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Dear Comrades,

Wishing you all and the members of your Branches/Circles a happy and prosperous new year, on behalf of all the Officer Bearers of the AICEIA.

After our National Convention from 10th to 12th of December 2008 at Daman, the Circular was due immediately to enable percolation of details of the meeting to the level of our members all over India. However, since we were busy with the persuasion of anomalous points resulted out of the Sixth Central Pay Commission, right after completion of the convention at Daman, and since we were busy attending several meetings in relation to indefinite Strike call given by Confederation and finalization of the points thereof, the issue of this Circular has been delayed. The events since the Convention are detailed in the chronological order for circulation and discussions at unit levels.

National Convention of the AICEIA at Daman from 10th to 12.12.08.

The 15th Convention of the AICEIA was convened at Daman from 10th to 12th of December 2008.
Dr. E.M.Sudarsana Natchiappan, Hon’ble Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) and Chairman of the Parliamentary Standing-Committee on Personal, Public Grievances, Law and Justice inaugurated the Convention, and Com. K.K.N. Kutty, Secretary General of the Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers were the Chief Guests.
Com. Ashoka Naryanan Ex. Working President, Com. Harish Radhakrishnan, Ex. Vice President (West), Com. M.B.Jain Ex. Joint Secretary (West) were the other distinguished guests. Com. A.S.Kundu of the host unit welcomed the guests and delegates in the 15th Convention.

In his inaugural address Dr. Sudarsana Natchiappan, assured to extend his help on the issues already placed before him by the members and leaders of our Association. He extended his warm greetings for the out going All India Body and at the same time welcomed the new body to be elected by the convention.

Com. K.K.N.Kutty, during his address explained the situation faced by the entire Central Government employees of the country as an upshot of the Sixth Central Pay Commission and the issues in general that will have to be placed before the Government. He explained the need of a continuous industrial action to bend the government against the injustice and the intensity of discrimination indulged in by the top echelons of bureaucracy while implementing the recommendations of the 6th CPC. He requested E.M.Sudarsana Natchiappan, Hon’ble Member of Parliament to help the cadres of Revenue department against the discriminations meted out against them by the VIth C.P.C.

The proceedings in the closed-door session followed thereafter. 23 Units represented by 102 delegates attended the Convention.

The following important decisions and resolutions were passed in the closed session of the Convention:
• The anomaly in the fixation of pay for 1992 batch Inspectors is to be solved.
• Inspectors of central excise should target for the replacement scale of 7500/- as demanded by the C.O.C in the Department of Revenue. Yet, the Association should carefully monitor the proposals pending in the Ministry of Finance so that the up gradation of pay scale recommended by the VIth Pay Commission should not slip out of our hand.
• The Inspectors of Central Excise shall go for the strike action if called by a joint forum against the decision of the VIth Pay Commission; it will be better if we can convince Superintendent Association the necessity of Joint Movement.
• Make intensive campaign programme with the charter of demand already placed by the confederation.
• The Inspectors shall attend 13th of December National Executive meeting of the Confederation.
• The Inspectors shall observe lunch hour demonstration on 22nd December,2008
• The Inspectors shall perform ‘Day Long Dharna’ on 12th, January 2009.
• Inspectors of Central Excise shall protest against the functioning of L.T.U.
• Amendment of Constitution for formation of a Central Zone.
• All the Circles/ Branches have to collect their D.D.O certificates by March 2009.
• The Branches and circles should regularize contribution to the All India Association.
• The monthly contribution to the Association should be increased to Rs. 40/- from March, 2009.
• Voting rights and other constitution related issues will be discussed in the next C.E.C meeting.
• Persuasion for reorganization of department be made successfully; Separate service may be persuaded with an eye of interfacing state of the IRS cadre at the level of Joint Commissioner.
Amendment of Constitution:
• Addition of the Name of Central Zone be included in the Chapter 3, Article 13 subclause (4) of the Constituion of the ALL INDIA CENTRAL EXCISE INSPECTORS’ ASSOCIATION (Formerly All India Federation of Central Excise Executive Officers)
• The Word “Four’ be replaced with the word ‘five’ in the Chapter 3, Article 13 subclause (5) point no. (f) & (g)of the Constituion of the ALL INDIA CENTRAL EXCISE INSPECTORS’ ASSOCIATION (Formerly All India Federation of Central Excise Executive Officers)
• The Amount Rs. 20.00 be replaced with Rs. 40.00 in the Chapter 2, Article 7subclause (1) of the Constituion of the ALL INDIA CENTRAL EXCISE INSPECTORS’ ASSOCIATION (Formerly All India Federation of Central Excise Executive Officers) as monthly subscription to the Association.
The house resolved to pursue the following issues, which were already on the agenda of the Association:

