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Recent Developments

Posted by Secretary General on 3/02/2009 02:52:00 PM with 14 comments
9th of February 2009 we met Alok Saxena, Director (IC), at North Block, New Delhi.We have submitted our representation on the pay scale of Rs. 7450/- and on 1.1.1996 issue, the Director is totally negative on these two issues:
His arguments for these two issues are as follows:
· The director is of the opinion that Inspectors’ won’t have any feeder cadre, Sr. Tax assistant after exercising options only they go to Inspectors, if they seat idly in their chair then also they will get promotion to the level of A.O.
· Sr. Tax Assistants are allowed to get promotion to the grade of Inspector for career prospect.
· In Section C part-II the name of Inspector is there as 4200/- grade Pay so the clause of the Section -‘C’ Part-I is not applicable to Inspectors of Central Excise.
Our Argument was:
· If seating idly in their chairs Sr. T. A. supposed to become A.O. then why the grade Pay of A.O. and Sr. T.A. are same?
· If Inspectors’ won’t have any feeder cadre then for what reason the senior-Tax Assistants are allowed to seat in examination for promotion to the grade of Inspectors.
· Career prospect is defined by an employee’s financial improvement, if the employee does not enjoy financial improvement due to promotion, then the concept of career prospect bears no meaning.
· In Section-‘C’ Part-II there is no mention of the Inspectors of Central Excise and Customs this Part only have the names of those Grades whose pay have been upgraded to Rs. 7450/- or Rs. 7500/- from Rs. 6500/- and the Section ‘C’ part-I is very much applicable to the Inspectors of Central Excise and Customs and the concept Ministry of Expenditure is propagating is not right.
On revision of the date of effect of the revised Pay Scale from 01.01.1996 we have submitted our representation and no argument was took place.
On 10.02.2009 we have discussed with the J.S. (Admn.) on the following issues:
1. Restoration of the pay scale of Inspectors as provided by revised pay-rules in the grade Pay of 4600/-
2. To give notional effect without arrears the revised pay scale from 01.01.1996
3. To stop uniform allowance in Central Excise and Service-Tax and for Customs proper uniform allowances should be given.
4. To give local travel expenses to the Inspectors of Central Excise
5. To give Rummaging allowances to the Inspectors of central Excise
We have demanded that our Board Chairman should explore the possibility of meeting Secretary (Expenditure) for the first two issues, for the fourth issue we have submitted the relevant documents of CBDT.
On 11th of February attended the XXVIIth conference of Income –Tax and it was discussed there that if the Government is not inclined to change the pay-scale of Inspectors of Central Excise, Customs and Income-Tax then a strike has to be organised very soon.
On 12th and on 13th of February, 2009 interacted with the members and leadership of Mumbai, Spoken to General Secretary of Mumbai and explored the possibility of increasing membership in Mumbai and conducting convention for preparation of new committee.
Recently on 24th of February owing to an emergency call from Delhi we reached Delhi along with some renowned national leaders from West Bengal to meet Hon’ble Minister Sri Pranab Mukherjee , we have submitted our representation to Hon’ble Minister Sri Pranab Mukherjee on the following points which are well known to you :
1. The anomaly in the pay scale consequent to the merger of 3 pay scales by the CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 thereby placing the feeder cadre of Senior Tax Assistant and the promotional cadre of Inspector in the same grade pay.
2. The denial of notional fixation with effect from 01.01.1996 in the pre-revised scale of Rs. 6500-10500/-. The scale was granted on 21.04.04 in order to restore historical parity of pay scales with Inspectors of CBI & IB.
3. To review the clarification issued by DOE to CBEC denying the non-functional grade pay of Rs. 5400/- after 4 years service in the grade pay of Rs. 4800/- to ACP recipient Inspectors.

On 27th February we have come to know that Hon’ble Minister has already made one reference to the Expenditure Ministry and the Ministry of expenditure is likely to hold a meeting with the Association within a short while.
The A.I.C.E.I.A Chandigarh circle is discharging their duty diligently and honestly, trying to give this cadre some ray of hope at this critical juncture.

Kousik Roy


S.S. Meena said...

Appriciable efforts are made by the association. All the points raised by association are genuine and legally justifiable and correct.

The matter should be taken up with the concerned ministry/board strongly and consistantly, if there is need of any kind of support, all are ready to give at the utmost. But message should be communicated well within time.

Life said...

I would like to attract attention to the Implementation Cell's letter F. No. 22/2/2008-IC.II dated 30.10.08, in reply to question raised by Manoj Kumar under RTI Act. whether Para (2) of the letter is not applicable in our case. which clearly speaks about merger of three pay scales viz. 5000-6000, 5500-9000, and 6500-10500, into the revised pay band of PB -2, 9300-34300 with grade pay of Rs. 4600/. Which is in accordane with recommendations of the sixth pay commission.

Zonal Unit of DRI Ahmedabad, has fixed the scales of Inspectors, with the grade pay of Rs. 4600/-.

