Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Action Taken Report to be presented by the
      Secretary General, AICEIA in the
                  Special Convention in Chennai
On 20th November, 2018:-

Respected President and my dear Comrades,

I take this opportunity to welcome you all for this Special Convention and I place on record my sincere thanks to Chennai unit for having made arrangements for this convention in such a hospitable manner. It is the second and brief Action Taken Report of the National Executive Committee of All India Body which came into existence in XXth Convention of AICEIA held on 12th & 13th January, 2018 at Mumbai. This ATR contains the progress report of activities undertaken by the AICEIA within a very short span of time i.e. from the CEC meeting of Bodhgaya to till date.

Organisational Issues:
                   The primary organisational work includes membership drive, deduction of subscription from salary in time, collection of DDO certificates, proper election of the body, conducting regular meeting etc. Some zones are functionally up to date in the above-mentioned activities but situation of some other zone are really grim. The new members have becoming reluctant to join association due to non function of the existing zonal body.
          Very recently New Circle has been formed in Pune which is definitely a good sign in terms of the organizational aspect of the association.
          Two proposals had been floated in the last CEC meeting held at Bodhgaya from ‘Lucknow zone’ and ‘Kandra and Mundra zone’ regarding the formation of new Circle.  A proposal of reorganization of Lucknow branch with other five circles in UP along with consent of members of that zones has been placed before the CEC held in Bodhgaya on 05.10.2018. Lucknow zone has proposed that they wanted to form a new circle comprising of total number of five executive Commissionerates namely Lucknow, Allahabad, Agra, Kanpur and Varanasi. In a same manner, Kandra-Mundra zone has also suggested to form a new circle comprising of three executive Commissionerates there. Both the proposals had been placed in the CEC meeting at Bodhgaya which is to be passed in this Convention for successful implementation of the proposals.
          Whole day Dharna programme has been observed by the members of this association across the country very successfully on 30.10.2018 for unethical ban on ICT and also for issuance of draconian Circular on ICT dated 20.09.2018. After completion of successful dharna programme, some authorities issued notice to the unit General Secretary for clarifications. The indication of successful observance of the whole day dharna is definitely a good sign pertaining to the strong fabrics of the organization which will ultimately and definitely facilitate to hold the solidarity and unity high of the members of the AICEIA.

          Notice for the Special Convention in Chennai has been issued by the undersigned. The said notice had been issued on the basis of the proposal made by the Chennai zone and supported by more than 2/3 members present in the CEC meeting of Bodhgaya.
Relations with other Fraternal Organisations:

