Friday, October 10, 2008

XVth Convention of A.I.C.E.I.A formerly known as A.I.F.C.E.E.O

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In terms of Article 14 of the Constitution of the All India Association NOTICE is hereby issued for THE 15TH ALL INDIA CONVENTION OF ALL INDIA CENTRAL EXCISE INSPECTORS ASSOCIATION, Kolkata to be held at Daman, Gujrat from 10th of December 2008 to 12th of December 2008.

1. Presidential address.
2. Placing of minutes of the previous meeting for approval of the house.
3. Nomination of the returning officer for election.
4. Conduct of Election and appointment of new office bearers.
5. Adoption of the Report by the Secretary General.
6. Approval of the Federation Accounts for the period sept 2008 - Nov 2008.
Acceptance of the accounts submitted by former Secy General on Sept.2008.
7. Discussions and passing of resolutions on issues.
8. Constitution amendment if any.
9. Any other matter with the permission of the chair.
All Units are requested to confirm their attendance along with the Names, Addresses and Phone Numbers of all Delegates / Office Bearers who will be attending the convention on or before 15.11.08 to the All India Association as well as the host unit whose address is given below, to enable proper accommodation and facilities to be arranged.

The venue of the convention would be:
Hotel Sagar Sun
Marvad Devka Road,Nani Daman, Daman
The name of the delegates, their time and mode of arrival may be intimated to any of the following office bearers of the host unit.

1.Jash Ram Secretary 09925609716
2.S.K.Yadav President 09427125477
3.A.S.Kundu Zonal Secretary, vice president 09426746721
4.D.Gamit Joint Secretary 09925422574
5.Dhananjay Kr Treasurer 09879688734

All Units are required to send any fresh Membership forms collected by them and current year’s (2008-09) AO (DDO) certificates in respect of the members in their units to the All India Association by post on or before 15.11.08. Any left out forms / certificates may be handed over to the All India Association at the venue of the Convention.
Units may clear any pending subscription arrears to the Federation before the date of Convention.
The notified units who are empowered to exercise their voting right as per Chapter 2 Article 12 sub clause 5 of the Constitution are placed underneath:
1. Kerala
2. Selam
3. Madurai & Tirunelvelli
4. Coimbatore
5. Trichy
6. Chennai
7. Karnataka
8. Mumbai
9. Pune
10. Raipur
11. Vizag
12. Guntur
13. Hyderabad
14. Vadodhara
15. Surat
16. Ahmedabad & Rajkot
17. Bhavnagar
18. Vapi & Daman
19. Rajasthan
20. Chandigarh
21. Allahabad
22. Lucknow
23. Bihar & Jharkhand
24. Orissa
25. West Bengal, Sikim, Andaman & Nicobar Island.
The host unit is hereby requested to intimate the name who can be considered for nomination as returning officer by the convention in terms of Article 20.
The units who have not yet joined may join this Association in the Convention and the Convention will decide about their voting right etc.

(Kousik Roy)
All the voting rights will be decided as par Chapter 2 Article 12 sub clause 5 of Constitution of the All India Association and for this reason all the units who are intending to participate in this convention has to submit their membership Forms/ DDO certificates before convention to the Secretary General. Handing over of Leftout forms/ certificates to the All India Association at the venue of the Convention is applicable only to the above mentioned 25 units.

(Kousik Roy)


vinay said...

What happened to 7450 scale for inspectors. It is already nearly 2 months from the date of release of 6Pc notification. Please reply immediately.

Secretary General said...

comrade Vinay,
I went to N.Blk. on 21st instant, file was lying behind a pile of files, officers of our Board also disgusted with the attitude of the implementation cell; spoken to the under Secretary implementation cell. Spoken to Secy General Incometax employees Association, trying to launch a combined movement, it is not known for what reason expenditure is delaying in clearing the file.


Hi all

It would be interesting if we could identify any direct recruit inspector joined after 01-01-2006, who was earlier employed in Govt. Service with a pay less than 6500, but above 5150(technical resignation). what would be the pay fixed for such officers ?

G Venky said...

Kindly close down the association and get back to serious work. We are not able to achieve anything right from the day one either with the Government or with the Board. The following issues is long pending and nothing further has moved even with the entire work force behind the association. No progress in promotions, no progress in notional fixation of pay, no progress in fixtion of scale of inspector in 7450 scale, no progress in any sphere. These are a few latest issues highlighted. With this sort of affairs what for we should run the association and collect contribution.


Dear Kousik

Board has issued ACP orders as per the earlier norms(12/24years) after the Notification of SPC. ACP OM has not been issued so far. Are they going to give the new ACP a decent burial? Cant we do something about it?

Unknown said...

No news of Association has been appeared in the blog since 10th October,2008. Please update the blog


G Venky said...

Dear Comrades, This is with reference to Assn. Circular 09/08 dated 29.11.2008. It is crystal clear that the ACP Inspectors now having completed 4years of regular service in the pre-revised pay scale of 7500 and grade pay of 4800 are NOW eligible for higher grade pay of Rs. 5400 from the date of completion of four years of regular service. Kudos to the efforts of our Association. Any Inspector who has obtained this higher grade of 5400 may please communicate his / her Name and contact number for the benefit of all.

G Venky said...

Kindly clarify whether ACP Inspectors are eligible to get 5400 Grade Pay after 4 Years in the scale of 7500 in the light of CBEC Circular dated 21.11.2008

RTK said...

Please ask the status of the file under RTI. Otherwise not result will be achieved.