Please take up the matter with the Ministry in light of above.

Anyway hats off to your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Good work. Hope for the best. But real problem lies in promotion abnormalities varying from state to state and within the state in comparison to PO & examiner. Had the Inspectors of Central Excise got promotion as compared to PO & examiner, the grade pay is granted without the usual problem of ACP differentiation.
Kindly think on this aspect.

Anonymous said...

The line of action of AICEIA, Chandigarh may be given in the site

Secretary General said...

If you want some communications in detail kindly mail me, it is not always possible to upload the communications we are doing with the Ministry and Board,

Unknown said...

I would like to attract the attention of association to an Office Memorandum No.A-31016/3/99-Ad.I (B) dated 31.10.2002 issued by Ministry of Home Affairs in regard to granting of present ACP’s which states that all its formations /cadre officials in various grades including LDC, UDC, Assistant, Steno Grade ‘D’, Steno Grade ‘C’ be granted ACP after completion of 12/24 years of regular service and the regular service in this regard be counted from the 1st July of the year following the year of examination. In other words, the regular service in respect of direct recruitment will commence from the 1st July of the year following the year of examination and not from the date of appointment as in practice at present and in respect of seniority quota/departmental examination candidates, the regular service will commence from the 1st July of the Select List year in which they have been included.
This OM had been issued after the MHA had received clarification from Establishment (D) of DOPT and was accordingly implemented.
On enquiry it was learned that ministerial staff in the CBEC have also got their ACP implemented by citing the above OM issued by MHA. On asking that why the same is not being implemented for Central Excise and Customs field formations, it was informed that since the said OM is for CSS/CSSS services in different ministries of Govt. of India, the same cannot be implemented for other services. On further asking and explaining that we also come under one of the ministries of Govt. of India and its department it was informed that the CBEC is yet to decide the definition of regular service for the purpose of granting ACP and is undecided on the file since long where as DOPT had longtime back decided the definition of regular service for the purpose of granting ACP to its staff because all the staff under it also falls in CSS/CSSS services and also that they are the ones who decide on these matters and frame the policies.
And only after getting to know this, it clicked to me that why in this pay commission the increment month has been chosen as July because all those in CSS/CSSS services get their increment in the month of July (courtesy the Above said OM dated 31.10.2002 due to which their ACP got implemented on 1st July of the year following the year of examination).
The association is therefore requested to take the matter to Board and press upon them to implement the said OM issued by the MHA based on the clarification of Establishment (D) of DOPT in case of our department as well because the policies cannot be exclusively for the CSS/CSSS services only. If it happens, the ACP of most of us will be preceded by at least a year. My email address is I have got the copy of OM dated 31.10.2002 and shall provide if needed, however the text of Office Memorandum No.A-31016/3/99-Ad.I (B) dated 31.10.2002 is as under:-

No.A-31016/3/99-Ad.I (B)
Government of India/Bharat Sarkar
Ministry of Home Affairs/Grih Mantralaya
New Delhi, Dated: 31.10.2002


Subject:- Grant of financial upgradation to the cadre officials of MHA under the Assured Career Progression Scheme- Date of effect- reg.

The undersigned is directed to state that the cadre officials in various grades including LDC, UDC, Assistant, Steno Grade ‘D’, Steno Grade ‘C’ have been accorded with financial upgradation under the ACP scheme after completion of 12/24 years of regular services. For the purpose of calculating the 12/24 years of regular service, this ministry has so far been taking the date of actual appointment in service as the date of commencement of the regular service and accordingly ACP benefit has been given on completion of 12/24 years from the date of actual appointment in the respective grade. However, DOPT, Establishment-D have now clarified that for the purpose of ACP scheme, the regular service will have to be the same as counted for regular promotion and that the regular service/residency service will have to commence from the 1st July of the year following the year of examination. In other words, the regular service in respect of direct recruitment will commence from the 1st July of the year following the year of examination and in respect of seniority quota/departmental examination candidates, the regular service will commence from the 1st July of the Select List year in which they have been included. It has therefore, become essential to review all cases of ACP upgradation and predate/postpone the date accordingly.

2. All the Cadre Units are requested to kindly review all cases of financial upgadation under ACP scheme given to the cadre officials posted in their respective Cadre Units and provide the information in the revised proforma taking the 1st July of the appropriate year as the date of commencement of regular service and accordingly indicate the date of completion of 12/24 years respectively. This information may kindly be provided at the earliest so that the revised orders of financial upgradation under ACP scheme could be issued by the Cadre Controlling Authority in respect of these officials.

(T.J. Banerjee)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
Tel: 3094422
All Cadre Units

Paramjit Singh said...

Can u please tell me how much grade pay of Inspector is being paid at your commissionerate?

Customs Amritsar have fixed grade pay as 4200/-.

If it is required to be enhance please arrange to supply me relevant instruction.


