Thursday, February 5, 2009

Structure of Anomaly Committee

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Thursday, February 5, 2009
Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) to settle the Anomalies arising out of the implentationof the 6th CPC recommendations:
The DoP&T has been released an order... Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) to settle the anomalies arising out of the implementation of 6th CPC recommendations.

Government of India

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions

Department of Personnel & Training

JCA Section



Dated the 12th January, 2009 Subject:- Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) to settle the Anomalies arising out of the implentationof the 6th CPC recommendations: In accordance with the instructions contained in this Department's OM of even number dated 12th January 2009, it has been decided to set up, as indicated below, the Anomaly Committee of the National Council (JCM) consisting of representatives of the Official Side and the Staff Side to settle any anomalies arising out of the implementation of the 6th CPC recommendations:-

1. Secretary, Chairman Deptt. of Pers. & Trg.
2. Member (Staff) Rly. Board.
3. Secretary, Deptt. of Telecommunication.
4. Secretary, Deptt. of Posts.
5. Financial Adviser (Defence) Ministry of Defence.
6. Joint Secretary, (Pers) Ministry of Finance.
7. Joint Secretary, Deptt. of Personnel & Trg.
8. Deputy Secretary (JCA), Deptt. of Personnel & Trg.

1. Shri. U.M. Pruohit
2. Shri. M.Raghavaiah
3. Shri. Rakhal Das Gupta
4. Shri. R.P.Bhatnagar
5. Shri. Guman Singh
6. Shri. C.Srikumar
7. Shri. S.K.Vyas
8. Shri. Ch.Sankara Rao
9. Shri. K.S.Murty
10. Shri. R.Srinivasan
11. Shri. K.K.N.Kutty
12. Shri. S.G.Mishra

The working of the Committee would be in terms of the conditions laid down in this Department's OM dated 12th January 2009 mentioned above.

Sd/-(Dinesh Kapil
Deputy Secretary to the Govt. of India


Kuldeep Singh said...

Is there any time limit prescribed for this anomaly committee to complete it;s job?

Srinivas Prasad said...

committee has too many officers from both sides that to from different departments. is it possible to put all frogs in one basket at the same time ?. when is the committee meeting ?

srayalu said...

When is the first meeting of commitee

G Venky said...

Kindly refer to Board's Clarification F. No. A.26017/98/2008-Ad.II.A dated 11.02.2009 wherein the Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/- for ACP Inspectors have been rejected. Sad News. Will the association do something on this gross injustice.

Unknown said...

CBEC vide its clarification dted 11/02/09 once again proved its gross indifference towards Inspectors community by rejecting the legitimate demand of Rs.5400/- GP ot ACP Inspectors. It is high time that
Association initiate legal action to safeguard the interest of ACP Inspectors without further approaching the BOARD.

பெசொவி said...

Any news regarding Grade pay of 4600 for inspectors?

Ashutosh said...

May we know the action contemplated or initiated by the asso. against Board's whimsical letter regarding 5400 grade pay?

Ashutosh said...

Hi all,
Surprisingly there is no news about association taking any step in the matter of 5400 At least the blog should be updated periodically. May we expect some news within this FY?

vinay said...

Now MCM (4500 pre revised scale is also getting 4200 GP. What is the fate of Inspectors with prerevised 6500?????

Please think and fight for the cause

AICEIA Malda & Raiganj Unit said...