Monday, October 28, 2013

Meeting with Revenue Secretary, Other Recent Developments

Posted by Secretary General on 10/28/2013 03:20:00 PM with 1 comment
An appointment was sought from the Revenue Secretary

Following this, appointment was given on 25th October '13. A delegation of office-bearers of the AICEIA met the RS accordingly, and apprised him of the concerns of the cadre, especially the acute stagnation and regional disparities in promotions, and also suggested measures - immediate and long-term - to address these grave issues that have remained neglected for long. A representation was also handed over to the RS.

    The Revenue Secretary has assured appropriate action to redress the cadre's grievances.

AICEIA office-bearers also met CBEC officials and pursued the other issues too, which still remain unaddressed.

It is learnt that the draft Cabinet Note prepared by the Board and sent, after the Finance Minister  approved the same,  to the Ministry of Law, the Deptt of Expenditure and the DoP&T for their comments,  will be sent latest by 05.11.2013 to the Union Cabinet.

Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General 


unnikrishnan said...

Nice that the issue of stagnation is well presented. It is not that the higher ups do not know all this.It is the deliberate move /policy to ensure that the cadre will always plead for ONE promotion at least.
In 1993-94, the regional disparity and acute stagnation ws pursued,we had suggested up gradation of ALL those with 15 years and by 1996,97 up gradations it ws ensured as well. But the continued review of promotion policy to streamline the career prospects was never done.Immediately by 1998 the ACP came,so all were given first ACP after 12 yrs and 2nd after 24 yrs.Though this scheme introduced as per Pay Commn had ordered all depts to review and streamline the promotion policy,the CBEC took a cold shoulder and even reported ACP scheme has eliminated stagnation.
Now, since the CR is in the offing, better ask for upgradation of ALL with ten yrs MACP envisage promotion after TEN yrs.This will wipe of DISPARITY and then ask for a long term policy of MERGED cadres and ALL INdia seniority.These TWIN policy only will relieve the chronic problem in CBEC.wishing all the best.Unnikrishnan.v,cochin.