Monday, January 27, 2014

Notice has been served today by the AICEIA for Strike on 12th and 13th of February 2014.
The Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers has given this  Strike call, and our Association has given notice accordingly, following the Confederation's call.
The Fifteen point Charter of Demands includes several demands crucial to service conditions  particularly of our cadre. While the demands relating to 7th Pay Commission, Interim Relief, DA Merger etc are equally important to us  as to employees of  all Departments,  a demand which is vital to Inspectors of Central Excise is that for an assured number of promotions to all employees. Another very important demand is  for Rescinding the PFRDA Act and to ensure Statutory Pension for all. This is particularly vital to the later entrants to Government Service - we have a very large number of Inspectors who have joined the Department in 2006 and later.
All AICEIA Branch and Circle Secretaries are required to immediately serve Notice to respective Chief Commissioners or Commissioners, and start campaigning forthwith for making this  Strike a resounding success.
Remember Comrades, to lose two days' salary is a very small price to pay to demonstrate our solidarity with the Confederation, and to give a wake up call to this Government that we are united and prepared for a massive  struggle to protect our rights. That is the only manner in which we can protect our just interests in this exploitative regime.

Scanned copy of the Notice and Charter are posted below.

With Fraternal Gretings,
Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General