Monday, January 16, 2012


Mail received from Sri B.P.K.Reddy, GS-Hyd  and VP-SZ regarding list of Circles/Branches/Units which have confirmed their participation in Hyderabad CEC meeting is published below.

Other Circles/Branches/Units who have not yet confirmed their participation may do so by 18th of this month to Sri B.P.K.Reddy on his mobile 098490-46969  or   by mail to enable them to make arrangements. Any other details can be obtained on Hyderabad AICEIA website

Dear Kousik,

The following is the list of the Circles/Branches/Units which have confirmed their participation in the CEC meeting to be held in Hyderabad on 27th and 28th, January,2012.

1. West Bengal
2. Kerala

3. Karnataka

4. Salem

5. Chandigarh

6. Chennai

7. Guntur

8. Tirupathy

9. Visakhapatnam

10. Rajkot

11. Coimbathore

12. Madhurai

13. Trichy

14. Raipur

15. Indore

16. Bhopal

17. Nagpur
18. Orissa - Travel schedule not confirmed

19. Patna - Travel schedule not confirmed

Kly intimate other circles/branches/units to confirm their participation with travel schedule by 18th evng to enable us to make arrangements.

Thanks and Regards,

BPK Reddy



BL Meena said...

Dear Shri Roy & Reddy ji

Please recall my earlier sms,
e-mails & commonts on present & factual situation of Rajasthan Circle of the AICEIA.

Despite of written request/direction in the said resolution letter of the members of Rajasthan circle, the ex-office bearers are neither calling General Body Meeting nor declaring election for the new office bearers or even to nominate temporary office bearers till the election process is over. That is why that members have yet not nominated any person to attend the CEC meeting.

Though Mr Abhay Singh, Jt Secy (NZ) is likely to attend the said meeting therefore, he (also being a member of Rajasthan circle) may be advised suitably to call the GBM in common interest of AICEIA for necessary action and to solve the following issues:-

(i) Representation of Rajasthan Circle in such a crucil situation,

(ii) Stregthen the AICEIA,

(iii)Subscription of the All India Association and,

(iv) DDO certificates of the members.

With fond hope of an early intervention in the situation.

With regards

B.L. Meena, Inspr
An Active Member of Rajasthan
# 9784657055

mail Id: