Friday, June 6, 2008

Time to prepare for the forthcoming Struggle

Posted by Secretary General on 6/06/2008 05:57:00 PM with No comments


You are aware of the fact that we went to Delhi in the first half of May and tried to knock at the right moment, however , as I was infected with Chicken pox I was not able to communicate with you for quite some time. I am furnishing in detail what we have done in Delhi and like to request you to follow the developments that has been furnished in the Circular. All the Individual organisations are prepairing themselves for a strong protest, perhaps after third pay Commission Government is likely to face an Industrial action against the demoralising recomendation of the 6th Pay Commission. Government is trying to give a lightning effect of these recommendation and likely to complete all the formalities within a time frame and trying to give effect of the Pay Commission's recommendations within a short while. So, at this moment it is our duty to strengthen our own organisation and to prepare our comrades in every Unit, Branch and Circles for the forthcoming struggle. It should always be kept in our mind that we are one of the most deprived cadre working under the Government of India.

forever, comradely yours Kousik