After taking over the charge at the XXth Convention at Mumbai, we felt the urgency of having a proper brotherly relationship with other sister associations within the CBEC (Now CBIC), the Revenue and other CG employee organisations.  Towards that we have undertaken efforts to build up our relations with them.
Keeping in mind the above obligation this association has extended the moral support to agitations called by Ministerial Officers Associations and Lunch Hour Demonstration called by the Superintendent Association which will definitely strengthen the relationship between the sister organisations.
An ‘Inspector based Federation’ has been formed in Patna on 07.10.2018 comprising various sister organizations like Superintendent Associations and promotee IRS associations for  placing our common demands to the authority and for fighting hand in hand against the high handedness of the administration at various level to snatch the legitimate and long pending demands of the constituent Associations.
Pay Anomaly Issue:
During the meeting with Member (Admin) on 17.01.2018 we placed our demand for pay parity with Inspector, CBI & IB which existed since the 3rd CPC.  We explained that it is evident from the Para 11.35.20 of 7th CPC, that this pay commission recommended for the upgradation of Grade pay of Inspector CBI from 4600 to 4800, so earlier it was never upgraded. The 7th CPC perturbed the historical parity. Lastly Member(Admin) verbally accepted our arguments and agreed to consider our demand as anomaly.
Then again we attended 2nd meeting of Departmental Anomaly Committee on 24.05.2018 with the Additional Secretary (Revenue). We stated that after anomaly created by 5th CPC the OM 6/37/98 dated 21.04.2004 brought the parity between Inspector Central Excise and Inspector CBI. Then 6th CPC recommended the merger of the three pre-revised scale of Rs. 5000-8000, Rs. 5500-9000 and Rs. 6500-10500 and replaced them by the revised pay structure of grade pay of Rs. 4200/- in the pay band PB-2(For Inspector Central Excise). But they gave specific recommendations of granting higher grade pay of Rs. 4600 to Inspector of CBI. Again in 2009 the grade pay for Inspector of Central Excise was upgraded to Rs. 4600/- vide O.M. No. 1/1/2008-IC dated 13.11.2009.
Now, 7th CPC again disturbed the horizontal parity between two cadres by recommending the scale for Inspector of CBI as Rs. 47600 i.e. replacement scale for grade pay 4800 and keeping the scale of Inspector of Central Excise as Rs. 44900 i.e. replacement scale for grade pay 4600/-.
These facts clearly depict that the employees of the revenue department have been deprived at every step. We placed our demand strongly in every meeting with a request to rectify the injustice done to the Inspector of Central Excise due to the erroneous interpretation of 7th CPC.
Very recently one letter has been issued on 12.11.2018 by the undersigned to the Chairman, CBIC, North Block, New Delhi regarding clarification regarding Minutes of the 3rd meeting of Departmental Anomaly Committee held under the Chairmanship of Special Secretary (Department of Revenue) on 04.10.2018. In the said letter it has been well clarified that Gp 5400 (PB-2) and GP 5400 (PB-3) correspond to the pay level 9 and 10 respectively in pay matrix table of 7th CPC and therefore if GP of inspector of Central Excise is upgraded from 4600 to 4800 then question of perturbation of vertical hierarchy does not arise.
Cadre Restructuring-Meeting with DGHRD:
The main aim of cadre restructuring is to enhance the career progress of the employees. Being the most stagnated cadre in Finance Ministry we submitted our proposals and attended a meeting with different officials of DGHRD. During that meeting they requested us to give solutions to our long pending problems and accordingly this Association has submitted its proposals. Very recently some inputs related to ongoing Cadre Restructuring had been forwarded to available email address of  each and every General Secretary and President of units for their knowledge and information and keeping them abreast of the latest developments of the current situation.
Local Issues:
Whenever local issues required the attention and intervention of the National Body, we have taken them up and acted upon them.
I once again placed on record my sincere thanks to all the circles who have been working with full effort/co-operation and all the office bearers and volunteers of Chennai Unit (Host unit) for arranging the meeting in such a cordial and beautiful manner.

                                                                             Anubhuti Chatterjee
                                                                                Secretary General

DAY-1 OF THE CEC MEETING (05.10.2018)
Session-I (Inaugural Session):-
The inaugural session was started with the welcome of all the Hon’ble guests and the delegates by the anchor in the Meeting. The following guests were present in the meeting.
1) Hon’ble Chief Guest Shri Shiv Pratap Shukla 2) Hon’ble Member of Parliament Shri Sushil Kumar Singh, 3) Hon’ble MLC Shri Krishna Kumar Singh, 4) Hon’ble Commissioner Shri Ranjit Kumar, CGST & CX, Patna-I, 5) Hon’ble Senior Monk Shri Dinanand Bhantey, Mahabodhi Temple.
Inaugural session of the meeting started with the lighting of lamp by the Hon’ble Guests and after that bouquet was gifted by the members of the AICEIA to the Hon’ble Guests. Thereafter all the guests as mentioned above delivered their valuable speech. After that Mementoes and shawls were presented to the Hon’ble Guests on behalf of the AICEIA. Finally national anthem was played and the inaugural session has been concluded.
Session –II (Business Session) :-
At first President of AICEIA addressed the delegates by welcoming them and the Business Session started:-
President of AICEIA started the session (Closed) mentioning that office bearers are very much active in the whatsapp group but not so active in real field. No suggestion has been given by anybody in an effective manner. So there are so many burning issues which must be resolved by hook by crook. The members of AICEIA only criticize the AIB but no solutions have been given by them. He pointed out that there should have been meeting of the AIB in this 10 months tenure. He also mentioned that some members are active in the whatsapp Group but they are not coming in the meeting. He pointed out that all the Vice Presidents and Joint Secretaries will be given chance to share their views in the meeting. Thereafter he requested Comrade Shri Anubhuti Chatterjee, Secretary General of AICEIA to place the minutes of the Mumbai Convention before the House.
Shri Anubhuti Chatterjee, Secretary General, first requested everybody for one minute condolence for paying homage to all the martyrs of 1968 strike who sacrificed their life for the cause of the Central Government Employees and all the past leaders of CG Employees movement. Thereafter the SG briefly discussed the minutes of the meeting in Mumbai Convention. He told that Shri Shiv Pratap Shukla, MOS (Finance) came in the meeting but unable to produce rather compelled not to produce the grievances of the Inspector Cadre before him. He pointed out that, he was debarred from speaking for putting forth the grievances of the most stagnated cadre in the CBIC which is very unfortunate and shameful. He mentioned that the President of AICEIA told him that no memorandum can be submitted to Shri Shiv Pratap Shukla, MOS (Finance). But fortunately he tried his level best and finally submitted the memorandum to the MOS (Finance) and Hon’ble Shri Shiv Pratap Shukla pleasantly accepted the same.
After that Comrade Shri Anubhuti Chatterjee, Secretary General, AICEIA started discussing on ATR. He thanked everybody first and then submitted his secretary’s Report. The Secretary General discussed the broad points of the Action Taken Report. In continuation he mentioned the following areas of concern:-
Ø  Members are not coming though they are active in the various Group. DDO Certificate is very important. Without Zonal formation, AIB is nothing.
Ø  Persuasions are going on for DDO subscription. Abolition of any unit is not the solution.
Ø  Bangalore unit has been formed which is a very good sign for the organizational point of view of the AICEIA and also an ADHOC Committee has been formed in Chandigarh.
Ø  Regarding N R Parmer no concrete decision is coming from the Board.
Ø  Association is giving top priority on ICT. We should go on agitation unitedly and vehemently on ICT issue.
Ø  Inner sense must come then only Association will be strong.
Ø  Association will definitely pursue for implementation of pay parity OM.
Ø  Pending DPC in Hyderabad, Patna and Vadodara (partially) has been conducted only because of the vigorous persuasion of the AIB.
Ø  Senior – Junior Clause should be implemented throughout the country.
Ø  Joint forum is going to be formed in Patna on 07.10.2018.
Ø  Programmes were initiated under the banner of COC throughout the country but not on full swing due to the organizational lacuna.
Ø  Root level campaign is required to strengthen the Association.
Ø  NPS abolition is a major issue. For that we participated in confederation programme. Our investment in NPS is under threat. Any time OPS can be converted to NPS. Pension is our demand not alms. Govt must give pension to its employees. So SG requested each and every body to come forward and be organized for NPS abolition and he also pointed out that we should go with other forum on NPS.
Ø  There were parity in pay between inspectors in CBI/IB and Central Excise Inspectors. But this time again anomaly has been cropped up. We submitted out resolution on pay anomaly. RS accepted out demand and requested the Board to submit the demand in a positive manner. Revenue Secretary told why not demanded before the 7th Pay Commission. SG replied very judiciously that how can anybody predict that the Pay Commission is going to hamper the pay parity between CBI/IB and Central Excise Inspectors.
Ø  On Cadre Restructuring issue all the resolutions have been complied and submission has been given to the DGHRD.
Ø  Ratio of Superintendent and inspectors must be okay throughout the country for mitigating the Zonal disparity.
Ø  Separate service is a solution for removing disparity. Instances were given for separate service.
Ø  Promotions in state are better than Centre. So State and Centre must be at par for promotional aspect. The no of Range must be equal for state and Centre. Proposals were given by CC Hyderabad very nicely on this issue. Cadre restructuring is the right time for career programme.
Ø  Attended the phone calls and resolved maximum issues over phone.
Ø  On Barabanki incidence letters were given by AIB to resolve the issue.

Thereafter President of AICEIA requested each unit one by one to discuss the Action Taken Report and Audited Accounts. He first requested all the office bearers of the ALL INDIA BODY to share their views.

Discussion on the Action Taken Report and Audited Accounts:-

Comrade Shri S.K. Gangte thanked Patna Circle for arrangement of the meeting. He pointed out that demands are going on since long but results are yet to come. AISL will resolve the seniority issue as well as the promotional aspect. ICT must be continued for welfare of our cadre. He agreed to ATR and audited accounts.

Comrade Shri Samiran Goswami, Organizing Secretary of AICEIA endorsed the ATR and thanked local unit for hosting the CEC Meeting.

Comrade Shri Deepesh G:- On behalf of AIB he told that we should fight for our demand. He mentioned the the Postal Department’s strike of 14 days for their demand. We are also facing the same thing. We should assess our work. Regarding ICT we should teach our Cadre what are the issues of ICT. We should support all the agitations for welfare of the Cadre. Letters must be in the Blog and he finally endorsed the ATR and audited accounts. He thanked Patna Circle.

Comrade Shri Chandan Kumar Singh, Vice President of East Zone thanked Patna Circle, endorsed the ATR. He pointed out that the association missed the chance to put forth the grievances of the inspector cadre before the Minister of State of Finance.

Comrade Shri P. P. Gupta pointed out that main function of the association will be on organizational front. He mentioned to promote good people in the association. Association is for the welfare of the cadre. He mentioned that DDOs are comparatively less in comparison to Cadre. Discussions must be done on ICT issues. N R Parmer judgment has not been implemented till date. We are weak because of internal weakness. We should be strong and work towards to strengthen the association.
Comrade Shri Dharen Pandey, Treasurer of AICEIA, (AIB) placed the audited accounts reports. He informed that new PAN has been obtained for AICEIA. He has given proposals for curtailment of the expenditure. He pointed out that it is very much unfortunate and shameful that minister had not listened to our grievances. Then President tried to give clarification but of no avail.

Comrade Shri Tushar thanked Patna Circle. He condemned the situation occurred in the morning session of the meeting. He extendes his full support in favour of ICT. He requested to attach the zones and not to destroy the zones. He also mentioned that to strengthen the association minister is not required.

Comrade Shri Pawan Kumar, General Secretary of Patna Circle told that unity is must as far as work in association is concerned. Assistance is required for every member. This is the Cadre restructuring time and this is very crucial for all the members of AICEIA. He mentioned that Cadre restructuring proposal must be routed through All India Body only. He emphatically told that ICT must be continued. He mentioned that Ex SG helped a lot to organize this meeting. He also requested AIB to support financially. Finally he apprised every members present in the meeting that everybody would get the chance to deliver their lectures.

Comrade Shri Laxman Chourasia , General Secretary  pointed out that everybody is tiger here. He pointed out that AISL must be done and ICT must be continued. He requested VP and JS to control the members and attach the units. He requested the AIB to pursue the matters continuously. He informed the House that Board is trying not to implement Matharoo Case. He urged before the house that Medical facility Should be cashless across the country. Subscription has been given to AIB. Uniform should not be for protocol duty only. Association supported the Lucknow issue to resolve the same. He praised the AIB by mentioning that Black Badge programme was successful only due to AIB. Finally he Endorsed the ATR.

Comrade Manoj Yadav, General Secretary thanked Patna unit for hosting the programme. He has given proposal for Curtailment of expenses and mentioned that ICT is a burning issue. He did not forget to thank Comrade Shri P P Gupta for his outstanding contribution in forming Chennai Zones. He unambiguously told that those who have come in the meeting are definitely serious and rest are not. Letters have been written from Chennai zone on various issues. He requested to AIB to attach every zone in the list. He vehemently condemned the situation occurred in the morning session of the meeting and told that SG should be allowed to speak otherwise no issue will be resolved. He has given proposal that ICT first then AISL. He has given proposal that Special Convention may be convened in Chennai for no confidence against R. P. Singh, President for his mis behaviour in the meeting and so many other reasons. He has informed that the special convention may be convened after the date of AGM of Chennai Zone i.e. the next date of the scheduled AGM of the Chennai Zone. He expressed his willingness to come to the AIB in near future.

