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CIRCULAR 1/07 Date : 10.1.07.

Dear Comrades,

Wishing you all and the members of your Branches/Circles a happy and prosperous new year, on behalf of all the Officer Bearers of the AICEIA.

After our National Convention from 4th to 6th of December 2006 at Pune, the Circular was due immediately to enable percolation of details of the meeting to the level of our members all over India. However, since we had very limited time left for finalizing and presenting our Memorandum to the Sixth Central Pay Commission, (last date for submission of the memorandum being 31.12.06) the issue of this Circular has been delayed. The events since the Convention are detailed in the chronological order for circulation and discussions at unit levels.

National Convention of the AIFCEEO at Pune from 4 to 6.12.06.

The 14th Convention of the AIFCEEO was convened at Pune from 4th to 6th of December 2006.

The Convention was inaugurated by Dr. E.M.Sudarsana Natchiappan, Hon’ble Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing-Committee on Personal, Public Grievances, Law and Justice. Shri. Rakesh Sharma, Chief Commissioner of Central Excise, Pune and Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Secretary General of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers were the Chief Guests. Com. Rajesh Menon, the Secretary General of the All India Income Tax Gazetted Execitive Officers’ Federation was the Special Guest.

Com. Harish Radhakrishnan, the General Secretary of the host unit, right in his welcome address touched upon the grave stagnation prevailing in the cadre of Inspectors and in particular in the Maharashtra zone.

In his inaugural address Dr. Sudarsana Natchiappan, wondered how such an appalling situation had been left un attended in such a vital department and assured that he will definitely knock at every possible door with the powers in his hands to ensure that the situation is immediately addressed.

Shri. Rakesh Sharma, in his address assured that he will give his full-fledged co-operation in any process which will address the acute stagnation of the cadre in his zone.

Com. Rajesh Menon, in his address expressed his opinion that the miserable state of affairs in the CBEC in terms of acute stagnation particularly when compared to their brethren in the CBDT only pointed out to the fact that the administration in the CBEC was very poor.

Com. K.K.N.Kutty, during his address explained the situation faced by the entire Central Government employees of the country and the issues in general that will have to be placed before the Government and the Sixth Central Pay Commission. He emphasized that as long as some one wanted something it was only a desire and only if he really feels for the issue and is prepared to relentlessly pursue it, it becomes a demand. He pointed out that only demands can be met and desires need not be fulfilled.

The proceedings in the closed door session followed thereafter. 21 Units represented by 96 delegates attended the Convention.

The following important decisions and resolutions were passed in the closed session of the Convention:

(I) Constitutional amendments:

v The name of the Federation shall be ‘ALL INDIA CENTRAL EXCISE INSPECTORS’ ASSOCIATION’ (AICEIA) as required by the CCS(RSA) Rules.

v The logo may be altered by changing the name and replacing the olive leaves with the words “Central Excise, Customs, Service Tax”.

v The structure of the Organisation may be altered so as to suit the structure of a single All India Association.

v The lowest formation in the Association may be called a ‘Unit’ at the level of the Division or its equivalent, consisting of atleast 10 members.

v A Branch will be formed with Units falling under One Commissionerate. However, units falling under 2 or 3 Commissionerates also can together form a single Branch.

v Where there is a Branch representing the Units of any particular Commissionerate of Commissionerates, no unit shall form themselves into a part of any other Branch.

v A Circle shall be formed with Branch/Branches falling under one Cadre Zone.

v Where there is a Circle representing any Commissionerate/ Commissionerates/Cadre Zone, no Branch shall form themselves into a part of any other Circle.
v There shall be four Regions within the All India Association as below:
East : Cadre Zones of Kolkata, Shillong, Bhubaneshwar & Patna.
West : Cadre Zones of Mumbai and Vadodara.
North: Cadre Zones of Delhi, Kanpur, Chandigardh, Jaipur and Indore.
South: Cadre Zones of Bangalore, Kochi, Chennai and Hyderabad.

