Wednesday, January 18, 2012


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Recently S.G and President paid a visit to North Block and other important offices of New Delhi.
After several discussion with various officials viz: Chairman, Member(P&V), J.S.(Admn.) of C.B.E.C & Additional Secretary D.O.P&T , D.G. & A.D.G (H.R.D & H.R.M) we would like to place the following statement for information of our members:
  • Restructuring file has not yet sent back to our Board,
  • Several rounds of discussion going on amongst D.O.P&T, C.B.E.C and Deptt of Revenue.
  • As assured by HRM the file would come back to C.B.E.C for finalization of cabinet note by the end of this month.
  • There is a fair chance of reduction of Gr. ‘A’ post as D.O.P&T deals with right sizing of Gr. ‘A’ strength in a restructuring of a particular department.
  • Reduction of Gr.’B’ post from the proposed strength was  ruled out by the above officials.

      On the serious issue of Senior drawing less pay than Juniors the following steps have been taken recently::
  • fished out the file from D.O.P& T
  • After a hell bent discussion with Director D.O.P&T sent it back to Expenditure
  • Had meeting with director D.O.P&T & Director (EIII) along with Under Secretary ( EIIIA) Expenditure and successfully convinced them to delink the two pending issues and to instruct department of Revenue and C.B.E.C to issue order for fixation of seniors drawing less pay than juniors in relation to pay of Rs, 17,140 of Direct recruits from 01.01.2006.
  • The other part in relation to fixation of pay on par with pre-revised payscale of Rs. 7450/- has become a general issue and D.O.P&T instructed the Expenditure Ministry to take its decision taking in to consideration its ramification on national exchequer and Government.
  • Though Expenditure appears to be not very keen in granting the required fixation of pay on par with pre-revised payscale of Rs. 7450/-, yet, we are hopeful as almost all departments inclusive of C.B.D.T have initiated  their representation on this issue.
         On the issue of ICT it was intimated to Board officials that Chief Commissioners of different field formations are fixing their own criteria in granting I.C.T and it is learnt that depending upon the representation of our Association, the point in relation to abolition of the term ‘probationary period’ is under strong consideration of board along with various other points on this issue.


radha said...

Kudos to the updates. Regarding 7450/-, kind attention is invited F.No.HRD/CM/175/9/2010-11/3093 dt.28.12.2011, issued by,Directorate of Income Tax, HRD, New Delhi.