Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Agitation programme and its effect

Posted by Secretary General on 7/22/2009 03:38:00 PM with 9 comments

Our primary agitation programme through out the country is a big success, our members through out the country responded to our call, in some remote areas also the programme is organised by our leadership; we thank one and all for this initiative; but comrades this is an initiation only we may have to take some serious decision within a short while, for this we are meeting Income-Tax leadership on 24th of July 2009.
In the meantime Revenue Secretary called a meeting on 23rd of JUly at North block on the pay-scale issue. Depending upon the discussion held at the meeting we would like to take our next course of action .



mk makker said...

Respected Kaushik Ji,
First of all i would like to congratulate you for initiating the time frame agitation programme to cater the most overlooked, neglected, ignored and underprivileged cadre of the Central Government System. I wish, by this agitation we will be able to fetch the attention of bureaucrates and politicians sitting in the north block. However if our agitation programme fails to awake them, i have another idea to shake the whole north block. The All India Central Excise Inspectors Association should issue a circular to all the inspectors that all of them will ask different questions from CBEC under RTI Act 2005, preferably for this a question week should be fixed. This incessant and intermittent rain of questions will force them to give attention to the most legitimate and rightfull demands. All of our inspectors are legally very strong and the Association shall exploit this potential of the cadre. I hope this move will swirl the north block and they will give ear to our genuine demands. The whole cadre is with you in this genuine and most awaited movement. All the best.

LTU said...

Kindly clarify as to whether the talsk to be held on 23rd is for Rs. 7450/- for Inspectors and also for notional fixation of pay.

LTU said...

Any updates on the outcome of the meeting with Revenue Secretary on the Pay Scale Issue

Subhadip said...

what views did the rs proffer? updates please asap.

Virender said...

Concerted efforts are sure to yield results. Well planned ,coordinated ,incessant and focussed approach always leads to the goal,the time taken in the pursuit may vary. It is time for the cadre to perform or perish. Each one of cadre must realise that its he who has to make struggle and win, otherwise the cadre will be left to crib for ever. Good luck to the leaders and the cadre for their legitimate struggle.


Kindly update us about the outcome of the 23rd meeting with the Rev. Secy.

raj said...

what is the outcome of the meeting on 23rd of july. please regularly update the bolog

shanti said...

We the member working at Kandla Customs House, are coming from different commissionerates viz Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Baroda. And it will have great impact if members of the this commissionerate i.e. Kutchchh/Kandla also join the agitation programme. But in absence of any official communication we can'nt take any action. SO, please send some official communication to this commissionerate also. You can mail to my mail, as I am Genearal Secretary of this unit.

madhukar277 said...

Thanks koushik jee for information
we hope we get solution of all our issues by constant efforts.
again thanks