Thursday, April 4, 2013

Meeting with DG HRD

Posted by Secretary General on 4/04/2013 01:14:00 PM with No comments
DG HRD, CBEC held a meeting at New Delhi with  AICEIA office bearers on the issue of disparities in inter -cadre and intra-cadre disparities in promotion of Inspectors of  Central Excise and other feeder cadres to the next higher Gr B Gazetted cadre. ADG (HRM), DGHRD, CBEC was also present during the meeting. AICEIA was represented  in the meeting by the President, Secretary General, Liaison Secretary, Organising Secretary and Vice President(East). President of AICEIA Chandigarh Circle and Secretary of AICEIA West Bengal Circle  were also present.

Detailed submissions, written and oral, were made by the AICEIA   seeking time bound upgradation of Inspectors to resolve the inequities of stagnation and disparities plaguing the cadre. The suggestions put forward by the Association were received very positively by the DG HRD, who also appreciated our concerns on addressing the issue urgently to prevent more distortions creeping into the Seniority positions in the Gr B Gazetted cadre,and disparities further widening.

Another meeting of  DG HRD with AICEIA office bearers in continuation to today's meeting has  been scheduled for 29.04.2013.

It has also been informed that the Finance Minister has called for clarifications on a few minor issues on the Cadre Restructuring proposals of the CBEC on 31st March'13, and the Board has already replied to the same, and it is expected that the CR proposal will receive the FM's approval very soon, after which it has to take the route through DoP&T, Committee of Secretaries, Group of Ministers, before  being placed before the Union Cabinet for final approval. 

Ajit Kumar K G
Secretary General