Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We, at Chandigarh Cirle, feel honoured to accept the responsibilityshouldered upon us to express the concerns of the Cadre especiallyconveying thanks (for sanction of grade pay of Rs. 4600/- to the Inspectors) to Sh. Pawan K. Bansal, Hon’ble Minister, ParliamentAffairs. With great pleasure, it is informed that a team of Officers ofChandigarh Circle consisting of Sh. Manoj Nayyar, President; Sh. R. S.Sethi, Joint Secretary and the undersigned has got an opportunity tomeet the Hon’ble Minister today i.e. on 08.02.2010 and the letter of thanks issued by our President was placed before the Minister. While acknowledging the thanks, the Hon’ble Minister very much remembered the references made by him in his capacity as the Minister of State for Expenditure. He was overwhelmed by the response of the Association and has reciprocated the greetings for the constant efforts as well as follow up at the end of the Association. The meeting was of short duration and we succeeded in winning his assurance for any kind of help from him in future.
Malkit Singh,
Gen. Secretary,
Chandigarh Circle,Chandigarh.


abraham said...

Good work.

vengat said...

it is very good gesture. so that they will be happy to help out any other such request is made by us or any other association. the mis conceptions that assns only come calling when they are in need but not when granted.
thanks for the comrades from chandigarh circle

20123 said...

人若賺得全世界,賠上自己的靈魂,有什麼益處? ..................................................

பெயர் சொல்ல விருப்பமில்லை said...

I place on record the good efforts made by the Chandigarh unit in getting the Grade Pay of 4600 to Inspector.

It is a very good gesture on their part to meet the Hon'ble Minister and express the gratitude of our cadre.

Long live AICEIA!

SUDHIR said...

Chandigarh Circle deserves applause for such gesture.

CAAP said...
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Kuldeep Singh said...
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Kuldeep Singh said...

Dear CAAP,
You are still under-estimating the loss. The first ACP is 4800, 2nd is 5400 of PB-2 and the 3rd is 5400 of PB-3. Never dream of 6600 if you are not promoted before the completion of your 16th year in service.[because only then you can get 5400-PB-2 before your 2nd ACP as Supdt of 4 yrs of service and subsequently 5400-PB-3 as 2nd ACP and 6600 as 3rd ACP]

My earnest request to the office bearers that they should not sit idle and fight for more important issues like
(i) 5400 GP for ACP inspectors after 4 years
(ii) Pay fixation in 6500-10500 from 01.01.1996
(iii) the issue of acute stagnation in the cadre etc.

vengat said...

dear kuldeep singh,
while i appreciate the efforts of assn in obtaining the grade pay of 4600 for inspectors, the issue is the claim that you will get 2nd acp of 5400 in gp 3 is misnormer. because as per the clarification from dopt communicated to jaipur commr, if interpreted, the non functional upgration to 5400 in pb2 should be considered as acp and 10 years will be counted from that date for next(3) macp. to alleviate we should unite with supdt assn and get 5400 in pb 3 after 4 years and obtain the same benefit to all acp holder of acp99 scheme. this will allow us to get 6600 by 26 years of service of old acp holders and as third acp in respect of others.

CAAP said...

@Kuldeep: Yes you are right. There are so many minor issues overseen by the federation resulting in major losses to the cadre.

Desikadasan said...

Dear CAAP,
How come you dream of 4800 GP to the Inspectors. The GP is equivalent to 7500 scale in the V PC (which was granted only to Supdts.) Supposing we get 4800 GP for Inspectors, what GP would u suggest for Supdts.(5400 in PB-2)?

Of course, i do agree with Vengat that we should do something to get 5400 in PB-3 after 4 years and obtain the same benefit to all acp holder of acp99 scheme.

Regarding fixation of 6500 scale from 01.01.96, issue of acute stagnation have all been discussed in the CEC meeting at Jaipur. I hope the office bearers at the centre level will do their best to achieve our goal.

yemandi said...
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