v A Unit shall have at least one but not above two representatives per ten members to be elected from among the members of each unit once in a year.
v The Branch shall have an Executive Committee consisting of the representatives of the Units in the Branch and by direct or delegate election, one President, V.P(s), One Secretary, J.S (s) and a Treasurer who would be the Office Bearers of the Branch.
v The Circle shall have an Executive Committee consisting of the Office Bearers of the Branches or representatives by election as decided within the circles and by direct or delegate election, one President, V.P(s), One Secretary, J.S (s) and a Treasurer who would be Office Bearers of the Circle.
v In order to Co-ordinate between the Circles/Branches within every region, there shall be one Vice-President and one Joint-Secretary of the All India Association for each Region, to be elected by the delegates of the respective Regions in the Convention of the All India Association.
v The Office Bearers of the All India Association, to be elected by the Convention shall be as follows:
One President.
One Working President, to act in the absence of the President.
One Secretary General
One Assistant Secretary General to act in the absence of the Secy. General.
One Laison Secretary.
Four Vice Presidents for Four Regions.
Four Joint Secretaries for Four Regions.
One Office Secretary to be nominated by the Secy. General and
One Office Treasurer to be nominated by the Secy. General.
v The Executive Committee of the All India Association shall consist of all the Office Bearers of the All India Association and Circle/ Branch Presidents and Circle/Branch Secretaries.
v The nominated Office Bearers shall not have voting rights.
v Decisions in the Executive Committee of the Association shall be as per the weighted average of the Branches/Circles present and voting, in case of division.
v Voting rights in the Convention shall be as per one delegate present and voting per 100 members and one for 50 members and above, of the part thereof of the established membership of each Branch/Circle.

The house authorized the Officer Bearers to make such changes to the Constitution in keeping with the above amendments in such a manner as to suit the needs of the CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993.

(II) The house passed the following resolutions unanimously after detailed discussions:
1. Resolved that the AICEIA shall be affiliated to the confederation of CG Employees and workers and the branches/circles of the AICEIA shall participate at the unit level (COC of CG Employees) and participate in the programmes of the confederation. Further resolved to participate in the strike call of the confederation notified for 14/12/2006 in such a manner as would be possible for each branch/circle considering the limited time available for preparation for participation in the manner of a strike.
2. To urge the CBEC not to abolish the Ranges since service tax matters, audit complaints and monitoring of revenue paid, CENVAT utilized etc. is being dealt with by the Ranges
3. To oppose outsourcing in Service Tax Commissionerates, not to accept any more additional workload and to urge the CBEC to increase staff strength for handling the increased workload
4. To urge the CBEC to have unique GPF account numbers allotted to each and every Inspector so that problems of missing credits would be avoided when officers are transferred to places with in the charge of another PAO.
5. To challenge the O.M.No.21011/1/2006-Estt. (A) of DOPT dated 28.3.06 which states that ‘the overall grading recorded in the ACR has also not to be changed in any way even after the expunction of the adverse remarks either fully or partially by the competent authority’, as ultra-vires either in the High Court or through the Confederation or National JCM.
6. Since postings are being done at ALL INDIA LEVEL at the time of recruitment, in order to avoid regional problems, to urge the CBEC to issue postings as per residential addresses of the candidates.
7. To demand restoration of mutual transfer and inter-commissionerate transfers considering the difficulties members are put to due to the withdrawal of the facility.
8. To hold nationwide agitations against opening of LTU at Chennai and to chalk out programmes in consultation with other organizations in the COC of revenue.
9. Resolved that all the existing Federating units shall notify to the local administration the change in their status as Branches/Circles of the AICEIA as per the amendment to the constitution.
10. Resolved to urge the Ministry/CBEC to grant recognition for this Association immediately since this Association has fulfilled the obligations and requirements as stipulated by the CCS(RSA) Rules,1993 and the constitutional rights of the members cannot be denied by delay in recognition

(III) The house resolved to pursue the following issues, which were already on the agenda of the Association:

1. Demand of Revision of pay with effect from 01/01/1996
2. Scrapping of LTU
3. Increasing the interest of GPF
4. Ensuring ACP for all
5. Opposing the new pension scheme
6. Abolition of Uniform for Central Excise and Service Tax.
7. Enhancement of Uniform Allowance for Customs
8. Abolition of Control Room
9. Demanding filling up of vacancies
10. Removing stagnation and regional imbalances
11. Proper Accommodation for office and Residence
12. Relaxation in Compassionate ground appointments
13. Declaration of duties of Inspectors
14. Payment of Risk Allowance to Inspectors

(IV) The following persons were unanimously elected to the posts indicated against each in the elections conducted on 6.12.06.

President K.Prabhakara Rao

Working President Asoka Narayanan S

VicePresidents West- HarishRadhakrishnan*,
East - Samaresh Mitra
South - G V B G Tilak,
North - Sanat Panda

Secretary General R. Manimohan

Assistant Secretary General Kousik Roy

Liaison Secretary N. Venkata Krishnan

Joint Secretary East - Shibaji Ch. Nayek,
West - M.B. Jain, Vadodara
South - K V Sanjai
North - N Patra
(* Unanimously nominated by the house since the post was vacant after withdrawal of nominations)

(V) The house unanimously approved a suggestion by the newly elected President that the out going Secretary General, Com. Tirthankar Pyne should be retained as the choice of this Association for the post of Joint Convener of the COC of revenue to make available his valuable services. Com. Pyne also consented to make his services available for the Association.

