Monday, September 30, 2013

Recent Developments

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It is learnt that minutes of the meeting of the Committee of Secretaries held on 27.08.13,  in which the CR proposal of the CBEC was approved, have been issued and the Cabinet Note prepared by DGHRD, CBEC will now be presented before the Union Cabinet, once it is forwarded by the Finance Minister. It can be expected that sometime in October’13 this proposal will get approval from the Cabinet. In anticipation of that, preparations are already afoot in the Board, particularly in the DGHRD for expeditious implementation of the proposals.

Com A I Abbasi, Joint Secretary (North Zone) of the AICEIA  has reported that on 28.09.13 he had occasion to meet the Union Minister of State for Finance (Revenue) during the latter’s visit to Lucknow . He has submitted a representation to the Minister highlighting the pathetic plight of Inspectors of Central Excise, the abysmally poor promotion prospects available to us, coupled with the huge intra-cadre and inter-cadre disparities in promotions in the CBEC, and suggesting pragmatic solutions to such vexatious issues. Com. Abbasi has informed that the Minister, after giving a patient hearing , has assured that the CR in the CBEC would significantly address some of these issues, and for the others he will initiate necessary action.

The AICEIA remains steadfast in its commitment to the cadre it represents on its repeatedly reiterated objective - removal of stagnation, and doing away with the regional disparities in promotions across different cadre control zones.This Association shall not rest till this stigma on our cadre is wiped off, and if need be, we are prepared to launch a massive agitation programme on any indication that the injustices perpetrated on this cadre in earlier rounds of restructuring, especially on the worst stagnating Zones, may not be undone even this time around. We see this as a very important milestone on the road to radically improving promotion prospects for Inspectors, and bringing in parity in promotions among the three cadres of Inspectors of Central Excise, Preventive Officers of Customs, and Examiners of Customs. That the combined length of service in the Gr B Executive Grades should be the criteria to determine who gets promoted first to a  Gr A entry level post is an oft-repeated stand of the AICEIA. This, and the demand to accord parity among the three feeder cadres retrospectively as a condition precedent to merger of the three streams has been unequivocally communicated to the Board several times, and these facts find specific mention in the Board records. We have been relentlessly pursuing this at the highest levels of the Board and the Ministry, and shall continue to do so, despite detractors with vested interests trying hard to derail our efforts. It is as a result of this Association’s concerted efforts that removal of Regional Disparities in promotions within the Central Excise stream of Gr B Executives is receiving deservedly prime attention from the CBEC now. 

Keeping in line with the priorities decided by the present Central Executive Committee of the AICEIA, national office bearers have been undertaking extensive tours frequently to various parts of the country to directly interact with members even in the farthest corners of the nation, as part of our efforts to strengthen the organization at the grassroots level, and to enhance membership. At all these locations, the response to the meetings organized by AICEIA’s Branches/ Circles has been overwhelming. Particularly encouraging is the active participation of younger Inspectors in most formations, and the keen interest evinced by them in Association activities augurs well for the future of this collective. The seniors among the AICEIA office bearers at all levels must foster young, energetic and committed new leadership, and immediately start sharing important organizational responsibilities with them to ensure that the Association does not face a crisis when en-masse promotions are effected whenever CR gets implemented. 

Enriching interactions with so many Superintendents, some of whom hold important offices in their Association too has been a welcome development seen at most of these meetings all across the country. 

I must laud the efforts of Com. Dilip Pandya, JS(WZ), Com Prashant Mishra at Surat and Com Chetan Shah at Ahmedabad for their efforts in enhancing membership and striving to bringing back the Association to the earlier position of strength that it enjoyed in Gujarat. Very special Congratulations to Com Kishor Kumar and Com S Ramesh for their hugely successful attempts to revive the Vadodara unit of the AICEIA, which was defunct since quite a few years. Com Ashish Biswas, Treasurer of the AICEIA and GS Raipur Branch, Com Prakash Gaidhani , GS of our Nashik Branch, and Com Devender Kumar, GS of our Tirupati Branch and the new AICEIA JS(SZ) also have been joining us in some of these tours and making valuable contributions. Com Abhay Singh VP(NZ) has made a phenomenal effort to revive the organization in Rajasthan, where membership had dwindled over the years, but now it stands at a very respectable level, despite the acute stagnation and extremely difficult working conditions being faced in that Zone. Also noteworthy are the valuable contributions of our Working President Com Samir Sinha, and the young Circle Secretary of Bihar and Jharkhand, Com Abhishek Kamal. Above all, Com Shishir Agnihotri , our National Liaison Secretary, who has been instrumental in setting up a robust organization in Mumbai as General Secretary of the Mumbai Circle of the AICEIA , must be thanked and congratulated since he has always found time to be part of AICEIA teams at most places, besides being a resourceful and articulate representative of the AICEIA at meetings with the Board officials. 

Committees which have recently assumed office are:

Kanpur Branch of the AICEIA

 President        Com S.K.Mohan
 Vice President     Com Alok Kumar
 General Secretary  Com Shiv Kumar
 Joint Secretaries:- Com  Manini Bajpai,  Com A.M.Mehrotra,  Com V.K.Soni, Com Rajesh Dubey
 Office Secretaries  Com  Vimal Joshi  & Com Pramod Suman
Treasurer   Com L.K.Pandey

Rajasthan Circle of the AICEIA

Com B L Meena - President
Com Anil Gupta - Vice-President
Com Abhay Singh - General Secretary
Com Akshat Sharma - Joint Secretary
Com Alok Mathur - Asstt General Secretary (CE, Jaipur-I)
Com Manoj Verma - Asstt General Secretary (CE, Jaipur-II)
 Com S. K. Saran - Asstt General Secretary (Customs)
Com S.N. Sutrarak - Finance Secretary 

Vadodara Unit of the AICEIA ( Interim Committee elected unanimously, till formal elections are held)

Com S.Ramesh - President
Com  Arun Kumar - General Secretary
Com  Gopesh Shah - Vice President
Com  Rahul Sharma - Vice President
 Com Rajnanda Mohite - Joint Secretary
Com Pushpendra Singh - Joint Secretary 

With Fraternal Greetings,
Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General