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Coordination Committee of Associations in the
Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC)
Constituent Associations
Secretary General
IRS (Indirect Taxes) Officers’ Association
Varsha Kolhatkar
B.A. Chakravarthi
All India Assn of CExGazetted Executive Officers
Sanjay Srinivasan
R. Manimohan
All India Customs Appraising Association

Pritam Dhaiya
All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Assn
Rananjay Pratap Singh
Anubuti Chatterjee
All India CX&ST Ministerial Officers Assn
Ram Lalit
Shankar Kumar Saha
All India Customs Ministerial Officers Assn
Nalini Balaji
Abhijit Bandyopadhyay
All India Customs Ministerial Employees Fdn
S. Kaliamurthy
Saugata Chakraborty
All India Customs&CExGrC Officers Fdn
Vijay J. Gaikwad
S. K. Jamal
All India Customs GrC Officers Federation
B. D. Surve
Ashis Chakraborty
All India CEx& Customs Allied Drivers Fdn
J. M. Patel
Sanjay Kumar
Joint Convenors:        R.Manimohan   (09443063989)     &      Saugata Chakraborty (09433402024)
Address for correspondence:       6/7 A.T.D Street, Race Course Road, Coimbatore - 641018
Ref. No. INT/02/2018                                                                   Date: 09.05.2018
CIRCULAR 03/2018
Dear friends and Comrades,


          The COC met at Kolkata on 05.05.2018.  It took note of the fact that inspite of wide spread participation by members from Group C to Promotee Group A Officers in the CBIC all over India in the Black badge wearing and lunch hour protests on 28.02.2018, the CBIC has not initiated any steps towards mitigating the issues raised in the Charter of Demands or to even call the COC for talks.  It was therefore unanimously resolved to intensify the agitations in two phases.


          The first phase would be a letter campaign (in 4 Steps) addressed to the Hon’ble Finance Minister and Respected Revenue Secretary seeking their intervention in the matter and to direct the CBIC to take necessary steps.

          Step 1: The COC is to send the letter by 09.05.2018.  This has been done and the copy of the letter sent by the COC is attached to this Circular.

          Step 2: The next step is for each of the All India Bodies of the Constituent Organisations in the COC to address similar letters to the Hon’ble Finance Minister and Respected Revenue Secretary, with copy marked to the CBIC, highlighting the issues pertaining to their cadres in particular and requesting that the COC be called for discussions urgently and also intimating that a DHARNA would be required to be organized before all Headquarters offices, if no tangible action is forth coming from the CBIC. This has to be done by the evening of 14.05.2018. The Constituent Organisations also should send Circulars to their Units regarding the next two steps and DHARNA. Copy of the communication sent and Circular issued by each constituent should be sent by email to the COC.

          Step 3: The Units of each of the Constituent Organisations of the COC will write to the Hon’ble Finance Minister and Respected Revenue Secretary REFERING TO THE CALL OF THE COC AND THE LETTER OF THEIR ALL INDIA ASSOCIATION/FEDERATION.  Copy of the same should be sent to their respective All India bodies. The Constituent Organisations should put on the WhatsApp group confirmation regarding the number of units which have sent the representations.  This step is to be completed by 21.05.2018.

          Step 4: All members of all the Constituent Organisations shall send letters to the Hon’ble Finance Minister and Respected Revenue Secretary through proper channel with ADVANCE COPY directly sent by email or post or from fax to be arranged by themselves, in support of the demand of the COC and their Association/Federation. The format for the same would be circulated in due course.  Copy of the signed letter should be handed over or sent by email to the respective Associations.  All India bodies and the Constituent Organisations will put on the WhatsApp group confirmation regarding the number of members who have sent the representations.  This step is to be completed by 11.06.2018.

DHARNA ON 20.06.2018:

          A day long Dharna may be organized before all Headquarters Offices of CBIC, all over India, as per the call of the COC, on 20.06.2018 to highlight the long pending demands of the cadres and the apathy of the CBIC. 

          All constituent organizations are requested to kindly issue circulars and letters from their end as per the above decisions.

          Any new organization willing to join the COC may be asked to send letter accordingly to this COC.

          With fraternal greetings,
Yours truly,
Encl : As above
R. Manimohan
Joint Convenor

All Constituent Organisations be email.