Comrade Rajesh requested the President to resolve the issues. He told that Cashless medical facility and 1% incentive scheme need to be done. ICT must be continued. He condemned the morning incidence. Fund should be collected for AIB. All the units should come in the meeting. Office bearers should act promptly. He endorsed the ATR.

Comrade Shri Devendra Singh mentioned that if ICT banned by the BOARD then deputation / loan basis posting also must be stopped. ICT should be continued. Uniform should be scrapped.

Comrade Shri Sandip Garg, General Secretary mentioned that letters have been issued for one issue on ATR. AIB should not discourage anybody. Suggestion given for strike, pen down and these will support for agitation programme.

SG commented that strike is the only solution.

Thereafter, Comrade Manoj Yadav, General Secretary of Chennai Circle condemned the behaviour of the President. He and all other zones raised their hands for no confidence motion against the president of the AICEIA, Shri R. P. Singh. Comrade Manoj Yadav proposed that Special convention should be convened at the earliest in Chennai on the date just after the date of the scheduled AGM in Chennai Zone and all the units present supported the move. Thus the session of 05/10/2018 concluded.
DAY-2 OF THE CEC MEETING (06.10.2018)

Comrade Shri Deepesh G Condemned the OM banning of ICT by the Board. Agitation needs to be done like pen down etc. for demand. No of superintendents should be increased. Congratulate the AIB for DPC in Hyderabad. He endorsed the ATR.

He mentioned that why the female members are not in the meeting to avoid the chaos.

Comrade Shri Ashish Kumar thanked Patna Unit for arranging the meeting. He expects the progress of AICEIA. He is very much concerned about promotional aspect of the inspectors cadre. He informed that exploitation is going on for inspectors and  ICT must be continued. He suggested to pursue ICT on top priority. AISL must be implemented. Pay anomaly should be resolved. Expenditure must be curtailed. Concerned about DPC and thanked AIB. No clause for control Room duty. Uniform should be scrapped immediately. Impression is not good in the meeting. Decorum is important. He finally endorsed the ATR.

Comrade Shri Kumar Rahul mentioned that core strength of any association is organizational strength which is very important. He elaborated the constitutional back up for Association. Each and everybody should be given chance to speak. Revolution against dictatorial attitude. Fascism must be stopped. ICT is very important issue. Other issues must be continued. AISL pay parity. He apprised the house that accommodation is main problem in Mumbai. Inspectors are mentally harassed in Mumbai. Infrastructure is the main problem for the inspector cadre in Mumbai. Existing vacancy must be filled up in Cadre restructuring.

Comrade Shri Mahesh Kaler thanked Patna Unit for arranging the meeting. Strongly support AIB for the work done. He enquired about AISL. Why Board continuously pushing us to court for N R Parmer issue.  Pay anomaly must be resolved. Why we are in litigation for New Recruitment Rules. He was very much very concerned about Senior Junior Clause. Uniformity must be maintained for SR/JR clause. Enquired about Federation like constitution and participation. Infrastructure must be improved. Why we are supporting loan basis transfer posting. No provision for loan basis transfer. Cashless facility should be started. DPC for regular post should be initiated. Temporary post must be permanent. Thanked everybody.

Comrade Shri Suraj Kumar Nirala, VP of Rajkor Circle pointed out that the area of Kutch and Mundra should be come under Ahmedabad and not under Rajkot.  Thanked SG for his support. ICT is burning issue. ICT is very crucial for new members. Enquired about ICT i.e. actions taken by the AIB. Uniform should not be stopped. Thanked everybody. Rule should be followed for any situation.

Comrade shri S. K. Gangte mentioned that recent ICT Circular is very disheartening. Loan basis transfer is harmful and strongly opposed the same. He endorsed the ATR and audited accounts presented by the treasurer. Thanked Patna circle.