1. Demand of Revision of pay with effect from 01/01/1996
2. Scrapping of LTU
3. Increasing the interest of GPF
4. Ensuring ACP for all
5. Opposing the new pension scheme
6. Abolition of Uniform for Central Excise and Service Tax.
7. Enhancement of Uniform Allowance for Customs
8. Abolition of Control Room
9. Demanding filling up of vacancies
10. Removing stagnation and regional imbalances
11. Proper Accommodation for office and Residence
12. Relaxation in Compassionate ground appointments
13. immediate declaration of duties of Inspectors
14. Payment of Risk Allowance to Inspectors
15. Payment of Local Travel Expenses to Inspectors

The Following office bearers elected unanimously:
President : Arun Zachariah.P
Working President : A.S. Kundu
Vice President (NZ) : Lekh Raj Meena
Vice President (SZ) : N. Venkitakrishnan
Vice President (WZ) : V.K.Tyagi
Vice President (EZ) : Sanjay Singh
Vice President (CZ) : S.K. Panda

Secretary General : Kousik Roy
Asst. Secy. General : N. Balraj
Liaison Secretary : Shibaji Ch. Nayak
Jt. Secretary (NZ) : Aabhay Singh
Jt. Secretary (SZ) : Shankar Rao
Jt. Secretary (WZ) : R.B.Meena
Jt. Secretary (EZ) : Pramod K. Dhal

The meeting ended with the vote of thanks given by Sri Jashram Meena Secretary Host Unit ( Vapi & Daman).
The Minutes of the meeting will be circulated shortly.

Right after completion of our XVth Convention we went to Delhi and intimated the Board about the name of newly elected office bearers, started persuasion of our pending issues, on 16th of December met Joint Secretary Admn. and requested him for a joint meeting with the Ministry of Expenditure. It was informed to us that the report of the High Powered Committee (in relation to separate service) submitted. It was also intimated to us that the issue in relation to fixation of pre revised pay scale from 01.01.1996 had been sent to implementation cell and the revision of pay scale of Inspector is to be sent to expenditure.

Strike Action:

With an impressive rally organized at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, participated by thousands of comrades who came from various States, mostly from Delhi, the Confederation served the strike notice on the Government demanding the settlement of the 20 point charter on 02.01.2009. The strike will commence from 20th January, 2009. We being one of the affiliates of the Confederation have also served the strike notice on 2nd of January, 2008. Many comrades could not take part in the rally due to the late running of the trains because of the inclement weather. On behalf of the All India Association we convey our sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude to all comrades who participated in the rally and especially to those who took the trouble to travel thousands of miles to be part of this momentous programme.
Intensive campaign is to be mounted in the coming days to force upon the unwilling Government to negotiate and settle the demands. The campaign material already sent to you may be got translated into vernacular. Kindly ensure that it reaches every member to make him/her realize the severity of injustice and the amount of discrimination indulged in by the top echelons of bureaucracy while implementing the recommendations of the sixth CPC.

