Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Grade pay of 5400/- to ACP Inspectors-Recovery stayed by the Tribunal

Posted by Secretary General on 4/08/2009 12:08:00 PM with 13 comments
Dear Friends, , it was decided by the Association to adopt a twin pronged strategyIn the matter of grade pay of Rs.5400/- and accordingly we have represented the board for a review of the instructions which is pending. Simultaneously, we have filed an OA 151/2009 in CAT (Ernakulam Bench) through Mr. Ashok Narayanan ( Ex. Working President of our all India Association.) a recently promoted Superintendent. The Tribunal has stayed the recovery of the higher amount already sanctioned. We request all the Circle Secretary and office Bearers to collect a copy of the O.A. and start initiating the process in their cadre controlling Commissionerate.



Balaji said...

where to collect the said order?


Dear Kousik,

It would have been better if the Stay order has been published in the column as a link. Please provide a ling for the same.

Paramjit Singh said...

Dear Koushik Ji,
Gud Morng,
Please arrange to supply the copy of orders.

Paramjit Singh
Inspector Customs,
RSI Airport, Amritsar

vinaykumar said...

What abt 4600 GP for inspectors ???

rajesh said...

Please send us the link of the said order of the tribunal. The department has already started recovery of the same.

R K Sharma

Anonymous said...

The core problem is not the Grade Pay of Rs. 5400 but the promotion opportunity. Apart from Central Excise Inspectors , all the group B officers of Income Tax, Prevenbtive officer & examiner who joined the service 15 years ago are getting garde pay of Rs. 5400 by virtue of the their first promotion which they got within ten years of service whereas the inspectors of central excise of most of the states are yet to get their 1st promotion after 15 years of service. What about the reorganisation? Is it forthcoming with equal benfit at par to other formation? The same batch of SSC should get equal benefit and if the same is given like group A Service Rule, all the inspectors of 15 years of service will get Grade Pay of Rs. 5400.

Ex-Sergeant said...

Dear koushik ji

Its a good effort
Kindly publish a copy of stay order on blog

Comradely yours

P.Vigneshwar Raju

Ashutosh said...

Dear kaushik,
Every one needs a copy of stay order. Why not post it on blog?


Yogesh Dosodiya said...

wht about the new recruits joined after 01.01.2006. Is there any proress?

Yogesh Dosodiya
Inspector Cusoms, Ratnagiri

Balaji said...

Any updates?

monkey said...

Its more than One Month since any updates were given on the website. Are there any updates or progress in the long pending issues of our Cadre.

tkm said...

Any news?

Anonymous said...

Almost one and half month. No news at all. Election result is over and a stable govt. is expected. Time for quick action. What about restructuring & new service rules? Grade pay & ACP order is to be resolved soon. All the best and good luck.