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Updates from Delhi

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As is known to all, the CBEC & its organizations have moved ahead on the path of Cadre Restructuring without taking into considerations the submissions made by this Association time & again. This unilateral move of CBEC has failed to deliver justice not only to Cadre but is against the aims & objectives of CR, causing a lot of litigations in the Hon’ble CAT Benches at New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Mumbai etc. This is a serious situation where either way the interest of the Cadre is at stake.

The Office-Bearers of the National Body of this Association discussed the ongoing scenario and brought the matter to the competent authority at New Delhi which in turn invited us for a discussion. It was decided that the Association would be represented by a delegation consisting of Abhishek Kamal, Secretary General, Shri Devender Kumar, Liason Secretary and Shri Rananjay Pratap Singh, Vice-President representing West Zone.

The delegation called on DG (HRD) on 25.09.2014 and requested her to adopt a formula which may pave the way for smooth implementation of CR as the same is beneficial to the Cadre as well as to the Department. The delegation was of the view that the promotion should immediately be given to the Inspectors, who joined department before All India Merit List but Promotion should not be effected to the batch which joined through All India Examination, without implementation of All India Seniority.  The delegation apprised her regarding the stagnation continuing in Zones like Shillong, Lucknow/Meerut, Kolkata, Cochin, Jaipur, Bhopal, Patna etc. even after the implementation of Cadre Restructuring and requested her to take appropriate measures to remove the stagnation in these Zones and regional disparities in promotion. The DG (HRD) seemed convinced that in principle All India Seniority is the only way to address regional disparities in promotion to the grade of Superintendent & to remove stagnation of poor Zones, but expressed her inability in giving effect to it since SSC-1996.  On the basis of facts and figures, the delegation suggested many ways to implement All India Seniority from SSC-1996.  The DG (HRD) expressed hope that All India Seniority may be implemented from 2014, on this, the delegation asserted that the same should be from SSC-1996 itself i.e. from the time when the first batch of Inspectors was recruited on All India Basis. This was countered by DG (HRD) citing the huge inconvenience but the argument was nullified by the delegation citing the recent judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of N R Parmar v/s. Union of India where the Hon’ble Court has clarified that inconvenience can never be cited as a cause to subvert justice. The delegation also suggested a workable formulae to fill the remaining vacant posts of Superintendents in well off Zones by way of giving promotions to the Inspectors of stagnated Zones and posting them against the vacant posts of well off Zones, but, the DG (HRD) seemed to be non-committal on this.  Discussions were also held regarding the implementation of judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court in the case of N R Parmar v/s. Union of India.

The delegation also called on other officials at North Block on 26.09.2014 and discussed the impact of Cadre Restructuring on our Cadre.  Regarding our query about uneven and unjustified posts allocations in Cadre Restructuring, nobody was able to respond.  The delegation suggested ways to address genuine grievances of the Cadre and showed its apprehensions and displeasure on poor functioning of the Study Group. It was also brought to the knowledge of the delegation that a Meeting with the Study Group may be fixed with recognized Staff Associations in the second week of October, 2014, which may be the last meeting of the Study Group before it submits its report. 

Apart from the above, the delegation also called on other important dignitaries, who have very crucial role to play in weeks to come in achieving the goals of the AICEIA for which the Association is committed.

Yours fraternally,

Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General


Unknown said...

All India Seniority in Inspector Grade would be a very effective approach to curb the stagnation prevailing in some of the Zones like Patna, Kolkata etc. We appreciate the efforts made by our Association in this regard. We are very thankful to Mr. Abhishek Kamal, Secretary General whose enthusiastic endeavor may give it to us very soon.

Regards - Parmanand Kumar, Inspector, Customs (P) Patna Zone