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Sorry for long silence, as in these days we were preparing our selves for the future course of action, recently All India Association visited New Delhi. Association enquired about the progress of our issues, and the developments regarding restructuring. It was understood that some of our issues may get some justice after the formation of the new government. none of the committees constituted by C.B.E.C for the preliminary work on restructuring have submitted their report.We have asked for inclusion of our Association in the Restructuring committee and in departmental Anomaly committee as well. Our association had a brief discussion with the Income-Tax Association on the pending issues. Association suggested some action plan and income-Tax intimated that they are likely to take some decision on strike action in the mid of July'2009. accordingly they have submitted a letter to all the constituent members of C.O.C. It is also learnt that Revenue Secretary strongly recommended our grade pay issue to the Secretary Expenditure. Meanwhile on 22nd of december we had a meeting with the Secretary General of Supdt. Association in KOlkata on different issues. Before taking any organisational action we are trying to gather support of every class of employees.
It is to be noted that our leadership is going to New Delhi in the 2nd week of june to pursue the pending issues and to discuss about the proposed action plan of ITEF. The Assocn have no internal meeting in Delhi; Association will be holding its next C.E.C meeting in the first week of July in Chandigarh. Thanking you,


vinay said...

Good there is some progress,

but application for Anamoly committee has to reach them within six months of their faormatio i.e Aug 1st week (formed in Feb first week). Please look into that angle also for GP 4600.

MADHUKAR said...


Yogesh Dosodiya said...

Madhukar you are right, Association should take some hard step for the inspectors who joined after 01.01.06, when work is same then why this type of discrimation. An inspector of ssc 2003 batch getting Rs. 6000 more than 2004 batch, only for becasue they joined after 01.01.2006. no body worries about them.

subhash said...

The Inspectors who joined after 01.01.2006 are suffering a lot mentally and financially. Pay upgration issue is directly related to the existance of inspector cadre in Central Excise & Customs department. Therefore, association should take firm steps to ensure the upgradtion of pay grade to 4600 and this issue should be the first priority of the Association..

Anonymous said...

Dear Koushik Ji
DOPT has recently come up with an order for change of grade pay based on the service in the respective grade.DOPT stressed the need for its implementation by the UPSC in case of group A & B and for other grades respective Department/ Minstry will take proper care for change in the service rule or to frame srvice rule. The order is for the betterment for all particularly for the senior officer who are stagnating in the same grade pay without any promotion. Extract of order is reproduced below for kind perusal and request for all out effort / action for all of us. With best wishes particularly at the time when new FM is from Bengal .

No. AB.14017/61/2008-Estt. (RR)

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel Public Grievances and Pensions, DOPT
New Delhi

Dated: 24th March, 2009


Subject : Sixth Central Pay Commission's recommendations - revision of pay scales - amendment of Service Rules. The recommendations of 6th CPC have been considered by the Government and the CCS (Revised Pay) Rules2008 have since been notified on 29th August, 2008. Consequently, in palce of the pre-revised pay scales, the revised pay structure comprising the Pay Band and Grade Pay / Pay Scales has come into effect. Some of thepre-revised pay scales have been merged and some others are upgraded / likely to be upgraded. In the light of these, it has been decided that the following consequential steps to amend the existing Service Rules / Recruitment Rules shall be undertaken on a priority basis:
(i) Substituting the existing scales by the Grade Pay along with the Pay Band
The existing pay scales have to be substituted by the new pay structure without making a reference to DOP&T / UPSC The heading of column No. 4 of the Schedule on RRs may be modified to :Pay Bandand Grade Pay / Pay Scale". and the minimum eligibility service as per the revised guidelines, as enclosed in Annexure.
(ii) Where there is an upgradation of posts
The instructions issued by Department of Expenditure under OM No. 1/1/2008-iC dated 13 th September, 208 and DoPT OM No. AB- 14017/66/08-Estt (RR) dated 9th March, 2009 may be applied in such cases.
However, for each of the merged grades, a single set of Recruitment Rules may be formulated and notified.
(iii) Consequential cahanges
It is necessary to make consequential changes in the Recruitment Rules / Service Rules so as to prescribe eligibility conditions with reference to the revised Grade Pay / Pay Scale.
(iv) Department Promotion Committee (DPC)
Where two or more scales have been merged, the existing DPC for the higher / highest grade will be the DPC for the mergedgrade.
(v) Regulation of regular rendered in the pre-revised scales
The revised pay structure approved includes a number of 'merged grades' with a commn grade pay and the conceptof pay bands with grade pay introduced effective from 1.1.2006. Insofar as the issue of regulation of service rendered prior to 1.1.2006 is concerned, while the general rule may be that such regular service be deemed to be service renderedin the corresponding grade pay / pay scale approved effective from 1.1.2006 or from a subsequent date, as the case maybe, this formulation cannot apply in cases where there has been merger of more than one grade into one with a single gradepay/ pay scale. Since the merger is effective from 1.1.2006 only, even notional benefits of the merger cannot be extended forperiods falling prior to 1.1.2006. A Note to the following effect may, therefore, be inserted under col.12 of the Schedule on RRs, and under relevant provisions in Service Rules, to take care of the requirements: cont.