(VI) The house unanimously passed a resolution placing on record its sincere thanks to all the Office Bearers of the previous committee and particularly the out going Secretary General Com. Tirthankar Pyne, out going Vice-President Com. SL.Devangan and out going Joint-Secretary Com. Reji Mathew.

About the proceedings in the Convention, in general:

Certain observations require to be placed on record in respect of the proceedings in the Convention for record as well as for the information of the general membership.

In the memory of the present members, this was the first time that the National Convention was held within the time prescribed by the Constitution and as per the decisions of the FEC.

In the memory of the membership, a Secretary General, held the Convention, placed his report as well as accounts to the house and after conducting elections demitted office on his own even while continuing as Inspector.

Departing from the previous tradition of most of the house dispersing immediately after casting of votes, the delegates, stayed back even after the elections were completed, to conclude discussions on the items on the agenda.

The elections to all the posts were unanimous.

The above proceedings have only proved that the foundations laid at the Kolkata Convention for a strong and democratic organization have been strengthened by the convention held at Pune. Now it is upon every one of us interested in the betterment of the Cadre to spread the message of harmony, unity and discipline of organization.

Meeting of the C-o-C of Federations/Associations in the Dept. of Revenue on 8.12.06 at Mumbai.

The very first task of the newly elected office bearers of the AICEIA was to attend the Meeting of the C-o-C of Federations/Associations in the Dept. of Revenue on 8.12.06 at Mumbai. As per the special efforts taken by Com. Rajesh Menon the Secretary General of the All India Income Tax Gazetted Officers’ Association, Com. Ghorpade, the President of the other Federation representing the Inspectors of C.Ex also attended the above meeting and stated that Com. Pyne should continue as the Joint Convener of the C-o-C. During the personal discussions with the Office Bearers of this Association, he assured that he will ensure that his organization will join the Confederation as the next move towards unification. We have welcomed the positive attitude of Com. Ghorpade.

The meeting constituted a six member drafting committee for drafting the memorandum of the C-o-C to be submitted to the 6th CPC. Apart from the four Joint Conveners, one representative of the Group D of Excise and Customs and one representative of the Group B of Customs were nominated as the members of the drafting committee.

The meeting deliberated on the common points to be included in the memorandum. It was also decided that all constituents should send in their points and notes to the members of the drafting committee before the 18th of December 2006.

It was decided that the C-o-C would meet at Delhi on 23rd and 24th of December 2006 to finalise the memorandum.

AICEIA Joins the Confederation:

As per the Resolution passed in the National Convention 2006, we have formally sought affiliation to the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers. Though many of the units had been associated at the unit levels, with the local C-o-Cs, at the National level, this is a historic occasion for our cadre and organization in joining the main stream of C.G Employees movement.

Many of the Units while participating in the debates in the National Convention had lamented that they had not been able to prepare the membership at the local levels for a participation in a strike-like call on behalf of the entire C.G Employees movement, even when they feel that the cause was a very legitimate one. By the joining the Confederation formally, it was expected by the Convention that by regular association at the local level, our membership will also be sensitized to the developments at the C.G Employees front and no specific mobilization would be required in that regard. All Branch/Circle Office Bearers are requested to enroll at the local C-o-C (District levels) and participate in the programmes as per the calls given by the Confederation from time to time.

M.P writes to Revenue Secretary on stagnation of Inspectors of Central Excise.

The Hon’ble M.P Dr. Sudarsana Natchiappan has acted upon his promise given in the open session of our Convention on 4.12.06 by sending a letter dated 12.12.06 to the Revenue Secretary drawing attention to our memorandum on the issue of Stagnation in the cadre of Inspectors of Central Excise. This Association remains thankful for the efforts. It is hoped that the Ministry and Board will take cognizance of the problem and address it without any further loss of time.

Meeting of the C-O-C at Delhi and drafting of the Memorandum for the 6th CPC.

The C-O-C of Federations/Associations in the Department of Revenue met at Delhi on 23rd and 24th of December 2006. After deciding on the points to be included in the memorandum, the drafting committee started its work.

The drafting committee relentlessly worked day and night and submitted the memorandum on 27.12.06. The efforts of Com. Tirthankar Pyne, Com. Musthaffa of Income Tax and Com. Ashish Chakraborthy of Customs in helping Coms. K.K.N.Kutty and Rajesh Menon in finalizing the Memorandum of the C-O-C requires a special mention. Many other Comrades from Income Tax and our Department were there to assist the drafting committee. It is a matter of pride that our Cadre has been able to associate for the first time in contributing towards the drafting of not only the first common memorandum on behalf of the staff of Revenue but also the memorandum of the Confederation. This Association deems it an honour to have been associated with the exercise by being represented by the President and the SG in addition to Com.Pyne.