Let us march together, shoulder to shoulder, with determination, courage and sincerity for we know success is the product of struggles and strike is the weapon of the working class.

Visit to Delhi on and from 06.01.2008 to 07.012008 :
06.01.2008 :
In the Morning went to meet Hon’ble M.P. Basudev Acharya and submitted our representation on pay Anomaly and notional fixation of pre revised scale from 01.01.1996.
Met Chairman and Mem (P&V) and requested them to meet the senior officials of the Expenditure Ministry to solve at least the up gradation of Pay as per VIth Pay Commission’s recommendation, persuaded the issue of deferment of shifting of Commissionerate of Pune-II. Discussed with the Deputy Secretary Ad-IIa about the pending issues. It was intimated that the file in relation to fixation of pre-revised pay scale from 01.01.1996 had been rejected by Expenditure. It was also intimated that the revision of pay scale file of Inspectors again went to expenditure. Initiated process of seeking appointment of M.O.S. Expenditure on the pending issues.
Met O.S.D. to M.O.S. Expenditure and apprised him of the issues pending with the Ministry and he agreed to set up a meeting with the Minister after obtaining a status report from the concerned Joint Secretary.
Met Ad-IVa officials and enquired about the formalities to be completed for renewal of recognition by the All India Association.
Enquired about the duty list of Inspectors and at last met D.O.P.M officials and discussed about the proposal of the high powered committee and its feasibility. It is understood that they have proposed for the creation of 1400 posts of Sr. Superintendent Jr. time scale who would be placed in senior time scale after completion of 4 years. The Sr. Superintendents would be heading the audit groups and would act as Departmental Representatives before the adjudicating authorities and Commissioner (Appeals)

The organization is now strong enough to launch any movement through out the country, almost all the units have joined their hands, we are receiving call every day from our members who are depending on us for sensible struggle. Now, its time for you to think about our future and we the office bearers are there to implement the proposals that might be extended by you. Persuasion without action may not bear any fruit.

Comradely Yours


All Office Bearers of AICEIA
(for wide circulation of inputs to the Members of
all Circles/Branches)


Balaji said...

If 1400 Senior Superintendent Posts are to be created it will be in group B only since such a huge number of posts cannot be created in group A since the percentage hike will be more than 33 1/3%. Therefore it will be a Gr B post only and it will affect the normal promotion channel. Because a supdt has to be first promoted as Senior supdt and only after four years he will be given senior time scale. This will certainly delay the normal promotion to Assistant Commissioner grade. Also how will such officers in senior time scale be termed? Deputy commissioners. Quite cumbersome and confusing. Please furnish full details.

AICEIA Malda & Raiganj Unit said...

We fully and wholeheartedly support our Association.
There is a huge pay difference between the Inspectors who joined the department on or after 01.01.2006 and who joined before 01.01.2006.
This is creating a huge pay gap of the same batch Inspectors.
Only the upgradation of the Grade Pay from Rs.4200/- to Rs.4600/- can solve this PROBLEM....
We all hope that this matter will be solved witin a considerable time.

AICEIA Malda & Raiganj Unit said...


Secretary General said...

Com. Balaji,
No detail has been ciculated by board yet, we had a glance of the report which is full of flaws as pointed out by you also.

AICEIA Malda & Raiganj Unit said...

Any comment / NEWS regarding my post ????


Hi all

In most of the departments where the posts in 5000 and 5500 are feeder cadres to the post in 6500 cadre, the post in the 6500 cadre has already been upgraded to 4600 GP (7450-prerevised). Take the case of post of Asst. Development Commissioner in Special Economic Zones, which were in the scale of 6500 has already been upgraded to 7450 (pre-revised).

Here the direct recruits are rotting even after six months for just a straight forward up-gradation.

Something is seriously wrong with our department.

subhash said...

there is a news that the upgradation to scale 7450 has been rejected by the expenditure ministry. Kindly provide the present status of the upgradation proposal.

subhash said...

