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                                                                                                      Dated: 01.04.2011
                                           CIRCULAR- 03/11
Dear Comrades,

In continuation of the efforts made by both the Associations of Superintendent and Inspector of Central Excise, Customs & S. Tax, Bhubaneswar Unit, a joint meeting of the leaders of All India Associations of Inspector & Superintendent cadres was held at New Delhi on 23.03.2011. All India representatives participated in the meeting are as follows-

  1. S. K. Pareek, President of All India Association Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers (AIACEGEO).
  2. C. S. Sharma, Office Secretary (also President of Delhi Unit) of All India Association Central Excise Gazetted Executive Officers (AIACEGEO).
  3. Arun Zachariah. P. President All India Central Excise Inspectors Association(AICEIA).
  4. H.S.Bajaj Working President All India Central Excise Inspectors Association (AICEIA).
  5. Kousik Roy, Secretary General of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association (AICEIA).
  6. Ajit Kumar K.G. Assistant Secretary General of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association (AICEIA).
  7. Shibaji Ch. Nayak, Liasion Secretary of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association (AICEIA).

It was unanimously agreed upon to fight the common causes of both the cadres from a Joint Forum. It was unanimously agreed that the agitation programme will be taken up in phased manner that will start from 19th April, 2011 culminating to one day mass casual leave on 18th May 2011. Mr. S. K. Pareek, President (AIACEGEO) proposed the name of the joint committee as Co-ordination Committee of Central Excise Group ‘B’ Executive Officers ( Inspectors’ & superintendents’)  the  common agenda points as finalized appended below :
                                        CHARTER OF DEMAND
1.                              Posts of Assistant Commissioners arising out of cadre re-structuring should be filled up on the basis of stagnation in relaxation of the provisions of recruitment rule to ensure parity among the three feeder cadres of Superintendent of Central Excise, Superintendent of Customs and Appraisers.
2.                              Parity in promotion among different seniority zone in Central Excise Group B Executive cadre and between Group B Executive cadres in Customs must be ensured.
3.                              An Appraiser/Superintendent of Customs promotee junior to a Superintendent of Central Excise should not be posted as his/her Assistant Commissioner. 
4.                             The in-situ promotion scheme should be finalized expeditiously in consultation with the recognized associations of the stake holders.
5.                              Fixation of pay of Inspectors/Superintendents in the pre-revised scale of 6500-10500/7500-12000 should be provided with  effect from 01.01.1986.
3.                              The pay of the cadre of Superintendents should be upgraded to Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/- in Pay Band II on par with analogous cadres.
4.                               Minuted meetings/JCM s should be conducted at the Board level and at local level with the recognized association of Inspectors/Superintendents at regular intervals.
5.                              The 1% incentive on incremental revenue should be utilized for providing facilities and infrastructure for all staffs.
The individual organizations are free to submit additional points if any; the points featured above shall find its place in the joint memorandum.
It was discussed that Ravi Malik and Kousik Roy shall be the Joint Convenor of the Co-ordination committee and shall pursue other organizations to join the agitational programme with their charter of demands. The agitation programme as proposed by the meeting is :
1.     Lunch Hour demonstration in front of every chief Commissioners office along with charter of demand on 19th of April, 2011.
2.     Whole day dharna programme in front of Jantar Mantar on 6th May 2011.
3.     One day mass casual leave on 18th May 2011.

Meeting ended with thanks to all the participants by Shri Kousik Roy, Secretary General of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association (AICEIA).

In the meantime we tried to convince other organizations under J.C.A to fix on a single date for agitation against restructuring. It was decided that all the organizations shall sit together and discuss the issue on 5th of April 2011 at C.R.Building after anomaly committee meeting.

The National Council meeting of the Confederation was held at DGFASLI Central Labour Institute Chunabatti Road, Sion, Mumbai 400 022 on Ist December, 2010 . We intimated you earlier that the meeting was attended by our Vice President South and Chennai Circle President. The meeting was presided over by Com.S.K.Vyas, President, Confederation.
Charter of demands:
1. Stop price rise; strengthen the PDS.
2. Stop downsizing, outsourcing, contractorisation, coporatorisation and privatization of
Governmental functions
3. Fill up all vacant posts and create posts on functional requirements
4. Revise wages of CGEs with effect from 1.1.2011 and every five years thereafter.
5. Scrap the New Pension Scheme and extend the statutory defined benefited pension to  all Central Govt. employees irrespective of the date of recruitment.
6. Regularize the GDS, daily rated workers, contingent and casual workers by brining about  a definite scheme of regularization.
7. Remove restriction imposed on compassionate appointment ( end the discrimination on  compassionate appointment between the Railway workers and other CGEs)
8. Stop the move to introduce the productivity linked wage system; Performance related  pay; introduce PLB to in all Departments; remove the ceiling of emoluments for bonus  computation.
9. Settle all items of anomalies (including the MACP related anomalies) raised in the National and Departmental Anomaly committees within a fixed time frame of two months; set up the anomaly committees in those Departments where it has not been set up till date with the Standing Committee members of the National Council; convene the meeting of the Departmental Council in all Ministries/Department once in three month as envisaged in the JCM Scheme
10.Make the right to strike a legal right and stop curtailment of T.U. rights
11.Implement all arbitration awards
12.Raise the interest rate for GPF. Revise the OTA and Night duty allowance and stitching and clothing rates of uniforms
13.Merge DA with Pay for all purposes including pension as and when the DA rates croses the 50% mark.
14.Vacate all Trade Union victimizations.

Programme of Action:

It was decided in the meeting held on 24th February 2011 that after exhausting a series of action programme Confederation shall organize industrial action programme in consultation with national J.C.A. against the retrograde policies of the union Government. It was also decided that on 20th April 2011 a four hour Dharna Programme shall be organized along with other Central Government employees organizations with the above charter excepting those places where Co-ordination committee of Central Government employees and workers decides a separate date of agitation programme, in such places the programme has to be organized on 5th of April 2011 to uphold the charter of demand given above along with our own departmental charter of demand.

  On 21st March we met Member ( P&V) and submitted our representation on
·        ICT
·        Expeditious disposal of In-citu scheme
·        Progress of I.C.T
·        Implementation of separate calendar for D.P.C forthwith
·        To do away with the 1992 batch fixation anomaly
·        To resolve the fixation issue of pre revised scale of Rs. 6500/-

 We also met Shri. Ramachandra Khuntia, Honourable Member of Parliament (RS) and submitted a representation seeking his intervention in the fixation issue of pre revised scale of Rs. 6500/-. The Hnourable MP has assured his support on the matter. He has also raised the issue as question in the Rajya Sabha.
           The meeting of the anomaly committee is fixed on 5th of April, 2011 we are trying to finalise the agitation programme on departmental issues on 5th April, 2011. Kindly make wide campaign of our pending demands, organize and respond to the call of agitation programme given by Confederation of Central Government employees and workers.
All India Convention of AICEIA is slated to be held At Banglore on  10th & 11th of June 2011.
The President,
All office Bearers,
Circle and Branch Secretaries                                Comradely Yours
For wide circulation  
                                                     ( KOUSIK ROY )