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Central Executive Committee Meeting and Annual Lecture Series, Kolkata

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The Central Executive Committee of the AICEIA met at Kolkata on 13th and 14th February 2015.  The meeting was started with the presentation of Minutes of Trivandrum Convention, Action Taken Report and Audited Accounts.  The same were accepted and passed by the House. 

During this biannual meeting of AICEIA, all important issues concerning the cadre were deliberated.  The meeting was dominated by the issues like Stagnation, Regional Disparities in promotions of Group-B Central Excise executive officers, All India Seniority for Inspectors, ICT, futility of Control Room duties and redundancy of Uniform in the service, Improvement in working conditions, Streamlining deployment of personnel and avoiding duplication of work, bringing in efficiency and objectivity in automation of the department etc.  After discussion and detailed deliberations, the following resolutions were passed by the House:-
  1. Limited departmental Examination for promotion 
  2. All India Seniority List of Inspector 
  3. Pay parity of Promotee Inspectors with Direct recruit Inspectors 
  4. Pay fixation of Rs. 6500/- w.e.f. 01.01.1996 
  5. Additional Posts of Inspectors for Airport and U.B. 
  6. Multi Tasking Staffs for Ranges and Divisions' office and H.Q. 
  7. Abolishment of Uniforms and Control Room duty 
  8. Joint Association of Group B cadres 
  9. Creation of Service similar to CSS 
  10. Grant of MACP of Rs. 5400/- for Inspectors 
  11. Demand for special recruitment drive 
  12. Free SIM card, Petrol Allowance and Laptop to the Inspectors under one percent incremental or from other means 
  13. Proper Infrastructure for Official work 
  14. Various demands including leave encashment facility on yearly basis,  Limit of 3 MACP in the entire service period to be removed, Children's education Allowance may be given upto the Graduation etc. and proper follow up with 7th CPC 
  15. Request for inclusion of twenty names missing in the Seniority List published by CC, Hyderabad 
  16. CCTV cameras to be installed as CVC guideline 
  17. Timely follow up model calendar for DPC and fixation of responsibilities in case of delay 
  18. Amendment in Recruitment Rules of AC's, Superintendents & Inspectors' cadre to eliminate the regional disparities including physical standard 
  19. Implementation of N.R. Parmar case's Supreme Court Judgement in all the Zones and review of old DPCs. 
  20. Proposal to define the duties & responsibilities of Inspectors' post GST, act for betterment of working culture in GST 
  21. Non-implementation of Biometric Attendance System for field officers 
  22. Creation of one Service Tax Commissionerate under Shillong Zone with separate full working and sanctioned strength with headquarter at Guwahati 
  23. Consideration of pending ICT applications and uniformity and clearly defined policy of ICT 
  24. Regularisation of adhoc promotions affected in Superintendents grade 
  25. MACP to all eligible candidates not given already 
  26. Pay parity from 01.01.1986 
  27. Health Insurance scheme from Welfare Fund of CBEC 
  28. Modification in ACES for reduction of manual reports 
  29. Residential Government accommodation & Guest House/Transit Hostels 
  30. Promotion/Posting may not be denied on the basis of pending SCN's. 
  31. Reduction of old reports after new MPR 
  32. No hindrance for further DPC for All India Seniority issue 
  33. Vigorous persuasion of legal cases 
  34. Speedy disposal of long pending vigilance cases 
  35. Logistics support to remote units

