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Association got a phone Call from ADG (HRM)’s office to attend a meeting on 09.04.2010 at 3.30 P.M. which is conducted as part of the ongoing consultation programme with the cadre Associations on restructuring. ADG desired to have a formal submission from our Association. Secretary General, Liason Secretary and General Secretary,Delhi Circle attended the meeting. Association made a oral submission before ADG HRM and put forward a written submission too. At the out set Office Bearers mentioned about the last meeting with ADG on 18th of March, 2010. Association’s moot point of discussion was to

· Do away with the impact of regional imbalances in promotion among the seniority zones in Central Excise.

De-layering where functional distinction between Inspectors and Superintendents does not exist.

Redefining the ratio for promotion to the post of Assistant Commissioner based on the cadre strength of the feeder cadres.

Divisions to be headed by Joint Commissioner

Increase of approximately 3000 posts in cadre of Assistant/Deputy Commissioner.

Reducing the percentage of direct recruitment to 25% in Group A Entry Level

Promotion of Superintendents directly to the Senior Time Scale post of Deputy Commissioner.

Pay scale of Inspector and superintendent after restructuring.

The meeting held with positive discussions, it was committed to us that Inspector who have completed 12 to 15 years of service shall get their first promotion and second promotion within 25 to 30years of service. It was discussed at length how Board is trying to create more than 100% increase in the grade of Assistant Commissioner and nearly 60% increase in the strength of Superintendent. It is also mentioned that the additional post of Assistant Commissioner will be one time promotion from the feeder cadre. Office bearers discussed about issue of changing the ratio of promotion. It was intimated to us that Board has already approached to Supreme Court on this issue and HRM has no role on it. However it is understood that Board is trying to finalise its proposal by 30th of April, 2010. Association discussed about the pay scale of Inspector and Superintendent as of now which has a marginal difference.
We would like to request all the circles to collect the year wise stagnation DATA and forward it to us through mail (
Detail follows.


Gurwinder Singh said...

If additional posts of only one time measure,will it be possible for those to get second promotion,as envisaged,after 25-30 yrs. of service who have already languished for 15-20 inspector?,will the stagnation not be passed to future Supdts.?However we should grab the opportunity whatever little come our way because one in hand is worth two in bush.And after restructuring please concentrate on other pay related issues.
Gurwinder Singh
(Ludhiana Commissionearte)

kps said...

Well Done AICEIA.

Ist promotion after 12-15 years is good. But the next after 25-30 years an absurd idea. The qualifying service for promotion to Assistant Commissioner from Superintendent is only three years.

We from 1992 batch have not got promotion as Superintendent in Chandigarh CC Zone whereas our 3-4 year senior colleagues got promotions in 2002 re-structuring after nearly 13 years of service as Inspector. Our Association should press for promotions from Inspector to Superintendents after 12 year service and next promotion as Assistant Commissioner after 18 year total service.

As all promotions are going to be one time affair, we must plead for quicker promotions.

Furthermore we should press other issues like pay scale from 1.1.1996 (or 1.1.1986), 5400 Grade pay to ACP Inspectors, pay anomaly of 1992 batch and other issues.


kps said...


Please publish the written submissions given by AICEIA to the ADG HRM so that the members can know what is happening. Any communication from ADG/CBEC should also be brought to the knowledge of the Cadre.

With regards.



come on guys. Ask for promotion from Inspector to Supdt in 12 years and Supdt to AC in 9 years; dont let this opportunity go pass lest the next generation of Inspectors will blame us for not pressing enough.Dont fall into the trap of ADG saying about increasing AC post by 100%; what is the percentage wise increase in the posts of JC, ADC, Commr, CC in the last 15 years ?

so dont ask for increase in promotion posts; ask for time bound promotion.

Gopakumar said...

Association should stick to asking for time bound promotion as suggested by Mr.Ramamoorthy. There is expenditure nutral in such promotions as all are receiving MACP. Upward movement in career lader should not be an one time measure for a few. One time measure in promotion means postponing stagnation to next generation of Superintendents/ Inspectors. promotions need to be a steady vertical movement in the career by uniform applicabilidty to all those who join in the Department. Similarly fight to get back lost salary since 1.6.1996 is also a priority thing as those who joined as Inspectors on 1-1-2006 or 31-12-2005 are drawing more salary than their seniors with service of 12 years or more. Painful efforts taken by the Association is watched by its members and appreciative of the leaders.

