by 2/3rd of the members present and voting.”
(iv) Replace ‘6 months’ in Article 16 (8) with ‘3 months’.
(v) Insert Article 31 (5) as follows: “ The Unit Representatives shall conduct periodical meetings of their respective units, represent the issues pertaining to their units with the Office Bearers or Committees of Circle/Branch and carry out the functions of the Association at the level of the Units by providing assistance to their Circle/Branch Office Bearers.”

To effect changes as per Constitution:

It was resolved that all the (formerly Federating Units) shall change their names as Branches/Circles as per the Constitution of the Association adopted in the Pune Convention.

On demanding abolition of Control Room Duty for Inspectors:

The meeting once again reiterated that the Control Rooms have become unnecessary and a burden for the cadre and resolved to urge the CBEC to abolish Control Room in Central Excise formations on the following grounds:
(i) An approximate cost of Rs. 20 Crores is incurred every year for manning Control Rooms in 92 Headquarters Offices in Central Excise.
(ii) Ever since duty payment has been altered from ‘at the time of clearance’ to ‘consolidated manner once in a month’, relevance of information has seized in respect of Central Excise.
(iii) Practically no information in Central Excise has been passed on through the Control Rooms.
(iv) Due to shortage of Inspectors, work suffers due to deployment of Inspectors for this round the clock work.
(v) In many of the Headquarters offices private security agencies have been appointed and hence there is no necessity of Departmental Officers to keep guard.
(vi) In some places no sepoys are being deployed for Control Room Duty and the entire 24X7 exercise becomes a mockery.
(vii) When the LTU set up at Bangalore does not have a Control Room, continuing with the practice in other Headquarters Office will only serve to send a negative image to the trade in respect of the liberalization in procedures.

Other issues:

The meeting also passed resolutions on the following issues:
v To demand LTC once in a year on par with Rail Employees and Employees of other Government Departments.
v To demand that the area under CGHS Scheme should be increased.
v To urge the CBEC to issue instructions to re-organise Ranges and Divisions instead of posting more Superintendents to tackle work load.
v To urge the CBEC to make alternative arrangements in respect of Tourist Homes in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry for the benefit of the Staf in CBEC who go on tour or for treatment, in the place of the TTDC accommodation facilities which were withdrawn due to non payment of lease fees from the Welfare Fund.

It is a matter of pride for all of us that AICEIA (formerly AIFCEEO) is in the Golden Jubilee year (1957-2007). We will be most happy if any mojor demands are met to enable grand celebrations. Long live Unity. Long live Association.

Fraternally yours,
Secretary General.