During the meeting, two Committee have been formed to provide more focus on Legal matters and Delay in Vigilance proceedings.  This is of utmost importance for more effective use of available in-house expertise.  Thus the House accepted the following Committees:-
1.    Committee on Vigilance Matters:- On our repeated requests and persuasions, the CBEC has formed a Study Group in the chairmanship of Ms. Vanaja Sarna, Chief Commissioner (TAR), New Delhi, to  examine and analyze the causes of delay in disposal of disciplinary proceedings and to recommend measures to prevent such delays in future.  Thus, before providing any suggestions/views to the Study Group, it needs to gather opinions of members from various part of the country.  Thus, a Committee on Vigilance Matters has been constituted in the CEC with view to gather opinions/data and study the root causes of delay in Vigilance Proceedings and point out the solution for that.  Further, the Committee will also gather the information of cases of inordinate delays from all Circle/Branches/Units.  The Names and Email Ids of the Chairman and Members of the Committee are as under:-
a.   Com. Chhokalingam M.                   -        Email Id- chokkalingamrmn@gmail.com
b.  Com. P. Karunakar Reddy                -        Email Id-  kanna.karunakar@gmail.com
c.   Com. S. K. Gangte                          -        Email Id- lalkgangte@yahoo.com
2.    Committee on Legal Matters: - The work of this committee is to prepare a database of relevant cases filed/pending at different CAT/Courts etc., judgments, orders, seeking relevant information under provisions of the RTI Act and study the views/opinions received from various sources.  This Committee will prepare drafts of various communications to be transmitted to the Executive Committee through the Secretary General who will make appropriate consultations with the Executive Committee before a final view is taken on the issues. The Committees will also present periodic reports on their work to the Secretary General.  The Names and Email Ids of the Chairman and Members of the Committee are as under:-
a.  Com. Rananjay Pratap Singh             -        Email Id- rananjaypsingh@gmail.com
b.  Com. Arun Kumar                            -        Email Id- akutty@gmail.com
c.  Com. Devesh Shankar Srivastava       -        Email Id- devesh07@rediffmail.com
d.  Com. Vishal Malge                           -        Email Id- vishalgeeta999@yahoo.co.in
Last year the Annual Lecture Series of AICEIA on "Participatory Governance" was started with a mission to inspire, educate and enrich the cadre. The first lecture, in the series, was delivered by Sh. Manimohan Ramankutty sir and since then this has been a great learning activity such as developing critical thinking, deep understanding & application of knowledge. On 14.02.2015, the 2nd lecture in AICEIA Annual Lecture Series on "Participatory Governance" was delivered by Sh. Arun Zachariah, former President AICEIA.  On this occasion, the stalwart and gems of AICEIA like Sh. Manimohan R., Sh. Tirthankar Pyne, Sh. Koushik Roy, Sh. A. Satish and Sh. Ajit KG were present to grace the occasion.  It was a great learning experience for the office bearers and members of the AICEIA.  The lecture will soon be made available on our YouTube channel- youtube.com/c/SecyGeneral.

The Ahmedabad Branch of the AICEIA has  offered to host the next meeting of the CEC, which is due in August 2015. The same was accepted unanimously. Dates and venue shall be announced in due course.  Com. Manoj Kumar Singh, President and Com. Shailendra Kumar, Joint Secretary, Ahmedabad Branch welcomed the delegates for next CEC.

During this CR, the working strength of the Cadre of Inspector has significantly decreased and this  resulted as vacuum in the leadership of AICEIA in many Circles/Branches/Units.  All office bearers at all levels are requested to immediately start working  to reach out to all Inspectors posted to even the remotest locations and attempt to get them involved in the Association’s activities. Enhancement of membership and formation of Circle/Branches/Units of AICEIA is another area that needs immediate attention. 

AICEIA congratulates and thanks the AICEIA, West Begal, Sikkim and Andman & Nikobar Circle for excellent arrangements and the warm hospitality extended to all delegates attending the CEC meeting. 

Yours fraternally,
Abhishek Kamal
Secretary General       


Unknown said...

i) thanks to all our comrades for taking effective action with a solution to find out the pending issues i.e. creating a committee to study the pending issues. very good exertion. initiation and continuous application should be taken until the goal achieved.
ii) all the resolutions passed in the House are very essential to the Inspectors society. all the best and congratuations to all our comrades.

comradely yours,


Anonymous said...

Good work comrades. I like to thank Com. Abhishek Kamal and all office bearers of AICEIA for the outstanding performance in short time. Keep it up.