BL said...

Dear Comrade Roy
The prevailing disparity in promotion among Inspr, Examiner & PO is the burning problem of Inspr cadre therefore, pl concentrate on the said issue to reduce stagnation on top priority. The HPC report is also in our favour.

There may be no compromise on this issue as it is proper time to do-or-die efforts for rerpect of our cadre.
Pl also publish time to time development on blog.
With regards

BL Meena, Inspr, Jaipur

rajaguru said...

Well done comrade. Please inform further developments

rajaguru said...

Please inform whether any efforts are being taken for abolition of uniform. The officers are expected to be in uniform for more than three decades based on the initial equipment allowance granted to them at the time of joining the Department. Will the uniform last for three decades?
Please take efforts for abolition or grant of equippment allowance once in three years.

kps said...

If the posts of Superintendents are enhanced by 60%, 3000 more AC posts are created,Divisions are headed by JCs, then following must happen

1. Change in relevant sections of Central Excise Act 1944 and rules made thereunder notifying powers of each designation

2. Taking inro consideration mere difference of Rs 500 (in old pay scales) in the pay of Superintendent (7500-10500) and Assistant Commissioner (8000-12000), it will be foolishness to let an official wait for 12-15 years for promotion as ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER for mere Rs 500.

3. Let on promotion as Superintendent, these be placed on probation period of 3 years (as a minimum qualifying service for promotion as Assistant Commissioner) and thereafter they be promoted as Assistant Commissioner (Time Bound promotion).

4. As due to cadre review, the authority and prestige of both Superintendent and Assistant Commissioners is surely to be eroded (As Assistant Commissioners will no more head Divisions), there will be no need to maintain these two cadres.

5. It will ultimately lead to abolition of the post of Superintendent and the merger of the post of Superintendent in the cadre of Assistant Commissioner.

Further, nothing has been heard of much hyped organised group B service. Is that has been shelved permanently.

Lets hope for the BEST.

WE are in the 19th year as Inspector and most likely to get promotion in a regular manner in a couple of months (as and when DPC is held).

To safeguard the interest of the Inspectors stagnating for such a long period, their interests also must be watched in the cadre review as promotion at this stage does not matter much as we will get noting in thee cadre review.



vengat said...

it is mentioned that additional post will be filled from feeder cadre as one time measure. therefore, it should not happen that as when the promote from supdt cadre retire, that get adjusted from the D.R. quota. so, it should be earmarked among the 3000 posts that are being created that only alternative post only gets filled with D.R.( AS PER EXISTING RATIO OF D.R). This will ensure that gradually, others waiting in queue will also get promotion. other wise, the persons now on top will get retired within 1 -2 years and the all posts will go towards D.R.

V said...

As expressed by commrade Shri.Rajaguru weightage has to be given for the services of Inspectors who have been stagnating for moer than 18 to 20 years while considering promotions for the posts of ACs and DCs. This will ultimately do away with the regional disparities also. Otherwise there will not be any benefits to such stagnated lots due to the proposed cadre restructuring. Hope the Association will also fight for refixing the seniority of Inspectors above POs and Examiners who got their promotions whthin short period of services. This will do some justice to our unfortunate comrdes who are weighting for their first promotion even after 20 years.

SUDHIR said...

If the additional post of Assistant Commissioner will be one time promotion from the feeder cadre, what will happen to the vacancies created by the retirement of those ACs?

rajaguru said...

We have strong grounds for better situation. But the Board never wants to displease the Customs invaders, That is our problem. The appraisers get 22% share in the promotion as against their entitlement of 6% whereas the Superintendents of central Excise get 67% as against their entitlement of 83%.We cannot get justice from IRS officers who are puppets in the hands of customs appraisers.

Suman said...

If restructuring will be done as per verbal assurance of the board's officer, its good. But the promotional future of the Inspector cadre will be better if the ratio (8:2:1)for promotion to the Asstt. Commissioner will be changed.I think this should be the prime demand of the day. But it is very unfortunate that our elder brothers are very reluctant in is issue. Let us hole for the best.

