Monday, February 10, 2014

News from Delhi

Posted by Secretary General on 2/10/2014 08:42:00 PM with 2 comments
AICEIA office bearers met the new Chairperson of CBEC today, and apprised her of the concerns of the Central Excise Inspectors' cadre regarding implementation of the Cadre Restructuring.  Removal of stagnation and regional disparities in promotion, All India seniority for Inspectors, problems being faced in processing of Inter Zonal Transfer applications, Revision of Recruitment Rules etc. were discussed in detail. Suggestions were also made for initiating certain measures to improve career prospects for Inspectors in the long term.  These include creation of a separate service in CBEC, introduction of base cadre seniority in Gr B executive cadre for purposes of promotion to Gr A entry level post, and  including the definition of Approved Service as per DoPT guidelines in the Recruitment Rules. The Chairperson has assured that all issues and suggestions will be carefully considered.  

Later in the day we met the DG HRD, and all other senior officials of the HRM Wing of the  DGHRD, and reiterated our positions on  the issues of  stagnation, inter-cadre and intra-cadre disparities in promotions, All India seniority for Inspectors etc.

On our inquiry, it has been clarified that the vacancies arising in the Gr B Gazetted Executive cadres  consequent to  promotion to the 2118  temporary posts of Assistant Commissioners  will be available for promotion of Gr B non gazetted executives.

We have been assured that in the implementation of CR, regional disparities within C Ex will definitely be addressed. At present  the various Committees are working on different aspects of the implementation of CR. Locations of  the new Commissionerates etc. is also being re-worked. The new formations are expected to start functioning from 01.04.2014.  

Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General


BL Meena said...

Shri A Satish ji, President & Ajit KG, Secy General of AICEIA

Dear Comrades,

It has learnt only from Blog of AICEIA that some office bearers of
AICEIA met with senior officers of the Board and discussed on burning
issues relating to career of our Cadre, but not included
representatives of the most stagnated & discriminated Zones like

It is material fact that Rajasthan Zone contributing its best towards
unity of AICEIA and always reaches Delhi with complete homework on
simple information, but office bearers of AICEIA willfully ignoring
our contribution & efforts despite of the fact that members & office
bearers of Rajasthan Circle always stands in 1st row of unity &
struggle. Our General Secretary Shri Abhay Singh is representating as
Vice President (NZ) of AICEIA since from a long time, but it is very
sad to note that visiting delegation neither included representatives
of Rajastahn Zone (the nearest zone to North Block) nor even called or
discussed with Vice President (NZ).


The monopolist activities of delegation has hearted to Inspectors of
Rajasthan therefore, on behalf of Rajastahn Circle, I protest against
such monopoly attitude of responsible office bearers of AICEIA. We are
also organizing an emergency GB meeting to decide as to whether we may
participate or not in CEC Mumbai on 22nd & 23rd February, 2014.

Comradely Yours,
B L Meena

BL Meena said...

Dear Comrade Ajit ji, Secy General

Thnx for ur today's mail.

Rajasthan Circle is agree that the requisite information should be
sent by all Circles without fail and outstanding dues, if any, should
also be cleared by concerned unit.

Our main protest is still unsolved that Representatives of most
stagnated & discriminated Circles should always be included in
delegation of AICEIA during meeting with the authorities of the Board
specially at the crucial stage of CR.

Secondly, "discussion & finalization the agitation programme for
implementation of all India seniority during CR" should also be
included in the agenda of CEC Mumbay.

We are still waiting for your final response, failing which we have no
option except to cancel our reservation to attend the CEC Mumbai
because we are facing strong & genuine pressure of our valuable
members for the real justice. Please also remember that 'ABHI NAHI TO
KABHI NAHI'........

With regards,
Comradely yours,

BL Meena,
(Rajasthan Circle)