Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Posted by Secretary General on 1/06/2010 02:43:00 PM with 5 comments
Dear Comrades,

I take this opportunity to address you through this open circular.Let us all pray that the New Year brings the best for all of us.At the end of last year we were able to solve the irregularity of grade pay recommended by 6th CPC for Inspectors, in addition to this serious negotiations are on the cards on notional fixation from 01.01.1996 & removal of stagnation. It is a crucial period considering the Government’s proclaimed anti-Government staff attitude. A series of measures are being envisaged by the Government to curtail the existing benefits of the Government employees whether in the matter of pay revision, pension scheme, the existing medical facilities, or continuance of the services itself as such. The issues specifically concerning our department and cadre as such are: the cadre review now under process, the introduction of LTU and its effects on the working of the department, the impending implementation of GST and the necessity to gear up to face its onslaught, etc.These issues are all elaborately discussed in our earlier circulars. All those materials are made available in our Association’s blog : aiceia.blogspot.comIn the light of the above, the requirement for the cadre to be organised and united needs no emphasis. Towards this goal, this Association has been consistently working at various levels, along with similarly placed Service Associations in the Department of Revenue as well as in the other Departments of the Central Government. In fighting against the new Pension Scheme, which is nothing but putting our pension benefits at the mercy of the stock markets, we have joined hands even with the Service Associations of the State Governments.During the above experiences, we have come across comments from the Association representatives of other Central Government departments in certain places that the Staff of Central Excise do not participate in the programmes. This invariably gives a very negative impression about our department and cadres to the other Government employees, let alone the general public. These impressions are definitely not going to help us achieve our legitimate demands from the hands of the Government.Some units of the erstwhile AIFCEEO (which had been renamed as AICEIA due to the requirement of the CCS(RSA) Rules) had joined their hand to strengthen the Association. However, now that issue has been settled with the submission of renewal for recognition application to this Association by the Government. The copy of the letter for renewal of recognition is enclosed for ready reference.Hence we hereby appeal through this Open Circular to all the units of the erstwhile AIFCEEO to consider the above position and join hands to restore the unity of the cadre and strengthen this Association so that entire cadre is benefited.The Central Executive Committee meeting of AICEIA is scheduled to meet at Jaipur, Rajashtan on 23rd and 24th January, 2010. The copy of the notice of the said meeting follows. Whether to join this Association or as observers at least, all Units are requested to kindly make it convenient to send delegates/Office Bearers for the meeting.We sincerely hope that we will be able to make up for the organisational weakness suffered by our cadre for the past several years and meaningfully proceed on matters concerning the cadre and department.I request the recipients of this Circular to kindly circulate it widely so that it reaches every one concerned, even if due to non availability of the current addresses I could not reach out to them directly. It is requested that this may kindly be taken as a personal invitation on behalf of the Cadre.Once again hoping that representatives from all over India will meet at the CEC on 23rd and 24th of January and take important decisions and implement them in a decisive manner

The President,
All office Bearers,
Circle and Branch Secretaries Comradely Yours
For wide circulation


Venue of the meeting:
hotel surya
R.No.14,vishwa karma industrial estate
sikkar road
jodla power house

it is 25 kms from airport and 8 kms from railway station.
the programme will be hosted by our Rajasthan branch.


Prasidh said...

Thanks for the good news.
But still one unsolved issue remains. That is of the pay fixation of pre-01.01.2006 Inspectors drawing basic of 6500 & 6700 in Grade Pay of Rs.4600/-.
I would be grateful if any Member informs whether the pay fixation has been done in their Commissionerates. If so, please inform the following:-
(1) the basic pay as on 01.01.2006 for Rs.6700/- in new Grade Pay of Rs.4600/-
(2) whether scale of 7450 is applicable or only grade pay of Rs.4600/- + 3% incremental benefit.

v said...

New Delhi: The Supreme Court has ruled that gratuity is a statutory right of employees which cannot be denied to them on the ground that they are being given provident fund and pension benefits.

The apex court said no establishment can deny gratuity benefit to an employee as the statutory provision enacted by Parliament cannot be "defeated" by introduction of any "contract or instrument".

BL said...

Most Welcome the AICEIA team and all the participating units of India in JAIPUR (Rajasthan)

We will do our sincere efforts to make the meeting a great sucess.

B.L. Meena, Inspector
An active member of Rajasthan unit

vengat said...

i do hope that cec deliberate on the issues that threatens govt staff in general and our cadre in particular.
in this occasion i wish to bring the following to all expected delegates attention.
1. consequent to 13-11-09 o.m. the erstwhile 6500-200-10500 got delinked from 4200 g.p. and got merged with 4600 gp. hence our cadres should invoke the point no 1 discussed in the anomalies committe e meeting. (see confederation blog)
2. bringing supdt grade pay of 5400/- after 4 years into payband 3
3. taking up the issue of enhanced grade pay benefits to acp officers governed by acp scheme 99.
4. notional fixation from 96.

5. high powered committee recommendations.

i have only mentioned those that concerns us all and it is not exclusive.

i hope this cec will deliberate more without any frictions.


BL said...

Dear Comrades,
It is a well known fact that as per letter dated 13.11.2009 of the Department of Expenditure only grade pay of Rs. 4600/- has been granted, but matter of fixation of pay according to pre-revised pay scale of Rs. 7450/- on 1.1.2006 is yet to be settled by AICEIA & competent authority of the Ministry.

As per Notice for CEC meeting it has noticed that the above important issue is not listed in agenda of the said meeting to be held on 23-24.01.2009 at Jaipur (Rajasthan), which is surprising for members in majority of the AICEIA.

During discussion with office bearers of the AICEIA it is stated that the said issue has been taken up by the Anomoly Committee. Whereas the said committee is only in favour of stepping up with the newly recruited Inspector as on 1.1.2006. Thus the very purpose of demand for fixation of pay as per 7450/- as on 1.1.2006 is not being fulfilled.
Supporting examples:-
(i) A calf (4600) can only be attached with cow (7450).
(ii)What is justification in attachment of calf (4600)with goat (6500).
Thus our logical demand may be for calf (4600) with cow (7450)& there may be protest against attachment of calf (4600) with goat (6500).

In view of above I request that above burning issue may please be listed in agenda of CEC for discusstion & immediate action.

BL Meena, Inspector, Jaipur (Raj)
An active member (09784657055)