Anonymous said...

hello sir.can u tel me whether spouse having bank clerical job is adequate for geting inter commissionerate transfer for a central excise these jobs are filled by state wise and merit is on state wise and local/regional language is essential for tht.i m urgently waiting for ur response.if any body can tel me abt that.

rajan said...

If additional posts of only one time measure,will it be possible for those to get second promotion,as envisaged,after 25-30 yrs. of service who have already languished for 15-20 inspector?,will the stagnation not be passed to future Supdts.?However we should grab the opportunity whatever little come our way because one in hand is worth two in bush.And after restructuring please concentrate on other pay related issues.

KONERU said...

In the Year 2005 Hon'ble SC in Civil appeal 6332/2005 GOI through Govt of Pandy and others Vs Ramakrishnan and ors observed: A Rule doesn't become inoperative only because the UPSC says so. A Rule validly made even if it has become unworkable unless repealed or replaced by another Rule or amended, continues to be in force.

later the UPSC and DOPT accepetd the observations and issued guidelines: The stand of the apex court is unexceptionable as RRs are statutory and they will not cease to operate unless they are repealed.
accordingly the one time relaxations are now not available. In the present situation Aroup A cadre is organised and its entry level is fixed at 50:50 DR:Promotee. Unless that is changed they cannot increase a single post. Then possibility is only 30% increase of entire Group A then total DR and Promotee str will increse again as per the ratio only.

there are so many to know to talk about the CR, like Pay cannot be decided by CR etc.
Dear all please, allow the most suitable to deal in this matters not the popular supported.

pl. see for fother details.


vengat said...

dear rao,
you are still welcome. we appreciate your observation. you too can contribute. but allow the team to complete its tenure. you will also be given opportunity, in whatever opening at the right time. be a democrat. allow the elected office bearer to function. you can also be critical of the office bearer. but, kindly continue to be part of it and criticize.

udai said...

Dear Shri KP Rao,

See the difference in your site and in this site. Here it is a democratic set up and a critic like u can also give ur valuable observation and suggestion. Compare this to ur site where it is either self appraisal or critising others. So weigh yourself and join a democratic set up. The cadre needs ur valuable and experienced suggestions. So please be constructive for the cadre.

rajaguru said...

Unfortunately, the Inspectors' cadre is divided into two. This is the time of crisis. We should unite and fight against the CUSTOMS INVADERS. In fact, the Superintendents and Inspectors Federations should be merged as both the cadres are having the same soul and spirit. KP Rao is a dynamic person and his talents should not go wasted. All of us will unite and fight to achieve.

CAAP said...

@UDAI: You are not aware of the facts. You are talking of the difference between ICESTEA and AICEIA and claiming that AICEIA is a democratic setup. This is all non-sense. In the past few days, four of my comments were deleted by the AICEIA site administrator, because I dared to ask some blunt questions to them and was rightfully critical of them. Perhaps AICEIA was afraid that my questions and views would expose them and thay have a lot of skeletons to hide. Koneru is right. This issue is to be handled by mature people and the WEST ZONE officers are the most apt.
PS: Perhaps AICEIA will delete this comment too.

KONERU said...

Dear all,
I have given an example of Recrutment Rules above, which are the most important for effecting change in the structure of the cadre. Unless the changes are made nothing can be improved by CBEC in the CR. It is the High Power Committee dealing about the Inspector and Supdt. Cadre. If that is implemented first we gets the benefit or else the IRS will take home all the benefits, as they were doing previously.

My only comming into picture is out of love to the cadre not to see the comments on me. As the dame being done by CBEC, i am only awakening AICEIA on the RRs part, as the cadre will get effected by the deeds of all including the AICEIA.

in any case, I will not come again and thanks for the wise coments.

Rao Koneu Prabhakar

rajaguru said...

I am a neutral person and not supporting any group. If KP Rao is sidelined, the loss is for the Inspectors and superintendents too.

manoj said...

just want to add that unless we demand complete change in the infrastructure of number of posts of Inspectors and Superintendents vis-a-vis number of posts of Asstt. Commissioners/ Dy. Commissioners, nothng substantial is going to be happen. we should strive for a better ration among these numbers as compared to other central govt. deptts... CBDT is our nearest set up to be looked upon... other things will follow...