Friday, February 25, 2011


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       The Commissioner of Central Excise & Customs, Indore vide Establishment Order No. 80/2010 dated 02.12.2010 ordered for transfer of Shri. Amitabh Vijayavargia, President, All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association, Indore Branch and Central Executive Committee member of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association from Indore to Gwalior which is 500 kms away. Owing to some organizational action programme the order was not effected since long, unfortunately when most of the office bearers of that circle was out of town the release order issued. The Central Executive committee in its meeting at New Delhi decided to go for sustained organizational action programme against this high handedness of the Government. Immediately we issued necessary submission to our chairman that had published in our blog. As a result of this his transfer order is now modified and he is brought back to Ujjain which is within 30 kms distance from Indore.
Secretary General along with the representatives of Chandigarh, New Delhi and West Bengal Participated in the Parliament rally held on 23rd of February 2011. We are happy to become a part of hundreds of thousand Employees of  Central & State Government, Bank & P.S.U’s and labourers. We thank the units participated in the rally.
 On 22nd February Office bearers met Chairman CBEC as decided in the New Delhi CEC submitted the letter on ICT, requested Chairman to issue necessary order forthwith.
Chairman informed the Association Leadership that the restructuring file gone past CBEC and the file is now in Expenditure. From the discussion it appears that the restructuring may not take much of time for completion. It was understood that the in-citu promotion scheme is not yet finalized by the Board, the committee constituted by the Board is still busy in doing the fine tuning of the scheme, within a short while it will go to D.O.P&T directly from C.B.E.C.
 M.Subhramanian case for Rs. 5400/- grade pay issue for Acp recipient Inspectors, leadership pursued vigorously to track the file , from the  Ministry of law it was traced out that the file went to Central Agency Section of Supreme Court and from there it was ascertained that the file is lying with Additional Solicitor General ( New Delhi)., in all probability the file is going for S.L.P. The Association met Additional Solicitor general and briefed the subject. A.S.G. supposed to be the final authority to comment on the file. After the meeting leadership felt that there is no point in becoming hopeless in this regard. Let us hope for the best.     
The minimum fixation for the revised pay band of Rs. 4600/- file went to Expenditure and Board is pursuing for the fixation and not for the upgradation, the file went to Expenditure for the 3rd time.