Thursday, September 10, 2015

URGENT:-Non-receipt of desired information for CEC Ahmedabad

Posted by Secretary General on 9/10/2015 09:37:00 PM with No comments
Dear Comrades,

Please refer to our mail dated 06.08.2015, vide which the notice for
Ahmedabad CEC was circulated.

In the notice, it was also requested to send various information for
incorporation in minutes/action taken report along with resolutions
(to be sponsored) and the details of arrival/departure at Ahmedabad
CEC by 31.08.2015.

After lapse of around ten days, very few Circles/Branches sent the
desired information.  Comrades, it is your prime duty to send it for
successful CEC.  It is, therefore, once again requested to send the
desired information by 15.09.2015, so that the necessary arrangements
can be made by the Host Unit.

With warm regards,
Abhishek Kamal