Monday, April 11, 2011

Notice of Agitation submitted from Co-ordination Committee

Posted by Secretary General on 4/11/2011 08:07:00 AM with No comments
Dear friends,

                    Now, you are well aware of the 5th April meeting that was convened in the C.R. Building, New Delhi, all the association of Group'B', 'C' & 'D' were present there, the update of the meeting we don't want to reiterate.In that meeting it was decided that the Joint action committee of Associations in C.B.E.C shall sit together and chalk out the future movement on 6th April'11, unfortunately on 6th morning C.ex. Ministerial Association were not present in the meeting for the fact  that they have to discuss the programme in their working committee before participating in such programme, all the other organisations were quite positive and decided not to go for any Parliament Rally as proposed by Superintendent Association on 19th May rather JAC shall go for one day mass casual leave on27th of May. As discussed and decided in the JAC a letter addressed to F.M. drafted which is still awaiting approval of our Ministerial Association. Immediately after signing the letter addressed to F.M. we have intimated Superintendent Association about the change of programme as 'mass casual leave' and the date was shifted from 19th to 27th of May'11 by JAC; Superintendent Association immediately accepted that proposal, accordingly Co-ordination committee of Inspectors & Superintendents has submitted their notice of agitation to Chairman, C.B.E.C; the most unfortunate incident is that by not signing the letter to F.M and not intimating the same to Inspectors Association a few other organisations in C.B.E.C had unknowingly strengthened the hand of our authority.
We request our Circle/ and branch committees to convene emergency meeting forthwith and create Co-ordination Committee and JAC in their jurisdiction immediately.