I have applied for stepping up of pay at par with my junior promoted from Senior Tax Assistant to Inspector on 05.02.2007 as per Rule 10 Note 1 of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008. I joined the department on 30.10.2006 in the pay scale of 6500-200-10500. In terms Rule 8 of CCS (Revised Pay) Rules 2008 my pay has been fixed to Rs, 13500/- on my date of joining. My junior officers have exercised the option to receive revised pay with effect from their date of promotion and their pay as on 05.02.007 has been fixed to Rs. 16290/-.
But now the department said we can not compare the junior who was working in lower scale prior 01.01.2006 and got promoted after 01.01.2006 with the direct recruits joined after 01.01.2006.

Note 1 of Rule 10 of CCS (RP) Rules, 2008 is reproduced as follows:

" Note: 1- In case where two existing scales, one being a promotional scale for the other, are merged, and the junior Government servant, now drawing his pay at equal or lower stage in the lower scale of pay, happens to draw more pay in the pay band in the revised pay structure than the pay of the senior Government Servant in the existing higher scale, the pay in the pay band of the senior government servant shall be stepped up to that of his junior from the same date and he shall draw next increment in accordance with Rule 10."

Can any one provide clarification on this issue. Can I compare the pay with my junior as mentioned above and get stepped up pay equal to my junior. Kindly reply at my email id "" or mobile No 09349910966


Dear Subhash:-

Things are not quite as it seems. Upgradation of 6500 to 7450 is a straight forward fixation based on the 6-CPC Notification. No need to break one's head over this.

However, the musings on the North Block is that, our great associations have asked for 7500 scale to Inspectors, which was rejected by the Expenditure

put pressure on association/all India federation for upgradation to 7450. Afterall, the difference between 7450 and 7500 is only Rs. 200 on Grade pay



subhash said...

Dear Kousik Roy

I want to know the status of pay upgradation to 7450 scale as 6-CPC recommendation. Mr.Ramamoorthy has informed that the association is asking for 7500/- scale for inspectors which the expenditure ministry has rejected. Please let me know whether the association is asking for 7500 scale or 7450 scale and what is the present status of file.

Srinivas Prasad said...

the department of expenditure has rejected the proposal send by the department of revenue for upgrading the grade pay from 4200 to 4600 vide their letter ICU.O. No.7.15/3/2008-IC dated 11.11.2008 signed by Alok saxena Director (IC

Unknown said...

Attn: Srinivas Prasad
Don't post stale news in the web site. Kindly post latest developments

vinay said...

The President’s message on the eve of the 57th anniversary of ITEF Says

The VI-CPC recommendations, in so far as tax employees are concerned, were extremely disappointing. The Department of Expenditure has refused to agree even to what we are legally and genuinely entitled to. Serious struggles including strike action will become inevitable. The ensuing Conference, the supreme decision making forum of ITEF, will deliberate upon this issue. To act upon the decision of the Conference would be our immediate task. We must be determined and confident and above all forge unity at all levels, for we must win this battle.

So when the 4600 GP will be sanctioned and is there any action from Central excise side.

Srinivas Prasad said...

attn: LTU
i have posted want i have got under RTI act. If you have already knew this why you are not posted it. if you have any fresh developments kindly post it.But kindly avoid rumours.

Balaji said...

AICEIA may consider posting the reports of the empowered committee about cadre reveiw/restructuring so that members can share our views becuase some times members may have a better/viable solution.

srayalu said...

Now there will be a grate diference in the pay of direct inspectors and promotee due to ACP scheme. What action is being taken for promotees? or will they be left alone to suffer.Or the promotee will have to crave out third federation?

G Venky said...

Kindly refer to Board's Clarification F. No. A.26017/98/2008-Ad.II.A dated 11.02.2009 wherein the Grade Pay of Rs. 5400/- for ACP Inspectors have been rejected. Sad News. Will the association do something on this gross injustice.