We are all aware of the energy with which Com. Kutty works. The energy and vigour with which Com. S.K.Vyas, the President of the Confederation, at the age of 81, was seen working day and night, on the memorandum of the Confederation and the National JCM Staff Side needs to be emulated by the serving youngsters of the Government Services.

The Memorandum submitted by us to the Sixth Pay Commission in four parts, incorporating the memorandums of the National JCM Staff Side, Confederation, C-o-C and our own cadre-specific issues have already been circulated by e-mail. It has also been uploaded in our web page:

Since this consists of more than 200 pages and is going to be a reference document for all of us for a long time to come, it has been suggested that we may undertake printing of this memorandum. However, considering the cost that is likely to be incurred,(aprox Rs. 125/-per copy) it could be done after ascertaining the actual requirement. On the previous occasion, when the Federation submitted its Memorandum to the 5th CPC, copies were made available at a fixed price, on demand from the units to be supplied to the members. This time, we may consider a part subsidization (50% or as the financial positions of the respective branches/circles may permit) at the level of the Branches/Circles, to improve the readership of the material at the grass root level. Hence it is requested that by 19.1.07 all Branch/Circle Secretaries may kindly indicate their requirements (after ascertaining it quickly from their members) for the printed copies so that orders could be placed for printing. The price could be ascertained only after we get the approximate orders, since it may vary as per the number of copies printed. Any other alternative suggestions may also be sent BY E-MAIL positively before 19.1.07.

Meeting with the Chairman, CBEC and Member (P&V).

The newly elected Office Bearers of the AICEIA called on the Chairman, CBEC and Member (P&V), in their respective chambers on 27.12.06.
In general they gave a patient hearing to our issues and both of them agreed to make favourable recommendations to the Pay Commission in respect of our demands.

It was informed during our meeting that the proposal for getting posts for Audit and Service Tax in CBEC was at an advanced stage and that a meeting with the Committee of Secretaries was scheduled for that week.

Request to the Office bearers of Circles/Branches:

In keeping with the amendments to the Constitution, the Office Bearers of the erstwhile Federating units are required to change their units into Branches or Circles depending upon the representation of the Cadre zone/state etc. The Circles would represent the cadre zone and may be called in the name of the States/U.Ts represented (for easy identification) and Branches may be known by the name of the District headquarters where the Zonal Office is located. For example, the Chennai Unit will be a Branch called Chennai Branch and the Circle would be Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Circle. The Office bearers are required to send this intimation to their local authorities with a copy marked to this Association. The new logo as per the decision in the convention is given at the top. The same may be used for local purposes also, for uniformity.

All pending DDO Certificates may also be collected and sent to my residential address at the earliest so that the problem of two financial years would not come again.

Abolition and creation of posts:

There is an exercise going on in the CBEC to reduce 6906 posts on grounds that they were lying vacant for the past more than one year and to create in its place 4647 posts. The meeting with the Committee of Secretaries is understood to be over and the Cabinet note is under prepartation.

Though the entire proposal was mooted by our Association (then AIFCEEO, Kolkata) vide its exhaustive Memorandum on the FRBM Act and the consequent setting up of the Committee under the Chairperson ship of Smt. Chitra Saha, the then Member (P&V), the CBEC once again as it did during the restructuring, does not appear to consult the staff associations before the finalisation of the Cabinet Note.

As per the above proposal, 1206 posts are for 6 Service Tax Commissionerates, 912 posts for CE Audit, 948 for Service Tax Audit, 390 posts for Airports, 716 posts for regularization of cost recovery posts in ICDs and 475 for round the clock operations at ports. The Posts to be created in each cadre is as below:

Commissioner 6 Addl/Jt. Commr. 17
Deputy/Ast Commr. 135 Superintendents of C.Ex 1110
A.O 12 PS 6
Inspector 1993 DOS 234
STA 58 TA 272
Steno 60 Driver 18
Sepoy 666 Peon 60

Though it is a welcome proposal that the Service Tax is getting posts for its management for the first time, the proposal as such does not appear to cater to the aspirations of the stagnating community of Inspectors and Superintendents. All Units are required to study the proposals closely and give their reactions. In the meanwhile, we are in touch with the other sister organizations in CBEC and discussing the issue. All are requested to be on the alert for any call on the above if required.

Nomination of Office Secretry and Office Treasurer.
As required by the Constitution of our Association, I here by nominate Com. Srinivasan Venkatesan (09894330043) as the Office Secretary and Com. C.S.Babu (422-2529109) as the Office Treasurer. Immediately on opening of an account in the bank in the name of the Association, it will be intimated and remittances to the Association may please be sent accordingly.
Yours fraternally,

(R. Manimohan)
Secretary General
All Office Bearers of AICEIA
(for wide circulation of inputs to the Members of
all Circles/Branches)