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CIRCULAR- 1/08 Date : 7.01.08.

Dear Comrades,


The New Year has brought us cheers. The Ministry has communicated the much-awaited recognition of our Association vide its letter in F.No. B.12017/1/2004-Ad.IV A dated 31.12.07.

The letter not only grants us recognition in the present name, but also recognises us as the formerly All India Federation of Central Excise Executive Officers. This has vindicated the proceedings since the historic Convention at Kolkata in September 2003.

We salute each and every member who stood steadfast by this association for the past more than 4 years, during which period our strength has been under severe test. Every Office bearer at every level of the association during the said period, require to be specially appreciated for their undaunted endeavours to organize the cadre and maintain its unity and strength against all odds.

At this juncture, we also recollect with gratitude, the valuable support given to us by the Confederation during these years.

This association has bravely faced all the onslaughts unleashed by the administration at various places, whether in the form of humiliations, victimizations or harassment. The cadres were kept out of the negotiating table and the collective voice chocked at places. Forums like the JCMs were withdrawn. Special Casual leave was denied. Using the vacuum created, transfer norms were violated with impunity. Office bearers were charge sheeted for all and sundry reasons. But the onslaughts were faced and fought. We knew that those who were using non-recognition as an excuse were indeed having other designs. We knew with conviction that non-recognition itself was not due to our fault. We had fulfilled the requirements as per the rules. If the verification process was not undertaken by the authorities we could not be blamed. In certain pockets, members even stated that even if there is no recognition, it did not prohibit them from forming and conducting an association because, the Constitution of India grants that right. That was the fighting spirit. And the fight for getting the legitimate recognition continued simultaneously. It was the responsibility of the department to identify the real representative of the cadre and discuss with them. Otherwise it will be jungle raj.

We kept on pressurizing the Board. After the first round of DDO certificates were found to be wanting due to their falling under two different years, we once again collected the forms and submitted them. After that, constantly we kept reminding and requesting the authorities – every one concerned with the file. When the reminders were not effective, we approached the Rev. Secretary. Further, during the vigilance awareness week, we sent the issue up to the Prime Minister and particularly to the CVC. (pl see the copy of the letter dt. 12.11.07 circulated in Circular No.8) The Confederation also joined in by raising the issue of non-recognition of Service Associations in the CBEC and the resultant non-functioning of the DCM in the Department of Revenue, with the Standing Committee of the National JCM in December 2007. Constant reminders, requests and persistent representation to various authorities and ultimately the decision to launch agitations with the issue regarding delay in recognition in the charter, communicated to the Chairman, all put together forced the authorities to grant us the due recognition.

The lessons learnt in the past four years have to be preserved in the memories of each and every one connected with the events. Our organization suffered due to regionalism and lack of organizational discipline. These weaknesses have been effectively capitalized by the vested interests, within and outside the cadre. The fight would have been easier with a more organizational approach. Unfortunately though our cadre consists of an enlightened citizenry, individually, collectively we have not learnt to conduct proceedings. Projection of individuals, lack of respect for a democratic approach, lack of financial discipline, etc, have plagued our organization for the past two decades.

After September 2003, we got an opportunity to become more organized. The dividends are there for us now.

The present recognition brings with it added responsibilities for the Association.

We have to concentrate on broad basing the organization. Membership should be reached and interacted with. Core committees with persons specializing in specific service issues should be formed and should effectively function to assist the chief executive during the negotiations and interactions with the authorities. A deeper knowledge regarding the functioning of the JCM, the provisions and requirements of the Recognition Rules, service conditions prevailing in other departments etc., have to be gained. The functioning of the organization should be tuned absolutely on the lines of the Constitution of the Association. Proper maintenance of membership and financial accounts at every level of the organization will alone ensure that next verification and renewal of recognition will be a smooth affair.

All Office bearers should imbibe the habit of visiting the blog ( of this association regularly and circulating the information found therein. Regular perusals of the JCM Bulletin and interaction with the Confederation counterparts have to be ensured.

Let us start afresh with renewed vigour. Let safeguarding of the self-respect of the cadre be our primary motive.

Once again commending each and every member and Office bearer of the association for having reached this milestone, let us now proceed on the responsibilities ahead.

Fraternally yours,

(R. Manimohan)
All Office Bearers/ members of AICEIA.


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Recognition order may be posted in the blogspot for the use of association members.