Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Latest on Restructuring of Field Formations in CBEC, Other News

Posted by Secretary General on 11/19/2013 12:26:00 PM with No comments
The Inter-Ministerial consultation on CR proposals of CBEC has been completed. Issues raised by other Ministries have been responded to by the CBEC, and thereafter the Draft Note for Cabinet prepared by the DGHRD/CBEC has been approved by the Finance Minister. It is expected that the Note will be placed before the Union Cabinet and  the CR proposal approved in the next two -three weeks. 

Meanwhile, to address the long standing problems including that of stagnation in the Gr B  executive cadres, and for better management of human resources, it is learnt that the Board is consulting the National Productivity Council, and also making a detailed reference to the DoP&T, and considering engaging specialist consultancy agencies to suggest workable remedies to these problems within the overall existing  regulatory framework governing personnel matters. The AICEIA has communicated to the Board / Ministry that concerns and opinions of Associations must necessarily be taken on board while formulating or altering such policies. Well reasoned and detailed proposals in this direction have already been submitted to the Board.   We stand resolute in our demand that there should be a time -bound scheme of promotion for Gr B executives in the CBEC, and regional disparities in promotions from Inspectors to Superintendents among different Cadre Control Zones should be done away with forthwith. There is no dilution in our demand for parity among the three (base) feeder cadres for promotion to the Gr A entry level posts, and  that promotional avenues as available to other comparable cadres in Central Government service should be open to us too.  

In the case of granting Grade Pay of Rs 5400/- to Inspectors on completion of  four years of service after getting first ACP, Shri M. Subramaniam, erstwhile General Secretary of the Salem Branch of the AICEIA filed a contempt petition in the Madras High Court against the Department for not implementing the High Court Order despite the Supreme Court not staying the same. Following that, the Ministry has ordered that the benefit be allowed to Shri Subramainam. Meanwhile AICEIA is seeking legal advice on how  to go about  pursuing the case in the wake of the Supreme Court effectively turning down our Application for early hearing in the Civil Appeal filed by the UoI challenging the subject Order of the Madras High Court.

Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General