Anonymous said...

Cont. from previous:
For the purpose of computing minimum qualifying service for promotion, the service rendered on a regular basis by an officer prior to 1.1.2006 / the date from which the revised pay structure based on the 6th CPC recommendations has beenextended, shall be deemed to be service rendered in the corresponding grade pay / pay scale extended based on the recommendations of the Commission.
2. The Recruitment Rules / Service Rules are of statutory nature. Therefore, the changes brought out by other relevantinstructions have to be incorprated in the Recruitment Rules / Service Rules by suitable amendments so that the necessarysteps like holding of DPC etc. are taken to fill the post carrying the revised Grade Pay / Pay Scale on regular basis. All the Ministries / Departments are, therefore, requested to effect necessary amendments to the Recruitment Rules / Service Rulesnotified by them after following the normal procedure of furnishing proposals to the Department of Personnel and Training andthe UPSC in the format prescribed in the general guidelines on Recruitment Rules circulated by the DOPT OM No. 14017/12/87-Estt.(RR) datded 18.3.1988, and also in consultation with the Legislative Department.
3. Ministries/Departments may initiate action to complete the review in this regard and furnish necessary amendment proposals to the DOPT and the UPSC in the case of Group A and Group B posts within six months from the date of issue of this Office Memorandum. They may also, simultaneously, take similar action in respect of Recruitment Rules for Group C and D posts, which are within their delegated powers. Appropriate action to update the Service Ruels for organized Group A, B Services,etc. shall also be taken up with DOPT / UPSC within a peroid of Six Months.
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

Sl.No. Grade Pay (from) Grade Pay (to) Minimum Qualifying Service for Promotion
1 1800 1900 Placement as per 6th CPC recommendations
2 1900 2000 3 Years
3 1900 2400 8 Years
4 2000 2400 5 Years
5 2400 2800 5 Years
6 2400 4200 10 Years
7 2800 4200 6 Years
8 4200 4600 5 Years
9 4200 4800 6 Years
10 4200 5400 8 Years
11 4200 6600 10 Years
12 4600 4800 2 Years
13 4600 5400 3 Years
14 4600 6600 7 Years
15 4800 5400 2 Years
16 4800 6600 6 Years
17 5400 6600 5 Years
18 6600 7600 5 Years
19 6600 8700 10 Years
20 7600 8700 5 Years
21 7600 8900 6 Years
22 8700 8900 2 Years
23 8700 10000 3 Years
24 8900 10000 2 Years
25 10000 12000 3 Years
26 12000 HAG+Scale 1 Year
27 12000 Apex scale 2 Years
28 HAG+Scale Apex scale 1

vinay said...

Already ten months from the date of Sixth pay commission, still there is no upgradation of Grade pay, Please consider New recruits and grant 1.86 *6500.

diljit wadhawan said...

Read lots of comments. Inspite of Supreme Courts Verdict in Ram Sarup Ganda & others vs. UOI that if two persons in an identical grade one gets ACP and the other does not { because of being a promotee} then, refund will not be asked from one getting ACP but, stepping up of the senior to that with his junior will be mandatory. This has been nullified by the MACPS by insertion of a clause that such anomaly does not exist.

Previously we were fighting with a demon called caste based identification. Now the officers have to face the discreminition based on the way they have joined the department i.e. in which post. Irrespective of the fact that ACP was not in existence when the officers joined the department through SSC nor they were aware that a salary differentiation would be meeted out to them. So friends inspite of doing same work and putting in same length of service in same grade one gets higher perks, better travelling fares, better pension/family pension and better recognition at the expense of his poor cousin. This is what is Democracy! Sitting in air conditioned chambers one does not understand the divide and rule policy being meeted out on poor Inspectors!