Monday, May 27, 2013

CEC Notice, Organisational News

Posted by Secretary General on 5/27/2013 01:31:00 PM with No comments
Cadre Restructuring file of the CBEC is still with the Department of Expenditure. They had some queries about it, and two rounds of meetings between CBEC officials and  Deptt of Expenditure functionaries  were held. The Board now expects that Expenditure will clear the file very shortly following clarifications having been given by the CBEC on all issues raised.

All India office bearers of the AICEIA had occasion to visit Aurangabad, Nashik and Mumbai last week and interact with members and office bearers at all these three places. Eight meetings were held in all – at Aurangabad, Nashik, Raigad, Belapur, Thane, Worli, Churchgate, and Dharavi. Every single meeting was well attended and witnessed active participation of members – from the junior most to the seasoned.  AICEIA congratulates and appreciates the efforts of all members who have strived to strengthen the organisation and brought it to the robust shape it is in today. Particular mention needs to be made here of the tireless work done by Com Kousik Roy, who during his tenure as  Secretary General had made it as one of  his prime missions to revive the defunct Association in Mumbai, and the stellar roles played in this continuing endeavour  by Com. Shishir Agnihotri, Com. Anil Kumar and Com. Manish Roy, all present office bearers of the Mumbai Circle of the AICEIA. Also noteworthy are the valuable contributuions of  Com. P T Gaidhani  and Com Rajendra Bhavar of Nashik, and  Com. N K Chaudhari, Com.Vijay Giram and  Com.Sharad P Dhonde of Aurangabad in nurturing the organizations in their respective branches. At most of these places, we also had very cordial meetings with the Superintendents including office bearers of their Association at the national and regional levels. Opinions and views on prioritizing issues, and persuasive/agitational  methods to be a adopted, and the need to synergize the two Associations and make their combined strengths and numbers work in unison were shared in a free, fair and frank atrmosphere.  

A scanned copy of the Notice issued for the meeting of the CEC of the AICEIA at Shimla on 27th and 28th of  July’13 is appended. Same has  already been e-mailed to all CEC members.