Tuesday, February 26, 2008


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DATED 26.02.08
Dear Comrades,
The Co-ordination Committee of Federations/Associations in the Revenue Department in its meeting held on 23.2.08 has decided on the following agitations against setting up of LTUs.
(i) To start the signature campaign immediately as has been decided in the meeting at Chennai on 06.10.07. [The format for the same has already been circulated along with the ATR at Kerala CEC on 8.2.08].- Signed copies of the memorandum would be submitted by the COC.
(ii) To hold a lunch hour demonstration on 29th February’08 – the day on which the Finance Minister rises to present the Budget for the F.Y.-2008-09.
(iii) To send a telegram to the F.M. on 29th February ’08 stating “ We oppose setting up of Large Taxpayers Units. – (Name of the Circle/Branch Secretary, Name of the Circle/Branch and Name of the Association).”
(iv) On 7th March’08 Mumbai COC would be set up because the next LTU is to be set up by the 21st of March’08 at Mumbai. This unit would then set the tone of it’s agitation taking into account the feed back from the Constituents.

Since our Association took the initiative in making the C-o-C to embark upon the course of agitation on this issue, consequent to our Convention decision of Defcember 2006, it is imperative that we should make the above programme a grand success in respect of mobilization and participation by our members at Branch/Circle levels.
At the level of the Branches and Circles, the office bearers of the sister organizations in the COC also may be approached to make the programme broad based and wherever the offices of C.Ex and I.T are in the same premises, the lunch hour demonstrations may be made together.
Regarding the signature campaign, the signatures may be obtained on the same form on both sides, but not in annexures. The departmental officials my sign with their name and address but not in the capacity of Officials, since as per CCS (Conduct) Rules, it should not be treated as a common memorandum.

We were occupying the position of Co-Convenor of the C-O-C for the past 2-3 years. The said post has fallen vacant consequent to the promotion of Com. Tirthankar Pyne. This time, in consultation with the Group ‘D’ Federation, we have suggested that Com. S.P.Siddhantha of Superintendent’s Federation may be Co-opted as the Co-Convenor. The COC has agreed to our proposal and is awaiting the consent of Com. Sidhantha for the same.

We are given to understand that the 6th CPC would submit its report to the Government in the first or second week of March. The available indications are far from satisfactory to the staff at large. The reasons have been deliberated upon in our last CEC meeting. In order to enable the Organisations in the Revenue Department to handle the negotiations with the Government and face implementation part, the COC has taken the following decision:
Within 10 to 15 days of getting the details of submissions made by 6th CPC, Comrade Saugata Chakraborty, one of the Convenors, would decide the date of the next meeting of the COC. This meeting would be held at ‘Aaykar Bhawan, Mumbai’ wherein Comrades of Central Excise & Customs would join. If need be, a rally from ‘Aaykar Bhawan’ would march to the office of the Chairman, 6th CPC.

All Comrades are requested to take note of the above and be prepared for the coming events.
To start with, let us organize the lunch hour demonstrations on 29.2.08 and the signature campaign to our maximum capacity. Signed copies of the memorandum may be submitted to the AIA.

Fraternally yours,

Secretary General