Anonymous said...

regarding the fate of inspectors of central excise i like to share one tragic story:
There were two friends doing their post graduation in an university where Ram* was topper in the graduation and Shyam* was the 2nd topper.Both of them appeared for the civil services as well as the SSC exam for inspectors of C.Ex, P.O . Both of them could not clear UPSC in their 1st chance however Ram could clear the SSC exam and got the offer from central excise. Shyam could not clear even this exam. Ram's family financial position forced him to join the job after the PG but shyam kept on trying for the civil service by joining a coaching institute in Delhi and in his 3rd attempt he could clear the UPSC & got offer from Central Excise & Customs. Now the irony of the fact is that Ram the university topper is yet to get a promotion and still working as inspector but shyam ( 2nd topper who even could not clear SSC) after joining the department after two years got three promotion and now working as Additional Commissioner. Ram in his whole service career may get just a single promotion to the post of superintendent and shyam will get at least three more promotions. Why such a descrimination when the qualification of an inspector and Commissioner or even chairman is same? (*Actual name withheld)

S.K. Mahendra Varman said...

To A.I.C.E.I.A office bearers,

We Appreciate the efforts made by the association.

We are ready to offer our the utmost support to the association.

To me it appears even if the expediture ministry won't agree that TA is feeder cadre, we can seek interms of functional considerations. since it is mentioned that
"As regards other posts, the posts in these three scales should be merged. In case it is not feasible to merge the posts in these pay scales on functional considerations, the posts in the scale of Rs.5000-8000 and Rs.5500-9000 should be merged, with the post in the scale of Rs.6500-10500 being upgraded to the next higher grade in pay band PB-2 i.e. to the grade pay of Rs.4600 corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.7450-11500".

Sanjit Modak said...

Thanks for the update. Our assoiation is doing excellent job and the only need of the hour is support.... we are behind you. Pl. keep it up.

Sanjit Modak said...

Dear Shri Kousik,

Pl. forward your e.mail address.
Do not you think we should have an independent web site?

Unknown said...

Halo Sir,
I m not member of this association. I have been selected as a central excise inspector through CGLM-2006. I have not yet joined.I think there is a procedure of abt a Year for this.We have created a community in orkut to help each other(all the candidates selected as cen ex insp) during the after procedure of selection..
I need a help frm u..
Sir, Can u tell me abt inter zonal transfers.After allotment of zones to fresh candidates(inspectors), if they want to get transfered to there home state..then wht r the possibilites n procedure ...?
Sir u r most welcome to our community..

We need ur guidance Sir..We will be happy if u come there..
My id is

manish said...

Serious repercussions of denial of grade pay of 4600/- to the Inspectors of C.Ex

The denial of upgradation of Inspectors to the prevised basic of 7450/- will result in serious repercussions after implementation of new ACP scheme. The said scheme at the time of financial up gradation, proposes to grant immediate next grade pay in the hierarchy of the revised pay bands. Thus in cases where the regular promotion is not between two successive grades(applicable to case of Inspector of C.Ex), the grade pay available at the time of up gradation will be different from what is available at the time of promotion. That means on financial up-gradation after 10 years , an Inspector of C.Ex will be granted grade pay of Rs 4600/- being the immediate next grade pay (after present grade pay of 4200/-) in the hierarchy of the revised pay band and the grade pay of the promotion post of Superintendent (Rs 4800/-)will be available only at the time of actual promotion , which may take another 10 to 12 twelve years. In case actual promotion to the post of Superintendent does not come before 10 years from first ACP , the grade pay of superintendent will be available on second ACP. Thus what was available in 12 years in old ACP scheme may not be available till 20 years of service in new ACP scheme. In the old scheme the pay of promotion post was available in 12 years(after one ACP) , in the new it will be available at the time of actual promotion or on completion of 20 years of service which ever is earlier. The new ACP scheme is an eyewash at least for inspectors given the present scenario where the actual promotion to the post of superintendent does not come before 22 to 23 years. The new ACP scheme is farce for the post of Inspector of C.EX,Customs and Income Tax wherein it will take three ACPs(thirty years) to get the pay of Asst.Commr as against 24 years in the present scheme. In such situation only at the third ACP or four years after actual promotion to the post of Superintendent/appraiser, one will get financial upgradation of the post of Asst.Commr (grade pay of .5400/-). ( Though the scheme is not yet notified , the same has been applied in two cases of Ratnagiri Dn under Pune Customs, wherein at the time of fixation of pay after ACP ,instead of granting grade pay of 4800/- corresponding to promotion post of Superintendent ,we have been given grade pay of 4600/-.) In view of the above the matter of up gradation of Inspectors to the grade pay 4600/- gains more significance and should be pursued seriously with Anomaly Committee/Implementation cell

G Venky said...

Any progress on the developments that were posted in this site on 09.03.2008. Why is the site not updated with the latest information. Is there really any progress or the issues has been put on hold due to elections?