Thursday, September 3, 2009

We have to continue our struggle

Posted by Secretary General on 9/03/2009 04:43:00 PM with 9 comments
Dear friends,

We got two appointments from the Secretary Revenue and Expenditure officials in July and in August 2009 so far, unfortunately we have not yet intimated by the Revenue officials about the fate of the Inspectors in the Department of Revenue. Only positive thing is that All India Preventive Service Federation also hold our hand and declared agitation programme and on 9th they are joining us in the dharna programme; We are continuing our agitation programme till 9th of September; We are requesting all the Inspectors in C.B.E.C to join dharna in their respective Commissionerates on 9th September the dharna will start at 9.30 hours sharp and shall continue upto 18.00 hours we request further to create a strike like situation on that date as Income-tax is going for strike on 9th Sept 2009. The office bearers will discuss amongst themselves in the second week of October and if require shall decide more stringent action like hunger strike ( not relay hunger ) at Jantar mantar, indefinite strike etc. However we are publishing the draft casual leave application, we request one and all to submit the application and preserve a received copy of this need less to bother for its sanction:


The Superintendent


Sub: Application for casual leave

Please be informed that in support of the call given by the All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association for “DAY LONG DHARNA” on 9th September 2009 vide its circular No.06/09 dated 15.08.2009 I intend to avail 1(one) day’s casual leave in order to participate in the declared programme.

I therefore request you for grant of a day’s casual leave for the said purpose.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,


karthi said...

Instead of giving this type of leave letter, members may be asked to give leave letters on personal grounds. I remember we did like this in the past. Members may clarify.


If we are going on strike, we should go all the way.. no half baked "strike-like" situations..It is good that Preventive Service Federation is also participating..What about CENGO? They also have demands along similar lines like upgradation with effect from 1996 etc..Please remember our one day and three day strikes in 1997-98, Our stupid ministerial colleagues filled in are did our duty along with the Group-A...If they decides to do any such thing, we should keep the AO issue out of the negotiation..
All the best

subhash said...

Department is not going to accept our leave application. In some commissionerate department has already issued orders in this regards. I think we should go on full strike on 09.09.2009 so that there will not be any confusion among comrades. Anyway we going to follow the instructions of Association..................

chokka@blr said...

With due respects to Mr.Ramamoorthy, i would like to say that his comments are misplaced. Also he should be respecting his colleagues whether of the same cadre or a lower cadre. I place my objection to the language used against the ministerial officers.

Be that as it may, you all know that there are no ministerial officers in the rangeS, THE AIRPORTs and the ICDs, and ports where all important work is handled by the inspector cadre under the supervision of supdts., and their superiors. Can you bring them to a halt. It cannot happen without the support of all the people of ur cadre and the superintendents as well.

Any way, i wish you all success in the proposed action.


To Mr. Chokkalingam & Rahul

With all due respect to you and others, I just penned what myself and lot others felt ten years back and still feel today.
I was working as an Inspector in IGIA, New Delhi and ministerial officers from NCH and Cen Ex divisions were more than happy to please their masters by turning traitors. The Group A officers also turned up for duty in earnest.
I am also proud to say that no Inspector and Supdt turned up for duty in that formation or any formation in New Delhi.
If you want to continue this line of discussion, we can do so in private. My e-mail id is



S.K. Mahendra Varman said...

AICEIA Office Bearers,

In all the places, the members depend on their association at unit level for the line of action. Hence, to make the Dharna a grand success these unit offices should be well informed about what to do and How do to.

vinay said...

i agree with mahendra warman. please inform the course of action

ThornUnderWater said...

@President/SG, AICEIA.(URGENT).
We, the new entrants to this dept, on having contacted our local unit office bearers, were informed that they (the office bearers) have not received any communication from your end regarding the day long dharna tomorrow (09/09/2009). They said that communication received via internet on a blog can not be acted upon. As such, we will be grateful for your advice regarding the matter.
We would also like to know if communications such as this can not be issued as Circulars and sent to all regional units of our association through fax.
Without such communication, there may not be any participation in dharnas or strikes in the Shillong Zone (especially in Dibrugarh Commissionerate) as the regional office bearers refuse to lead the way and it is impossible to mobilise individual inspectors otherwise. Yours faithfully.

Secretary General said...

Repeated request to your unit bore no fruit, we have sent our circular to your General Secretary, it is his duty to contact us while watching a serious program like this; certainly a program displayed in the official blog is a valid notice for an agitational programme, we have intimated this programme to not only our board but also to Revenue Secretary,My dear brothers try make our leadrs understand to rise to the occassion .