Comrade Shri Anurag Garv mentioned that support of AIB is required for organizational matter and for guidance of new association. He mentioned that there are so many issues but we are focussing only few. All issues must be addressed. Continuous effort for getting appointment needs to be done. He endorses AISL. Fixation of seniority is very crucial. ICT should be perused vigorously. He congratulated the AIB for resolving the pay anomaly. DPC should be conducted in every zones. Working strength is less and due to this so problem is going on. AIB should write letters for increased of sanctioned strength. He also informed that State GST  is far better than Centre counterpart on infrastructure issue. Board should consult AIB in all the issues. Thanked everybody.

Comrade Shri Ashoke Konda, General Secretary mentioned that subscription have been done and will be submitted to AIB. He requested SG to give guidance for promotion issue (eligibility or seniority). He has given suggestion that before Cadre restructuring previous problems faced by the inspectors cadre should be solved first. He supported the ICT.

Comrade Shri Santosh Kumar, General Secretary of West Bengal, Sikkim and Andaman Nikobar Circle first thanked Patna unit for arranging the meeting and everybody present in the meeting. He mentioned that we could not address the grievances to MOS which is very much unfortunate and shameful. Zonal grievances must be heard. He categorically mentioned that the President of AICEIA insulted the present SG by not allowing him to sit in the dais and not allowing him to speak in front of the MOS and ultimately calling him and debarred him from delivering his speech. Local MLC is what for, what benefit will come from MLC and he condemned the reference of Shri Samir Acharya by the President. He informed that President R P Singh is nothing in comparison to the President of West Bengal i.e. Samir Acharya. He told that power of president is only for 03 lines. Correspondences must be by SG only. Lateral entry is dangerous proposals which has been given by the President of AICEIA in the Cadre Restructuring letter forwarded to the DGHRd. He apprised the House that there are total 1700 members in west Bengal and all are members of the association. He was very much concerned that SG are not allowed to speak in the meeting which is very much unfortunate and not a good sing for the association. He requested that attachment is required not detachment. He condemned the self projection of some person. He has given some proposals like try to promote the new body, membership drive etc. He proposed for waiver of entry fee. He supported the AISL. He suggested for up gradation for promotion. NR parmer is burning issue for Kolkata. Resolution must be taken for implementation of N R Parmer , elaborated the Bharatan Case. ICT must be continued. Agitation must be conducted properly. Pay parity should be implemented as soon as possible. AISL first then RR.   Federation in Patna has to be formed. He elaborated about NPS and commented that NPS must be scrapped. Finally he concluded by saying that self welfare must be distanced for cadre welfare.

Thanked Patna circle for hosting the unit. Organization is very much required for association activities. He informed that for Democracy leaders are for the public, not for the self. He also told that leaders should respect the public feelings. He categorically condemned the letter written by President of AICEIA to CC of Lucknow, Meerut zone. He apprised the house that he himself has written letters to PMO for transfer issue. Finally CC met him for transfer issue and the issue was resolved. He enquired about the role of AIB for strengthening the Association. He vehemently condemned the letters written by president of AICEIA again. He condemned the mis utilization of power by the constitutional head of AIB i.e. the President of AICEIA. JCM meeting should be conducted and he told that letters have been written without the consent of AIB which is not good for the association.  ICT is burning issue. He Supported AISL. Enquired about why Matharoo case is not being implemented. Issues should be perused vigorously. Lenient view should be taken by AIB. He requested to suspend all the association who are against cadre. He told that initiative by local body is also required for DPC. He supported the No Confidence Motion against president of AICEIA as proposed by the General Secretary of Chennai zone. He also supported that the special convention may be convened in Chennai on the date just after the date of the scheduled AGM in Chennai Zone.

Comrade Shri Khuswawa suggested for unifications of three zones of lucknow zone. He requested for the intervention of the Secretary General and sought for necessary guidance for the said unifications. He also informed that for smooth functioning of the association activities, this unifications would be very helpful.

There after minister of agriculture came and he addressed the august house. Patna GS welcomes the guest and elaborated the issues.


