Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Brief Report on the Bhubaneswar CEC

Posted by Secretary General on 8/28/2012 09:53:00 PM with No comments

Warm Greetings to all members of the AICEIA. I accept in all humility the responsibility that has been entrusted to me.

Heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to Com. Kousik Roy are placed on record, for his monumental contribution to the causes  that this Association espouses. We look forward to his continued support and guidance as Advisor to the AICEIA. 

The Central Executive Committee of the AICEIA in its meeting at Bhubaneswar on the 24th & 25th of August 2012 deliberated on almost all issues of concern to the cadre and took several important decisions including: 

(a) Members of the AICEIA in all offices all across the country, along with all other constituents of the JAC, which now includes the overwhelming majority of the  personnel working under the CBEC, shall wear black badges on 26th September 2012 and observe a daylong fast (while continuing to discharge all official duties) in support of the JAC’s Charter of Demands including  immediate implementation of Cadre Restructuring taking into account all justified staff aspirations,  and a minimum of four functional promotions to all cadres in their normal service periods.    All the office bearers of the Association should undertake extensive campaigning on the Action Programme so that the same reaches the grass root level and becomes a grand success.  JAC is scheduled to meet again at Chennai on 8.10.2012 to review the situation and chalk out future action programmes.

(b) The CEC resolved  that the All India Association of Central Excise Gazetted  Executive Officers shall be  requested  to join the AICEIA  to form a Federation, as per CCS (RSA) Rules, of both these recognized Associations in order to collectively highlight and address issues common to the cadres represented by the two. 

(c) To take up with the CBEC for early and best possible resolution the acute problems being faced by Inspectors seeking transfer  from one Cadre Control Zone to another. 

(d) Our Association can take pride in the fact that a total of 27 Circles/Branches out of the 32 participated in the Bhubaneswar CEC, reflecting the truly pan-Indian presence of this organization. As part of the continuous drive to widen and strengthen the base of the AICEIA, the SG after visiting several Central Excise offices in Mumbai, and interacting with Inspectors there, had called a meeting of Inspectors of Mumbai on 28.05.2012, and requested Shri K.P.Rao and Shri Shishir Agnihotri to take the lead in forming a Committee in Mumbai to revive the apparently defunct AICEIA Mumbai Circle. However this meeting had to be deferred due to the urgent personal engagements of the SG. Later, Com. Chandra Bhushan and Com. Shishir  K Agnihotri informed about formation of a 27- member Circle Committee of AICEIA Mumbai which was duly acknowledged in the AICEIA blog, and they participated in the Bhubaneswar CEC meet. On certain objections in this regard being received during the course of the CEC meeting, the President of AICEIA, after careful consideration of all aspects, gave a ruling that the said Circle Committee is advised to vigorously pursue a membership drive in Mumbai, collect the membership application forms from Inspectors there, and submit them onward, and obtain certificates from the concerned DDO(s) forthwith. The President also directed that elections be held thereafter in Mumbai at the earliest, well before the next Convention. Joint Secretary (West Zone)  Com. Sanjay Srinivasan will take all necessary steps to ensure that the elections are conducted in a free, fair and smooth manner. 

(e) Next Convention of the AICEIA is scheduled to be held in     
    Patna during December 2012.

I would be failing in my duty if I do not point out here that the Association is going through a phase where office bearers at the national as well as the regional levels are rapidly getting promoted. Come Cadre Restructuring we may be looking at a leadership vacuum. Our organization, which today is in a robust shape thanks to the tireless efforts of our illustrious predecessors, may suddenly be left directionless then. It is in this backdrop that all senior members of the Association, especially office bearers, are requested to motivate and share organizational responsibilities with the more youthful members and afford maximum possible exposure to them in all organizational activities. We have to be proactive lest the Association face a void in the days to come.  I exhort the bright young Inspectors of today, to whom belong the tomorrows of this Department, to take an active interest in all activities of this Association and nurture it from strength to strength – believe me, without a mighty Association, the challenges that the future holds for our cadre will be very difficult to overcome. 

Yours fraternally,

Ajit Kumar K.G.
Secretary General