Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Study on delay in disciplinary proceeding

Posted by Secretary General on 1/28/2015 10:36:00 AM with 2 comments

Please refer to our letter to the Chairman, CBEC vide our letter F. No. AICEIA/CBEC/CR/2014/30 dated 18.11.2014  under captioned subject "Inordinate delays in deciding Disciplinary/Vigilance Inquiries – reg." (available at  In this letter, we requested the  CBEC to review the position of all pending cases of Vigilance angle and Non vigilance angle and direct all the concerned authorities to dispose off the cases in time bound manner that too taking logical, acceptable and warranted decision in the matter.

On our repeated requests and persuasions, the CBEC, vide their letter F.No. V.500/84/2014 dated 18.12.2014, formed a Study Group in the chairmanship of Ms. Vanaja Sarna, Chief Commissioner (TAR), New Delhi, to:-

1.     examine and analyse the causes of delay in disposal of disciplinary proceedings and to recommend measures to prevent such delays in future.
2.     examine sample of cases of inordinate delays and make appropriate recommendations, including fixation of responsibility, if necessary as per the instructions in this regard.
3.      examine existing system of data keeping and reporting and to recommend suitable changes including the ways in which automation (IT) can be used to make the disciplinary process more efficient and transparent.
4.     examine the existing supervisory mechanisms and to recommend ways in which these can be made more effective
5.     examine and recommend with reference to the number of charge sheets which eventually sustain, appropriate measures to either improve or prevent the initiation of unsustainable cases; and
6.     examine any other related issues and make suitable recommendations.

          The Study Group has to complete the study by 31.03.2015 and submit its report to the Board for consideration and implementation of accepted decisions.

          All Circles/Branches/Units of AICEIA are requested to give their feedback, valuable comments and proposals to address the "Inordinate delays in deciding Disciplinary/Vigilance Inquiries/proceedings" immediately on our email id

Yours fraternally,
(Abhishek Kamal)
Secretary General


Unknown said...

thanks comrades for your efforts and board's response. please pursue the matter without time loss.

comradrely yours,


Unknown said...

thank you for your efforts and immediate response from the Board office. please pursue the matter upto clearance of all pending cases.

comradely yours,