The Secretary General of AICEIA then replied to all the queries and personal attack on him.
·         Do not use any word against president. There is no difference between the president and the Secretary General. The president himself has written a open letter against the SG and post the letter in other groups. All other members of the groups have condemned the event.
·         I have posted every letter in draft form in ALL INDIA BODY group in whatsapp for suggestion of the members, thereafter in AICEIA group and then only sent the same to the various authorities.
·         I have contacted the President regarding the letter of ICT that has to be forwarded to Board but president vehemently opposed that no need to forward the ICT letter at present.
·         There was no Dharna Programme, No agitation in Rajkot, Gujrat which is the area of President himself.
·         The president has not cooperated at all in any kind of programme undertaken by the AICEIA.
·         Told that he could not reply the message of whatsapp of the President in the day of preparing of cadre restructuring proposal because on that he was on journey from Asansole to Kolkata.
·         He briefed the Press.
·         He categorically mentioned that he was debarred from speaking in front of MOS (Finance) regarding the grievances of the inspector cadre which is very unfortunate and shameful. President told him that the association could not submit any memorandum to the MOS. But SG tried his level best to submit the memorandum to the MOS and the MOS very pleasantly has taken the same from the SG.
·         He mentioned that he shared every letters to the whatsapp group.
·         He did not copy and paste the Cadre Restructuring letter as claimed by the President. He just inserted few new points in the letter prepared by the President and  posted the same letter only by giving respect to the president.
·         Attended the meeting on Cadre Restructuring in Delhi and briefed the house that final submission has been made in 14/08/2018.
·         Informed the house that AISL should be our first demand.
·         Cease work, pen down should be our proposal in our demand during the agitation programme.
·         He briefly apprised the house regarding the issues of Lucknow Zone.
After that the Treasurer of AICEIA, Shri Dharen Kumar Pandey has given proposal for audit of Accounts on Financial Year Basis and briefed the house regarding receipts from the various zones.
After that, Comrade Shri Manoj Yadav, General Secretary of Chennai Zone proposed NO CONFIDENCE MOTION against President Shri R. P. Singh due to the following reason.
1) Written a letter to CC, Lucknow and CC, Meerut without consulting the committee members, against the present local inspectors’ Association in those zones in his individual capacity, thereby violated the Article 24(2) and 24(4) of the Constitution.
2) Written a letter to the Board regarding ‘Cadre Restructuring’ without consulting the Executive Committee again in violation of Article 24(2) of the Constitution.
3)  Disgraced the Secretary General, AICEIA in the Central Executive Committee meeting of the AICEIA held on 05.10.2018 at Bodh Gaya, Bihar by calling him to the podium and not letting him to deliver his speech in front of the chief guest.
4) Concluded the Central Executive Committee meeting of the AICEIA held on 05.10.2018 at Bodh Gaya, Bihar unilaterally without taking the consent of the SG or the delegates present.
5) Moved out in the midst of the Central Executive Committee meeting of the AICEIA held on 05.10.2018 at Bodh Gaya, Bihar without informing the August House.
6) President declined to attend the meeting on being requested repeatedly by the host unit and other delegates to do the same.
Thus it appears that Shri R. P. Singh, the President of the AICEIA has misused and abused his position and has worked against the interest of the Association and cadres thereby rendering himself to face a No Confidence Motion, as per Article 37 (1) of the Constitution.
The house approved the No confidence Motion against the President as proposed by the Chennai Zone and Proposal has been given by the Chennai Zone to convene a special convention in Chennai on the date just after the date of the scheduled AGM in Chennai Zone. More than 2/3 members present in the meeting signed and ratified the proposal of No Confidence Motion against Shri R. P. Singh, President of AICEIA. It was decided in the CEC meeting that a notice will be issued by the Secretary General very soon for special Convention in Chennai on the date just after the date of the schedule AGM of Chennai Zone.
The whole house accepted the minutes of the Mumbai Convention, ATR, Audit Report at the end of the session.
                 Mementoes were presented to all the delegates as a token of remembrance. Thereafter the president declared the closure of the last session of convention.
All India Body