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Our All India President had expressed his views immediately after issuance of MACP, we are sorry we could not publish it on time.


The DOPT finally notified the modified ACP scheme on 19.05.2009. The expectation, though not so convincing, that the MACP would retain the principle of the 99 ACP scheme that the up gradation would be to the grade pay of the hierarchical post, as demanded by staff side, stands negated as the government stuck to their original decision. The MACP gives me certain mixed feelings – good & bad.

The cardinal purpose of MACPS and 99 ACPS are different. While ACPS sought to grant two promotions on non-functional basis, MACPS seeks to grant 3 FR 22 fixations in a career. The grade pay that would accrue on application of MACPS differs from person to person and is dependant of the career graph of the incumbent. Only one thing is constant – 3 FR 22 fixations. The illustrative chart appended to MACPS OM makes this abundantly clear. The chart shows the career progression of 3 persons, all of who joined service in the grade pay of Rs. 1900/-. The 1st person reached the grade pay of Rs. 4200/- after moving up three stages; the 2nd reached Rs. 4600/- after moving up 4 stages and the 3rd person reached Rs. 4200/- after moving up 4 stages. But all of them received 3 FR 22 fixations.

MACPS treats Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/- in PB 2 & PB 3 as different grades and this would hamper an Inspector’s prospects to reach the Grader Pay of Rs. 6600/- in the 30th year.

Now lets see what would happen in CBEC where a PO gets his 1st promotion in the 9th year, 2nd promotion in 23rd year and an Inspector who gets his 1st and only promotion in the 18th year.

Preventive Officer Inspector

Initial GP Rs. 4200/- Initial GP Rs. 4200/-

8th year Rs. 4800/- & fixation 10th Year Rs. 4600/- & fixation
(on promotion) (on MACP)

12th year Rs. 5400/- (PB2)w/o fixation 18th Year Rs. 4800/- without fixation
(on NFHG) (on promotion)

18th year Rs. 5400/-(PB3) & fixation 20th year Rs. 5400/-(PB2) & fixation
(on MACP) (on MACP)

23rd year Rs. 5400/- (PB3) w/o fixation 30th year Rs. 5400/- (PB3) & fixation
(on promotion) (on MACP)

30th year Rs. 6600/- & fixation
(on MACP)
or on the 28th year as Dy Commr.

An Inspector does have a hope to reach the Grade Pay of Rs. 6600/- if we succeed in our ongoing efforts to obtain Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/- for ACP recipient Inspectors also. For that matter the MACPS OM buttresses our demand. Paragraph 6.2 of the Annexure to MACPS OM reads as follows:

“In cases where financial up gradation had been granted to Government servants in the next higher scale in the hierarchy of their cadre as per the provisions of the ACP Scheme of August, 1999, but whereas as a result of the implementation of Sixth CPC’s recommendations, the next higher post in the hierarchy of the cadre has been upgraded by granting a higher grade pay, the pay of such employees in the revised pay structure will be fixed with reference to the higher grade pay granted to the post.”

The Section II of Part C to Schedule I of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 give the list of posts to which a higher replacement scale has been granted and the post of Superintendent is included.

Para 9 of the OM would belie the fears of the post 01.01.2006 ACP recipients Inspectors who are facing the onslaught of PAO. OM is categorical that upto 31.08.08, 99 ACPS would rule the roost.

Since MACPS is overlooking promotions among pre-revised scales 5000-8000, 5500-9000 & 6500-10500, an Inspector who started the career as LDC also would stand to benefit.

Arun Zachriah.P
President, A.I.C.E.I.A


manimohan said...

The MACPS has made it all the more imperative on the part of the Inspectors who obtained ACP to be granted the higher non-selection pay on completion of 4 years. Further the heartburn of the seniors in the cadre of Supdts could be taken care of only by making the GP of PB-3 as 6000/- instead of 5400/-. The task can be accomplished only by a concerted effort by both organisations.


jayan said...

It's high time we start thinking & reacting about our career prospects in an organised & more purposeful manner with all out efforts from each one of us.
Jaikishan, Cbe

Anonymous said...

v dont want acp scheme in its present form.

the ACP scheme was launched by 5th CPC with motive to compensate employees who didnt get regular promotion in their career.
the word ACP stands for 'Assured Career Promotion', n rationale of the scheme is the CG employees shud get acp in case of not getting regular promotion (may b due to lack of vacancies in higher post in the deptt). so under the scheme, instead of getting the post of promotion in the hierarchy in department, he is supposed to b given the acp benefit in all aspects attached with that higher post, except for actual position/promotion attached to that post. such benefits include payscale/grade pay, etc.

now if, the MACP is accepted then, the concept of acp scheme itself gets derailed. examples of such derailment r like this.
1) inspectors of central excise getting 4200 gp, gets promotion to post of superintendent in gp of 4800. but under macp, inspectors not getting actual promotion, wud get macp benefit with gp of just 4600 n not that of promotional post.
2) similarly, inspectors getting acp/macp, without getting actual promotion in post of superintendent, is denied the benefit of financial upgradation to gp of 5400 even after completion of 4 years in gp of 4800.
now where is the rationale of giving him the ‘ASSURED” promotion under the macp scheme. when the word used is ‘assured promotion’, then he shud get the gp of promotional post (n not the intermediary gp of 4600). n if the acp inspectors completing 4 years of service r denied the gp 5400, or not getting gp of 4800 on macp, then it implies that those inspectors hvnt got any ‘so-called’ assured promotion.

Accepting this macp scheme itself is an insult to the concept of assured promotion. else, remove the word 'promotion' from the said scheme.

all associations or anybody, plz get the same challenged in any forum like in CAT or even court of law, WP in high court for clarifying the meaning of Assured promotion in MACP scheme.