Friday, June 19, 2015

Meeting with 7th CPC

Posted by Secretary General on 6/19/2015 09:46:00 AM with 1 comment

The 7th CPC called us for a meeting on 17th June on very-very short notice.  Com. Anupam Neeraj, President and undersigned attended the meeting at the office of 7th CPC.  This time the meeting was a common meeting with almost all other recognised Associations, working under CBEC.  From 7th CPC, Justice Ashok Kumar Mathur, Chairman, Smt. Meena Agarwal, Secretary and other officers were present.  From staff side, the office bearers of five Associations were submitted and discussed their demands.


We again submitted our following demands :-


·      Accord Pay-Parity between Superintendent of Central Excise and the Dy. SP,  CBI i.e. to place the Superintendent of Central Excise in the Grade Pay of Rs. 5400 in PB-3.
·      To evaluate the Manpower requirement at short intervals
·      To conduct periodic Cadre Reviews
·      To strengthen the Audit & Anti Evasion mechanism considering that the entire tax control has been shifted from physical control to production based control to audit based control
·      Training and incentives to staff to enable Computerization of the department in a full-fledged manner
·      Abolition of Control Room duty and Uniform for Central Excise and Service Tax
·      Reasonable Uniform allowance for maintaining Uniform in Customs
·      To notify new recruitment rules for Central Excise Inspectors as Group ‘B’ non-gazetted officers
·      Payment of Rummaging Allowance on par with Inspectors of Customs
·      Payment of Local Travel Expenses (Petrol Allowance) on par with Inspectors of Income Tax
·      Payment of Risk Allowance
·      Parity with the CBI Inspectors w.e.f. 01.01.1996
·      Same entry pay level for both the direct and promote officers


Moreover, we also asked Hon'ble Commission to recommend five MACPS, MACPS on the Pay Scale of next Promotional Posts, abolition of NPS etc. Hon'ble Chairman agreed for at least four MACPS & MACP on next promotional post but not agreed on abolition of NPS.  Hon'ble Chairman also not agreed to adding new allowance to other departments.  However, he told that allowances will be enhanced to some extent.  All the Associations asked for pay parity of Superintendent of Central Excise/Customs with the Dy. SP of CBI and the Chairman assured us for  positive consideration of the issue.  The 7th CPC will submit its recommendation in the month of August 2015. 


As far as meeting with Chairman & Member (P&V) is concerned, we could not meet them due to paucity of time.  However, we met different officers in CBEC and discussed many points.  It is also to intimate that soon a Co-ordination meeting of all the national office bearers will be oraganized in New Delhi.




Dear sir,
While we praise your sincere efforts in pursuing our demands, it would have been proper if we demand with justification and directly. No need to talk of CBI or any other department or Supdts. We should present the duties and responsibilities of our cadre as to we are the only Executive Non-gazetted officers of the dapartment and we deal with the hard-core criminals, smugglers, tax-offenders, economic offenders. Even while posted in Central Excise, we have to do the Customs works such as clearance of export consignments and import consignments. We also works for service tax, narcotics etc. We work under acute shortage of infrastructure and under immense work pressure due to shortage of work-force in the department and under liability to discharge the time-bound duties. We earn highest amount of revenue in terms of the salaries paid to us and the cost of infrastructure incurred upon us. It is high time to consider our demand to upgrade our salaries and provide the perks, which are in fact necessities such a petrol allowance, telephone allowances out of the 1% incentive schemes. We should also inform them the recent incident of suicide by the newly recruited Inspector owing to heavy workloads and time-bound matters.
Long Live - Our Unity
Long Live - Our Association